Modern House: how to reduce energy consumption

25.08.2012 00:00
Articles about the construction | Modern House: how to reduce energy consumption Thanks to modern technology, we have many ways to cut energy costs. Become more expensive than gas and electricity, the more important to know about effective ways to save. To reduce energy consumption and reduce the cost of housing maintenance, install a modern energy-efficient technology in all areas of the building, as well as the solar panels on the roof.


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To reduce heat loss, you can purchase a mechanism controlled ventilation. Automatic vents are of two kinds. The first type - devices that open and close the window sash when the weather or after pressing a button. The second type is more advanced, - valves, plug-in window design. These valves provide a continuous supply of fresh air with the windows closed.

Good insulating properties have wooden shutters. Their use reduces the heat loss through the window by an average of 15%.


Kitchen Appliances consume a lot of electricity, especially when devices than ten years old and do not meet modern standards. Now most of the devices produced in the EU, have a special label bearing the degree of energy efficiency - from A to G. It is best to buy equipment that is marked with the letter A. This is especially important for refrigerators: they consume a lot of energy especially.

When buying gas stoves better choice than electricity. Gas stoves are more efficient.

Judicious use of the devices also helps to save costs. No need to install the washing temperature 60 ° C, if as little as 30 ° C. Pre-wash is also not always necessary.

Well, if the kitchen has a dishwasher: it not only facilitates the housework, but also reduces water consumption. By the way, to certain types of washing machines can be brought not only cold, but the hot water. This will reduce the waste of energy by 50%.


In the bathroom, it is advisable to install a water flow - is inexpensive but very useful thing. Instead it is better to use the radiator heating the floor and walls. First, it is more economical, and secondly, the indoor air is fresh.


To heat the cellar is best used condensing boiler. You also need to take care of the insulation.

If the basement is not heated, insulation is still needed: otherwise the heat of the accommodation will go underground. To avoid this, you can pave the materials are available on the cellar ceiling or on the floor of the first floor.


Solar panels installed on the roof, gives you free and environmentally friendly electricity. Usually it is used to heat water or heat your home. However, this energy may not be enough, so the best option would be a combination of solar panels and a condensing boiler.
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