Is it possible to live in a frame house?

20.08.2012 00:30
Articles about the construction | Is it possible to live in a frame house? Frame houses is on the market for decades. The most widely used, this technology is in the U.S., Canada (90% of low-rise buildings) and New Zealand (85%), Scandinavia and Japan (45%). Such data are a real estate agency Gordon Rock.

But in China and India, the technology is not yet as popular - an average of 2-3% and construct low-rise housing in Ukraine almost comparable figures.

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Realtors say that the choice of construction technology Ukrainian customers often already have a bias against the frame-panel technology, and not based on personal experience, and the stereotypes.

Specialists "RealEkspo" was named the 5 most common myths about the Frame-house construction, which are quite far from reality.

The first myth. Prefab homes are good in warm countries, and in the winter they can die from the cold.

Thermal performance of buildings constructed on frame technology, and a half times higher than the values ​​that are required by the standards of thermal insulation for the Kiev area. The thickness of the outer wall of the house should be only 216 mm. In order to provide the same performance, the house wall of foam should be about 510 mm in thickness, from a bar - 720 mm, made of brick - generally 2090 mm.

The second myth. Prefab homes are not as strong as brick or timber.

For loads that are capable of carrying a timber, it is only slightly inferior to the metal, and sometimes exceeds it. Fabricated actively building homes in seysmoneustoychivyh areas, such as in Japan.

The third myth. Frame house will last 20-30 years.

Frame house, built with quality materials in compliance with all the technology frame construction, will last 50 or, as in America, 100 years.

This requires that the construction company would sell the house with the plant quality, made of good material, and buyers are kept simple rules of operation of the house. For example, remember that you can not do frame houses interior remodeling, demolish walls, and allow wet insulation inside them.

The fourth myth. Frame house break out like a match.

The problem of fire frame houses have long been solved with the help of innovative technology. In particular frame wooden houses today specially impregnated refractory composition.

But it is better to prevent fire than to have quenching. Therefore it is necessary to comply with fire safety measures during construction. For example, a properly insulated chimneys of wooden roof structures. This may cause fire, not only in the frame, but in a stone house.

The fifth myth. On frame technology built anyhow.

Quickly - not so bad. High speed of construction of the house on the German frame technology ensures that the construction site is almost ready to come to the panel, with front and internal insulation, plasterboard internal lining for fit and inherent electrical wiring. Team of workers can only build a house, as a designer.

The very same process of production in the factory house takes up to 2 months. The production of panels is fully automated, and manual labor to a minimum. The company's employees only monitor the process and control the quality of each product at its transition from one area to another conveyor.

In short, the frame house will last you at least 50 years, and, perhaps, for a century, so it is fit to inherit grandchildren.
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