Mexican style to your home

28.10.2013 00:45
Articles about the construction | Mexican style to your home Probably, classical interior satisfies the majority, but what to do when the soul needs the sun, warmth and joy? Our home is a place that should protect us from all troubles of this world, where we have to find peace of mind, be able to restore their strength. That is why its interior must meet our tastes, lift your mood and give a feeling of happiness. Certainly, each of us has his own preferences. Someone like almost surgical minimalism, someone can relax only in the space that resembles a junk shop, and some are dreaming about year-round summer even in sub-zero temperatures outside. If you belong to the latter category, then you are fully fit colonial style. Especially big admirers of his love to travel on the countries of Asia and Latin America. Today we will talk about Mexican style in your home, which is essentially a mixture of Spanish and Indian motifs. This style is characteristic of a bold combination of colors, which is not familiar to Europeans, ethnic ornaments, floral and geometric motifs, and the abundance of handmade accessories. Thanks to these features Mexican style is almost impossible to confuse with one another.

Floor and walls

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If you want to create a piece of real Mexico at home, don't leave it halfway through, you start with renovation.

First on the walls. They should be bright and absolutely not glamorous. The best would be a rough decorative plaster. It is possible to paint the walls in favourite color. If this do not worry about divorces, they are quite appropriate here. Of course, you can use and textured Wallpaper for painting, and you can pokleit Wallpaper striped only strip should be bright and unusual.

The color gamut of the best natural: reddish-brown, blue, yellow, orange, olive. Here can you combine incongruous color: sand and bright pink, olive and lemon, blue and green. Main thing to remember is that all colors are even and bright, but not poisonous in tone. You should also not forget that one or two colors - it's not about Mexican style, it welcomed the riot of colors, that is, the color palette should be varied.

Floor in the interior plays a big role. It is best to use large terracotta tiles rough in texture. You can use the tree, preferably dark and heterogeneous in color. And you can combine wood and tile. Combining wood and ceramics, as is typical for Mexican style, says Gennady Kovalev, chief designer, developer of the Design Center Tarkett, is technically difficult, but it gives an impressive effect. It is much easier to achieve it, using «nonclassical» materials that appeared rather recently. For example, designer tile Art Vinyl gives the opportunity to join the «wooden» and «stone» surface without adapters, because everything is exactly match in size».

On the ceiling of such premises are quite pertinent beams, although not essential.


Furniture Mexican style should be a solid and wooden. Most often suitable furniture from pine, but you can find cherry or walnut. Also the style will fit wicker furniture of rattan and leather upholstery. In any case, it should be cumbersome, with massive legs. The large beds have to be bent back, although allowed and simple design bed in the form of Ottomans, tables should at first sight to amaze with its monumentality and sofas are simply obliged to conquer the cosiness. Quite often, such a furniture decorated with ornaments or painted with bright colors. Quite appropriate and most paint it in bright colors. For example, wardrobe make a sapphire, and a chest of drawers - violet. And you can decorate furniture and mosaics, which, for example, will turn any countertop in a work of art. Mosaic is appropriate and on a contour of a door or window openings. Certainly, furniture, you can paint. Appropriate stylization under Indian ornaments and geometrical or floral motives.

Issued Mexican interior is richly, but uncomplicated. Gilding and molding is not required. But welcome colorful cushions and curtains, napless carpets of rich colors or striped bedspreads with ornaments, pottery, covered with colored enamel, works of folk craftsmen, bamboo screens, vases, wall plates, masks, frescoes, canopies, lamps made of colored glass, bronze chandeliers, paintings in gold or silver frames and even guitars and Mexican сомбрера.

Do not forget about the flowers. These rooms have very green! Tubs with palm trees, cactus, agave, and other plants are appropriate everywhere. And the kitchen can be decorate ligaments hot pepper or cobs of corn. Also look good embroidered flowers on napkins and tablecloths.

Of course, Mexican style is not for everyone, it for lovers of the exotic. However, within these walls, the sun lives all year round, and the feeling of a holiday is not going anywhere. 
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