Mighty repair, investment in the future

29.05.2011 13:50
Articles about the construction | Mighty repair, investment in the future After last year's frosts, we do not know firsthand how cold in the apartments and homes can affect our health, and utility costs. Question warming is actually more important than it seems. The thermal conductivity of your house or apartment is directly related to the welfare of the family. Why is this so and what opportunities does ProCredit Bank today, the senior specialist in the development of the retail business of ProCredit Bank Denis Kovalchuk.

ProCredit Bank for many years, provides loans for repairs to private individuals. After going through with our clients for more than a repair, if you can advise our readers that have to do to the apartment was warm?

Microclimate in your apartment or house depends not only on how hot the battery, or a gas pressure in the pipe in your home, but also on how effectively you are using this heat. The greatest amount of heat escapes through walls, floors and windows. To avoid this, you need to warm their homes using energy efficient technologies. As a rule, only the windows installation of a new generation can raise the temperature in the apartment at 3-4 degrees in the winter. Today we can use materials and technologies that will make his home this thermos. Because of the temperature in the apartment depends, above all, health of the entire family.

High-quality repair requires major expenditures. What credit terms of repair work offers ProCredit Bank?

We offer loans for repairs without bail for up to two years. Funding decisions are made within 24 hours. At this point in ProCredit Bank has a program of lending to individuals, aimed at financing any repairs and the purchase of household appliances - a loan "ProRemont. If you plan to invest borrowed funds in energy efficiency, namely: to change the windows, insulate doors, walls, ceilings, replace batteries, install meters, replace wiring, etc. - You can take the credit "ProRemont Eco at a better interest rate.

Our experts are ready to tell you more about the conditions of loan programs at the Department of ProCredit Bank. Welcome!

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