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28.09.2012 01:30
Articles about the construction | More cunning small bathroom Small bathrooms and toilets - a reality that is in no hurry to change. With such a premise, the most important is the issue of placement of all the essentials in the smallest space. But do not despair, there is a way out of any situation. Most of the apartments have private bathrooms very modest size. Their dimensions are governed by the arch of the Building Regulations. Designer of "ade", Tatiana Shaforostova, said that the size and number of bathrooms are in SNIP "Houses." "So, in a studio apartment unit allowed combined bathroom, in-suite - separate. The minimum width of the toilet - 80 cm, D 120. Bathroom doors must open outwards. " The size of the bathroom should be 170 x 160 cm Balykin Alex, director of project management TEKTA GROUP, adds that "for families with disabled, the minimum size of a closet with a sink is 160 x 220 cm, the size of a bathroom or combined bathroom - 220 x 220 cm are also building codes prohibit the placement of the exits of bathrooms in the rooms or in the kitchen. Doors should open toilets strictly carry out and into the hallway. " But Oleg Hovalkin, General Director of "GRADPROEKT" says that it is possible to design a bathroom with doors opening inwards, but then the size of the dressing room must be at least 80 x 150 cm

The real estate market is still in demand smaller houses. According to the company Est-a-Tet «average area of ​​apartments in new buildings in Moscow and the Moscow region is rapidly decreasing. If prior to the crisis area "odnushki" in the new homes of the capital up to 50 - 55 square meters. m, in Moscow you can buy an apartment of 30 square meters. m, and in the suburbs - from 19 sq. m. m ". As you know, these facilities are planned at the expense of all the areas, including the bathroom. According to Tatiana Shaforostova, small bathrooms are most often found in "Khrushchev" that housed a sitz bath 120 cm Alexei Balykin notes that Camye small bathrooms have an area 2.6 square meters. m Such facilities are planned in the homes of series II-57, II-32, II-18, PD1. But Oksana Efimenko, General Director of the Office "In October the field" Network "Miel", said that "most small bathrooms are found in homes 70 years of construction and are 1.4-1.6 square meters. m ".

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Visually pressed against the wall

Furnished our small bathroom, you should use bright colors that will "expand the space." If, however, use a dark finish and a large tile, the effect will be the opposite. The optimum size of a tile for a small bathroom - 20 x 30 cm vertically place it should, then the room will appear higher. You should also make lighter ceiling and walls. Good expanding space mirrors.

The size of the bathroom can be increased by combining the bathroom and toilet. This solution has its pros and cons, everyone here chooses. But it should be remembered that the redevelopment requires agreement and not always possible.
Minimalism and practicality

The most important thing that needs to stay in the bathroom - she bathtub, sink, mirror with shelf and towel rail. But not all the apartments can arrange a washing machine and dryer tank not in the bathroom. "Malogabaritka" little everywhere. So you have to find a way out.

Natalia Demyanchuk, CEO of the design studio "ade" advises "the small-sized bathroom to place toilet with concealed cistern, this decision will help to increase the space. Toilet itself can take a compact size, these have any manufacturer. He can be set hygienic shower, thus adding a bidet function. But we must remember that the distance between the leg and the wall of the toilet should be at least 20 cm bath can be replaced with a shower, placing it in the corner. And if instead of the shower base to make the podium, it can do that the shape and size that most successfully fit into the interior. Shell can take hanging, and under it convenient to place a laundry basket. If the bathroom you need to install a washing machine, it is best to choose a shallow depth - 40 cm, with vertical load. Above it is ideally located overhead storage cabinet. " It should be remembered that the use of a washing machine with a front loading in a small space, uncomfortable and narrow front car is very unstable during the spin cycle.

So, shower saves space. Shower enclosure is more optimal. The company's specialists advise Gutewetter is not set pan and drain directly to the floor, it also will increase the effective area of ​​the bathroom.

Good functional solution is to replace the mirror above the sink on the hinged cabinet with mirrored doors. Organizing small spaces, we should remember the motto of IKEA - Enables the wall! Hanging lockers and shelves allow you to store a lot of necessary details. Transparent shelves will not look bulky and add a feeling of lightness. Should pay attention to the furniture, which combines several functions. So "Moidodyr" decides on the mirror, sink and extra closet. A company IKEA offers compact sink, equipped with hooks for towels and a shelf for soap and shampoo. Here you can get narrow and tall cabinet for clothes, which is two times less space than normal, and the capacity at the same time is the same.

Area can save and use the plumbing. So, if a bathroom combined, instead of the usual toilet can be used mounted with tank hidden in the wall. Usually the tank is removed to a technical cabinet, where the riser. For the benefit of this design is the fact that the noise when draining and filling the tank with water at such a solution is less. Another similar solution - mounted sink with mixer tap, built into the wall. Convenient to use the angle bars for towels and turning towel.

Finishing touch

Of course, I would like to create a unique design, but limited to a small flight of fancy of the meter. "Flavor" can also make using decorative materials, lighting, and most plumbing. Sanitary ware market is not static, and it may surprise news buyer. So experts plumbing company "Sanlayn" say that now there is a shower with built music and lighting. This acts as an antidepressant and eliminates fatigue. There are also built-in filters to add oils and vitamin funds. "Chinese manufacturers are increasingly a thing of the" bells and whistles "such as radio, touch control, termoregulirovka, phone, TV - it is almost a standard set. There are such booths from 60 thousand rubles. European quality - about 120tys. rub. " There are watering with LEDs.

Design Engineers are also very diverse, the market has to offer every taste. Here the choice is determined by their own ideas of beauty and budget. But if you want even a small-sized bathroom can be comfortable and unique, in which the washing process will not be easy flushing dirt and turns into a "solemn ceremony"!
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