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14.12.2011 10:00
Articles about the construction | Luxury homes «smarter» Over the past five years in the capital more than doubled the number of elite objects with elements of "smart home". The experts of the company Penny Lane Realty ranked the options that are most popular among buyers VIP-apartments.

Contrary to popular belief about the extraordinary cost of living, the availability of "intelligence" increases the cost of luxury flats no more than 3-5%. In terms of per square meter - a maximum of 150-170 dollars depending on the set of service offerings. "Smart House" - objects that are all life-support systems that are managed from a single control room - the director of the sales department of real estate Penny Lane Realty Alexander Zima. - The "stuffing" of buildings, positioned as a developer of intelligent, can vary considerably. Usually, the tenant can choose the options of interest to him personally. It is clear, for example, that not everyone needs an imitation of the tropics in the winter garden ".

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1st place - raising the level of protection

Traditionally, protection from outsiders - one of the most expensive items in the operation of high-end residential complexes and business class. Reduce the cost of securitization and increase security and help of technology, already widespread in the capital market: access control using the proxy card, digital video monitoring of detailed satellite systems with sms-alert, able to survey all the "neighborhood" in the comfort of home. Automated systems also allow you to protect yourself from uninvited guests, simulating the presence of the owner of the apartment.

2nd place - cost control

Along with the inevitable rise in prices for electricity and other resources to the issue of economy becomes relevant even for the most affluent homeowners. Combining all the livelihood systems in a building can save up to 30% water, gas and electricity, and equipment costs recouped in just three years. 'Smart' house will never forget turn off the lights in the bathroom and the toilet will not allow a situation where in a room heated batteries, and air conditioner cools the air. In addition, you can set the program to heating switched on for an hour before returning to the owner, and not stoked room all day.

3rd place - on-line management of the apartment

One of the most interesting options - the opportunity to watch around the clock for their homes through the web-camera and "give guidance", even when you're on another continent. At any time, the landlord can go to the relevant page on the Internet by entering your personal password. At a distance the signal is transmitted to the installation of the necessary climate, lighting, appliances included, dinner is warming up - and the house is ready to have "real" appearance of the owner.

4th place - an increase in wear resistance

Centralized building management system allows you to accurately predict the deterioration of the equipment and carry out timely preventive maintenance, and fixed frequency electrical power extends battery life. Also, "intelligence" to protect and expensive finishing materials: if the house burst the pipe, the system will block the water and turn off the power. By some estimates, residential complex, equipped with similar technology, does not need major repairs within 50-55 years, while conventional buildings require it of every 30 years.

5th place - "tuning" the weather in the apartment

Standard and one of the most requested features "smart home" - climate control. Technologies allow you to control parameters such as temperature, humidity, fresh air individually for each room. The touch panel set the required parameters and the system itself selects which of the devices you want to include - heating radiators, underfloor heating, heaters, fan heaters or air conditioners. The power and the number of thermal units will be selected based on outdoor temperature and the desired speed of heating.

"While the proportion of objects, equipped with various components of" smart home "on the luxury housing market does not exceed 10%, but their number is growing every year - said director of sales of real estate company Penny Lane Realty Alexander Zima. - "Fly in the Ointment," despite the obvious advantages of smart-systems: the frequent breakage of repair, with a number of conservative buyers with suspicion related to the fact that the apartment will be managed by computer. In the United States and Western Europe, where the entire construct "smart" blocks, the interest in technology due primarily desire to reduce costs. We have the same "smart home" until recently, were considered rather expensive toy and an element of prestige. But today more and more capital developers see them as an effective way to save energy, reduce equipment wear and significantly improve quality of life in new buildings ".

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