Internet in a new home: how to establish communication

27.10.2012 10:45
Articles about the construction | Internet in a new home: how to establish communication When a person buys an apartment, he rarely thinks in advance about such "trifles" as a variety of offers services in your home: Internet, phone, and sometimes more advanced systems of "smart home" - CCTV, security sensors, etc. When a person buys an apartment, he rarely thinks in advance about such "trifles" as a variety of offers services in your home: Internet, phone, and sometimes more advanced systems of "smart home" - CCTV, security sensors, etc.

Of course, if after a few months of the provider, it is clear that a qualitative relationship, a series of "single break" and the service operator service nice and friendly, questions arise. However, if the situation is not so optimistic and work Internet satisfactory, any person who values ​​time, money, and, finally, a peaceful atmosphere in the home, a thought - to connect to the operator, who can trust. Often it turns out that it is not easy to do, without the consent of the HOA difficult. It is not easy, but possible.

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It would seem that the "density" providers "occupying" the house depends on the principles of a market economy. And the greater the number, the stronger the competition and, as a result, cheaper communication services. But in fact most of the operators working in the house, is directly dependent on the willingness of President HOA or head of the Criminal Code. It happens that in the house there is only one provider and let the rest of the administration is not going home. Nevertheless, there are ways to add a provider to "pool", even if the "main" against.

Why is that?
Personal relationships operators and administration HOA sometimes full of secrets and innuendo. Solely because from time to time both sides consider each other "odd man out". Providers, fighting for the client, all the forces trying to cover his presence most apartment buildings. House managers, in turn, do not want to devote most of his time unraveling wires and address other organizational issues related to the installation and maintenance of carrier equipment. After all, everyone in the home provider is paving its tail, thus duplicating the Internet infrastructure, which is already at work in the house of the companies. In addition, representatives from all providers should be "at any time of the day and night" to provide access to the utility room. Not surprisingly, the chairmen prefer a limited number of operators, selecting them on various grounds, including on a "highest bidder."

Players of the telecommunications market on condition of anonymity told that "entering the house" somewhere quite laptop as a gift, but somewhere needed and transfer to personal account chairman HOA. According to them, the amount paid to providers HOA heads, can reach up to a thousand rubles for the apartment once, and about 10-20% of revenue on a monthly basis, if it is the right to be the first and only provider in the home. Although it also happens that the chairmen HOA simply do not sign a contract with a new operator, citing the refusal by the fact that the house was missing and one operator. Case, of course, and quite absurd situations. "It is not a fairy tale, a true story" - when the President gave no HOA home connect to the internet, because I thought that this would "happen" radiation, from which die quickly.

All of these "national characteristics" arise because the Russian legal norms no law requiring HOAs to provide space for the equipment to all interested operators. Although, in fairness, the law also permits cabling in the home operator can be obtained only after it will do most of the owners. After all, in the Housing Code of the house are the common property of the owners of apartments. How often such "formalities" are observed, probably, can not be specified.

It is for this reason that the "Heads" house is a great opportunity to put their online orders. There were times when, for example, one control HOA putting up the house ads, the operator X, who worked in the house, had ceased to exist and communication services no longer will, and must reconnect to the operator Y. Predictably X operator was not aware of his "bankruptcy."

Attempts to fix
By the signalers few years ago in St. Petersburg infancy projects involve the construction of at least in the new buildings of general infrastructure, which at the same then could rent all interested service providers. However, this scheme in modern reality is not widespread, representatives of the HOA it is not "signed".

A couple of years ago, the State Duma is also trying to "legitimize" Internet area homes. That bill, in particular, was that if the application of at least one occupant of an apartment building operator can access the common areas for the installation of the equipment. Providers for the most part supported the idea, but the HOA representatives felt that in this case there "houses anarchy", they say, the order will not be. In part, they are right, but in the case of "freedom of entry" is likely to be governed by the number of operators in the profitability of entering a particular house. However, this law has remained a project.
Operators themselves periodically suing the HOA representatives, but most admit that affect disputes can only do tenants.

What can be done?
Because of the complexity of the entry of new operators in the apartment buildings violated law in the first place residents themselves. If the home is working one or two providers, the cost of services is likely to be higher than in other homes where communication offer four or five operators. The latter are often arranged promotions and discounts, which can significantly save on communication. Also, the quality of customer service in case there is an easy way to go to another provider, is always higher. Line breaks are repaired quickly, and the call center operator can be reached in a matter of seconds and get out there a plausible answer to the question.

Perhaps the most realistic to date way to restore equity market, increasing the number of Internet providers in the house until the optimal number of occupants - complained to FAS. The basis for such treatment can be confident tenant house that HOA works "in conjunction" with any operator. If Antimonopolschiki found a violation of the Law "On Protection of Competition", the perpetrators can be brought to administrative responsibility.

This happened with the Volga region branch of the operator "TransTeleCom". The tenant of a house in Saratov want to switch to another provider, and found that it is impossible, as "voluntary-compulsory" all owners use the services of TTC. FAS Ulich provider in collusion with the management company at home, finding out that the "approach" of the operator in the house has not been the general meeting of homeowners. True, this trial lasted eight months, and such cases are not always successful, as to prove that collusion can be difficult.

The second option - re-elected chairman of the HOA or change the Criminal Code. This can be done through a general meeting of members of HOA. Of course, in fact, collect more than 50% of the vote, the decision was lawful, not too real. Especially if we are talking about houses with hundreds of apartments. However, it seems just the internet can help residents improve the situation. In the market gradually, there are various online management of apartment buildings. For example, there is a service and the like, offering to translate communication with the structures housing for electronic techno track. Such systems involve, among other things, electronic document with the absentee voting, which allows for a greater number of owners in the decision-making process at home. So, gather the sacred vote to change the rules for entry operators in the house, and many other management issues will be easier. True ... initially will still need the control to start working on an online basis.
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