In France, built a «smart home» for freelancers

25.04.2012 00:45
Articles about the construction | In France, built a «smart home» for freelancers In the north-west of France in the historic district of Brittany built a special house for people who do not like to leave my apartment often and long. Residence was designed by young architect in the Bay of Morbihan, said portal

The appearance of the house, which has all the necessary conditions for life and work, does not represent something unique, but within the premises are equipped with "smart home".

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At the time of the desired sensor dust (catching air and the surfaces) include cleaning systems, install special refrigerator determine which products are over, and in case of lack of transfer to the service delivery of products necessary signals. Depending on time of day in the house there is an automatic control of lighting. In areas of the house and the surrounding area have high speed internet access. Control over security in the territory are multiple cameras, with which the owner receives the information, even the slightest movements.

An important advantage of "smart house" that he built in an ecologically clean area, and used for its construction of environmentally friendly materials.

Author of the project believe that in such a house will be able to live and work from the comfort of the people of those professions that require long-term presence in the home - primarily freelancers. They will appreciate the comfortable room and a conference room that can be used as a meeting room.
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