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30.05.2011 15:31
Khow-how: ekocvezhest roofing technologies In this article we want to dispel the most common myths of modern roofing materials - shingles.

Myth number 1:
Shingles - is the same only more expensive roofing material

In fact:
Comparison of these materials, at least raises a smile from technical experts.

To understand what is the difference or similarity of one material from another, you must first figure out what is the basis of the material. After all, this is the whole secret.

At the heart of roofing material - recycled waste paper - paper! And at the heart of shingles RUFLEX Mint - fiberglass, which, unlike paper, does not rot - it is the first and most important difference!

For the production of shingles RUFLEX Mint uses a high-quality bitumen with the addition of SBS-polymer innovation, which both sides covered with fiberglass, which has a significant influence on the durability of the material compared to the roofing material for which use conventional bitumen.

These and other features cause the durability of the material: roofing material is used - 5 years, shingles - more than 50 years. And this is only a few differences.

Myth number 2:
Shingles - a very expensive roofing material, which can afford only the very rich.

In fact:
One of the commonplaces of myths.

First, the "very rich" can afford any roof - shale, copper, natural and, of course, flexible ... Is not it?

Secondly, YES! - Now and shingles can be an inexpensive material. The proof of it - RUFLEX Mint. Remember that to save on the roof, as absurd, as well as on the ground. On the quality of roofing material is dependent state and the life of the entire structure.

Myth number 3:
In the cold shingles cracking and breaking.

In fact:
Such an assumption is partly true. The fact that each of the materials on the market has its own peculiarities of production and specifications, shall we say, "recipe" of shingles. Most manufacturers of shingles using oxidized bitumen, which is the main cause of the fragility of tiles, it is cracking in the cold and can not withstand the mechanical pressure (on the roof of such material can not move, also can not mount the tiles in the cold season).

In the production of tiles RUFLEX Mint applies only SBS modifier, which makes the asphalt more ductile and, therefore, to withstand the conditions of Russian winter. Also on the shingles affects the application of special HDPE-film on the rear surface of the shingle. When choosing a roofing material for your home, be sure to pay attention to this nuance.

Myth number 4:
Shingles is deformed in the sun and see the board.

In fact:
Irregularities will occur on the roof only if a continuous basis were used substandard (raw) board, plywood or boards OSB.

Recommend the use of quality of OSB or plywood is water-resistant, and if you still use the edging board, then it should be a natural drying!

Myth number 5:
Shingles fade.

In fact:
In shingles RUFLEX Mint broadcast with colored stone thermochemical method, ie dye penetrates into the stone structure, rather than just covering it from top to set the color, so the granules do not lose their original color.

The difference in color resin tiles on the upper "petals" and "under the lobes arises from the fact that the bitumen, which has an oily dark structure from the upper layer absorbs lower grains, so the upper Shingles and seem faded, more faded. Hence it is born is a misconception that shingles fade, lose its color under the influence of external factors.

Myth number 6:
Very complex assembly in cold weather!

In fact:
Difficult - but possible!

Shingles RUFLEX Mint can not be mounted in the rain and snowfall, the presence of SBS modifier allows you to work at subzero temperatures, but must comply with certain conditions:

1) prior to laying tile is stored in a warm room for 2-3 days.

2) To the best shvatyvaemosti adhesive tiles heated building hairdryer, in extreme cases, pasted Melt.

3) All metal parts that require bending, bent only in a warm room.

4) Bituminous adhesive for work necessary to heat the water bath (dilute it with acetone and other additives is strictly forbidden).

Myth number 7:
Need for additional costs due to solid ground.

In fact:
A solid foundation - structural feature of the roof of shingles. As for the house needs a foundation and roofing, for example, natural tile - a powerful crate and reinforcement of truss construction, for the proper functioning of the underlay of the space needs to be properly ventilated. Ignore these requirements, think of them as waste of money, at least not right. Each material has its own mandatory conditions, without which its application is impossible.

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