In Italy, the house is built, controlled by thought

07.12.2011 00:30
Articles about the construction | In Italy, the house is built, controlled by thought "Smart House" controlled by thought, was built in Italy. Residents of the pilot of the building enough to think about how to turn on the water or open a window - and these actions are performed automatically.

The development of this system for 13 years in an Italian foundation "Santa Lucia". Managing a household may the power of thought - it requires a helmet with a sensitive sensors catching electromagnetic radiation, which sends the human brain. To turn on your TV, you need to wear a helmet and focused look at the TV image on PC screen. The sensors transmit the received signal helmet in the computer operating system, which in turn sends a command to activate the device (TV and pr.tehniki).

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Developing such a system was designed primarily for people with disabilities who have no physical ability to move around. The project is "smart house" - a pilot, and while that actually perform actions such as "turn-off" and "open-close." However, the Fund plans to continue working on the improvement project and extending the list of options and actions that are performed automatically.
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