Landscaping of grounds with their own hands

26.05.2011 07:00
Articles about the construction | Landscaping of grounds with their own hands If you are a suburban house or villa is not just a place where you sweat working on the growing crop of fantastic, if you like to sit in the evening on the veranda and enjoy their flowering and fruiting brainchild, no time wondered how to make the landscape design with their own hands. While the desire to do more splendid than anything that smells sweet and plays around you with bright colors, you can not call such a beautiful word.

Flowers and ornamental plants, artificial small pond and an arbor, overgrown with ivy - all the elements of landscape design of your site. Landscaping of grounds with their own hands will create a space around themselves, which helps to feel oneness with nature, will be pleasing to the eye and warm the soul!

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You can be the master has long been an existing garden. It would seem that everything has already built up and planted, and a place for an elegant decorative element is difficult to find. But this is not true - just look at the current picture with new eyes and think carefully about how you will begin next spring to change the location of plantings on the site, from which refuse to be happy, but that first create yourself into joy.

Implement a landscape design with their own hands will be much easier if the layout of the garden has just begun. Starting from scratch - the dream of many, and in many other areas of life we ??have not given up on this.

In the landscape design has its own fashion trends, but there are rules remain unchanged. These rules tells us very nature, it is important to learn how to follow them. But no less important to listen to the desires of his soul, to creating a landscape design with your hands, you do not feel visitor to the museum from which you want to go faster.

What should be considered?

Doing landscaping area with their own hands is important to remember that the harmony of the surrounding space creates an organic interaction in it the elements of air, water and land with vegetation. Let all these elements will be represented in your garden!

All you need to plan in advance, first identifying with the location of the main villa buildings, and then consider which elements of landscape design interest to you. Be sure to use in a paper plan, it will provide all the clearer and avoid many mistakes.

It is not necessary once again dig the ground at the site, she is just hurt. If there are any irregularities, they can sleep, using the land that remained from the pit dug under the house. That turf, which is on the site, you can use for future lawn. The simplest mower will help him refine. To fill the bald spots will suit any sown specifically, marijuana.

Garden ornaments become ornamental shrubs, planted around the perimeter. Well established jasmine and barberry, briar, and hawthorn. They grow quickly, forming dense and prickly hedge. If you like pine shrubs, you can plant a juniper and boxwood. Plant the plants with different colors of foliage - so you'll get an incredible appeal of your hedge.

Thinking color scheme in your garden landscape design with their own hands, consider some of the laws of color harmony. Thus, combining with each other contrasting colors, you can achieve greater saturation of color garden. Specially Protect place for your future flower bed. When choosing plants for her, be sure to note the date and time of flowering. Let them gradually replace each other, delighting the eye from early spring until late autumn. It is not necessary to plant these flowers whose beauty fades quickly, leaving behind dead.

Selecting plants for your garden, find out what they are suitable climatic conditions, which need soil. Not worth chasing exotic shrubs, because if they die in the first winter, you will be very upset. Exercise your imagination. From the old trough can create a wonderful little pond by filling out the edges of interesting stones and ceramics. Just do not forget to paint the bottom of the makeshift pond with black paint to avoid blossom water in it.

If, after the construction of landscaping the site with his own hands were broken bricks, they can become a perfect base for alpine slides, better drainage, it is simply impossible to come up with. The top layer is best to use beautiful stones that you can find or buy. Create a shady arbor, using its decoration plants such as ornamental beans, hops, or grapes.

Very impressive your garden will look in the evening, if you use artificial lighting, which emphasize the image of branches and delicate mosaic of foliage. You can, of course, involve the creation of exquisite landscape design professionals, but what you create with your hands, putting the soul and bring much more fun.

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