How to make repairs in the apartment, without the high cost

02.09.2013 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to make repairs in the apartment, without the high cost Repairs in the apartment - it is a real "test of money" for most people, especially for those who have barely enough money for daily expenses. However, repairs at first glance seems financially unsustainable burden.

We tried to put in a seven-point tips, how to upgrade housing, even in the most modest family budget.

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Do the repair stage by stage

Many residents decades not make repairs in their apartments for two reasons: first, they are afraid of dirt and inconvenience, which arise in the process of repairs, but most people are afraid of the amount of space that supposedly will have to spend on updating the house. Most importantly, when you start to plan repairs, not to threaten all at once. And usually the way it is, and this is a big mistake. Of course, that just want to change everything, but you need to realistically assess their abilities and Finance and prepare so that it will be a long process. This month doing one thing, the next is another. In General, you can start with something simple, say, wash battery and repaint them.

The sequence of operations is not so hard, here's all about priorities and lifestyle of the apartment owners.

First, eliminate emergency areas

Often people start doing repairs for aesthetic reasons, that is not entirely true. Employees of the private family construction contract Natalia and Sergey Zolotarenko unanimously say, that you must first replace anything that might cause an accident - wiring, plumbing, gas equipment. "Agree, if you flood the short circuit or wiring, budgetary repairs in the apartment you will not get off," says Natalia Zolotarenko.

By the way, as paradoxical as it may sound, but the masters advise that even in the case of fiscal repair not to compromise on certain things, in particular, on plumbing. "A good mixer and will last a long time, and from an aesthetic point of view will look solid, so it makes sense to invest in one. The same applies to the toilet, in which the most important is "the inside of the tank", i.e. drainage system. The cheap toilets she is very weak and shaky, and therefore, will soon have to it or change or infinitely repair.

Also important to evaluate the state of the Windows, as it is a health issue. If they are old, then in winter they have to constantly warm and glueing, that will only aggravate and without that a dilapidated look. It is better to replace them with the new, and in this case it is not so important in the price of the Windows, which can be inexpensive, but the quality of the installation works, emphasize Zolotarenko.

Start with the "dismantling" of works

After you have decided what you want to change the house, then proceed to the most important, the most unpleasant, but the budgetary process - the preparation of the necessary parts, and easier speaking - snagging Wallpaper, соскребанию old paint off with their subsequent ошкуриванием. So you can easily do yourself. It's enough to buy a couple of staples, sand paper bags for construction waste and special tools for removing the Wallpaper or oil paints. The Zolotarenko warn that apply solvents batteries and pipe to correctly only on the rigid segments, but in any case not to smear the joints or adhesions, as due to the solvent can form a fistula. This is especially dangerous in the case of old pipes.

Dispose of debris correctly

After all the dismantling works have to properly dispose of garbage. It is important to remember that the construction waste cannot be disposed of in the regular trash cans. "In this case, you must first learn Zheke a specialist on an accomplishment of territories, where you are in the area is a special container for the construction waste. It is called "bunker". You can tell that is filled with whether or not he and agree that you are permitted to download there wastes", - explain Zolotarenko.

Pay attention to details

Strangely enough, but many people who had to do repairs on their own, often start from the ceiling. "After whitewashing the ceiling of the apartment immediately acquires a different view, and the pure white color visually extends the space", - says Natalia Zolotarenko. Most importantly, she adds, to prepare ceiling - oshkurit, patch up the cracks and holes. For this we need a simple set of tools: the same spatula, emery paper, putty, primer, roller and whitewashing or inexpensive latex paint.

There is also a tricky reception - change small details. "No wonder people say - God is in the details. Sometimes for the first time until you find the money on more large-scale work is enough to replace the small details like, for example, plinth," says Rokotov. Surprisingly, this allows to significantly Refine the view of the apartment. Hide uneven or frayed edge of Wallpaper, задравшийся on joints of linoleum or продравшийся carpet help plinth and all kinds of decorating profiles. Install and you can also stick them on their own.

But to restore order in the bathroom you can with the help of cleaning and decorative works. "With household cleaners and rough sponges we can clean joints in tile, degrease them with alcohol or vodka, and then use putty for joints, as well as silicone sealant, where necessary", - Sergiy Zolotarenko.

Update your furniture the hands

Sometimes repair requires the apartment itself, and only the furniture, which is still quite strong and can serve as hosts, that's only appearance for years of service suffered. To update, for example, kitchen furniture, you can use adhesive film. Very solid thing, and in the decorative terms many options - colors now for any taste.

But the furniture is the owner of the room in малосемейке, a teacher of painting and designer necessarily Alina Svetlova offers drag. "Simple: first with scissors, construction cutter and any screwdrivers and pliers, сдираете old upholstery with furniture and выковыриваете old bracket, which it is attached. And strip off the furniture must not haphazardly and without damage of the canvas to see the pattern, which you then замерите volume of new tissue and carve out from her new details. For this, you may have to partially disassemble the furniture", - instructs Svetlova. Next, you simply pick the fabric store and purchase a furniture stapler staple and drag part of the sofa or chair. If some soft elements flattened during the operation, you can buy a foam rubber or synthetic winterizer and put in the right places, adds Svetlova.

Enlist the help of a decor

Happens and so that repairs cannot be done not only due to lack of Finance, but also because of a banal shortage of labour force. Then comes to the aid creativity and ingenuity. "I started to be engaged in design of internally because of money for a team of workers was not, and unnecessary male hands at that time in the house was not found. Here and decided to save sad housing decor", - says Svetlova. The old parquet designer closed the carpet, window задрапировала curtains in several layers of walls and artistically "достарила", glued on them reversals of Newspapers, hanging on to all sorts of vintage tableware, coinage, which collected by friends.

So tidy apartment can be on their own and with minimal costs. However, this will invest in repair of own time and work.
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