Illegal redevelopment apartment: causes and threats

08.01.2013 01:00
Articles about the construction | Illegal redevelopment apartment: causes and threats Illegal redevelopment apartments - not so rare in our time. Many home owners wanting to equip it to your liking, do not rush the process of adjustment and act at your own risk. If the neighbors is not affected, and the house remains intact, everything is usually bypassed. But only until such time as there is actual not any transaction with a converted apartment.

Illegal redevelopment apartment: causes and threats

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Illegal to re-planning, which is done without the necessary coordination - many people know about it. But remember that it is illegal and can recognize that redevelopment, which is made with deviations from the approved, coordinated the project.

It is clear that the illegal alterations relies administrative responsibility.

Many owners or tenants initially know it, but still prefer to reschedule the premises without permission, and then deal with problems as they arise. They want to save money, believing that innovation will long remain unnoticed. This calculation is justified only if the neighbors do not experience any discomfort, but even in this case, scheduled check communal could eventually put everything in its place.

If, God forbid, as a result of redevelopment there is any emergency, it will have to fix at their own expense, and in this case, the savings would be very doubtful.

Either way, the body implementing the harmonization of redevelopment, identifying the illegal conversion apartment, has the right to go to court. If illegal alterations had the owner himself room, the lawsuit will request apartment sale at public auction. In a situation when the illegal alterations had tenants, the agreement on social employment can be terminated.

As mentioned above, apartment illegal redevelopment often can not participate in many real estate transactions. Sell ​​the property, in principle, but its price will be lower than this apartment, where redevelopment is made according to the law, as the responsibility for the condition of the apartment has to be assigned to the new owner.

Illegal alterations to the apartment was lawful

Modifying their homes unrecognizable without permission, and then faced with the problem of obtaining a new registration certificate for an apartment, its owner is going to have very little choice. It can either return to their original placement form as the mind, and is very expensive, and sometimes - not very realistic, or else - to try to legitimize the changes. To do this, write a good claim for maintaining unauthorized alterations and submit it to the court.

In addition, you have to gather the necessary documents, including a draft of the activities carried out, prepared by having a license. In addition to the project, you need:
data sheet for the apartment - floor plan to redevelopment;
legal documents (or certified copy);
Opinion of the sanitary-epidemiological service that redevelopment has not caused damage to people at home;
statement signed by its neighbors and a master of utility that you have made changes in his apartment not interfere with neighbors;
opinion on the possibility of redevelopment, which has to be said that it is not affected by load-bearing structures of the building.

It is quite possible to be required and other documents - ideal if their training and preparation of the claim will be subject experienced lawyer.

If it turns out that the structure of the building still affected, the problem is much more complicated. You should call your company with a license, which will hold a technical survey and give the conclusion that changes in the design, do not threaten the integrity of the house and can not lead to its destruction.

But there are situations in which it is almost impossible to legalize alterations. You are likely to be refused if:
affected by the ventilation system, for example, is removed or reduced cross ventilation ducts;
due to increased living space area bathroom;
gasified kitchen expanded above and below other residential premises;
attached to the flat part obschedomovyh property;
dismantled plumbing boxes;
held device system "warm floor" obschedomovyh of heating systems;
heating appliances brought to balconies or loggias.

Either way, each case is considered separately.

When you manage to prove the safety of the works, and redevelopment will gain legal status, will have to immediately get new documents BTI, and then make changes to the documents of title to the apartment.

So, if the house is not in danger, and the interests of its other occupants in no way infringed upon, the chances that the illegal alterations will eventually be legalized, quite a lot. However, it is much safer and more reliable before starting work yet to receive the necessary approval. The more that has been actively rumored to toughen responsibility for illegal alterations.
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