How to make an inexpensive temporary repairs

08.10.2012 01:30
Articles about the construction | How to make an inexpensive temporary repairs Buying an apartment "for decoration" - concrete box, with no light, plumbing and other usual benefits, not all settlers are the means to immediately implement their design ambitions and make major repairs to a new home. Those who have spent all the money to buy housing stocks, full repairs have to be postponed. But this should not be a hindrance to move, if you believe the owners of one of this apartment, it is quite possible to make habitable, at least in his pocket and time.

First step: preparation

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When the budget is very limited, repairs will have to do yourself, unless of course, you will not get gang-altruists, ready to repair free of charge. So roll up their sleeves, the master of the newspapers on his head cocked and undertake the repairs.

First apartment to properly wash: sweep the remnants of debris, clean out the rubbish from all angles, wash the floors, radiators, window sills and windows.

The next preparatory step - to wash the walls and ceilings. The primer is applied to the primary processing of surfaces and creates a reliable coupling between the surface and coating. Plaster, paint, wallpaper would be better to stay, especially if the surface is treated with a mixture of dirt.

Choose a universal primer, it is suitable for most surfaces in interior decoration of apartments.

Temporary repairs can be made without pedantic meticulousness to the curvature of the walls. So if you have got relatively smooth wall, do not hold them to align to a state close to the ideal, leave it to the professionals who will make you repair. If some sites do not even give exactly pokleit wallpaper, Arm spatula and go for filler.

You will need two types of filler: leveling, which is applied first, and thin-layer, that is the finish. For interior decoration applied plaster and polymer fillers. The latter are more water-resistant, so they are recommended for kitchens and bathrooms.

Please note that the putty sold as a finished product, and in the dry. Finished more convenient - open the jar and set to work, and it is necessary to mix dry on their own, but they are significantly cheaper.

Second step: finish

Before proceeding to the walls and the floor, should be put in proper form ceiling. It is only then you can think about an interesting solution for the design of the ceiling in the apartment, as long as to hide the color of gray concrete, the ceilings should just paint. For this fit the most common white ceiling paint

However, when choosing a paint should pay attention not only to the price. It is important to find economical use of material: usually manufacturers indicate on the package, how many layers of paint should be applied to achieve maximum effect. It is best to choose one that covers the surface of one or two layers of material and spend less time.

Correctly calculate the amount of material from the surface area of ​​ceilings in your home you can own, using the instructions in the paint or ask for help from a vendor in the store building materials.

Suitable for the walls of traditional paper wall, they're the cheapest and most energy-intensive option finishes. Most likely, it will be plain wallpaper soothing colors, the fine print or the good old flowers. But it's better than the concrete walls. The key to success in the Wallpapering - The correct adhesive and a good eye.

Children's room is better to choose wallpaper light single color and to allow children to paint, apply your favorite posters and stickers.

The only area where paper wall will not work for the walls - the bathroom. Here they soon will be ruined due to water and moisture. But the bathroom is economical temporary solutions.

The first of them - pasted room adhesive tape. It is completely different in the colors of the people's favorite "marble" and "wood" to bright yellow, red, iridescent silver and gold. A standard bathroom with more than enough 2.3 rolls. True, a couple of meters is to lay on the damage, many do not get to stick the film the first time, it is too sticky.

Another economical option - wall panels PVC. Standard panels in height of 2 to 3 meters and a maximum width of 20-25 inches. Decorative plastic panels to the walls in the bathroom you can just stick with water resistant adhesive. While experts believe this method of installation is not the most reliable, for temporary repairs, he fits best.

Flooring has not come up with anything more economical than linoleum. Moreover, in the case of the tinker is also the most comfortable material. Linoleum width varies, so make measuring a room, you can bring out of the store finished pieces in the size of the floor area, and only some parts cut out for the eyes. Nailed or glued linoleum do not need a couple of years and so it will last.

The third step: the details

Significant cost for the repair, usually the interior doors. In the case of temporary repairs, depending on the amount that you have, you can take time off from the door at all, or to insert the cheapest - laminated, and only where it is really needed - for example, at the entrance to the toilet and bathroom.

Sockets, switches and ceiling fixtures can be found at low prices. The same goes for plumbing.

Furniture for a new apartment, if you have nothing to transport from the old residence, you can always buy with it, or at a relatively low price in supermarkets such as IKEA.

For the first time is enough for the minimum set of furniture. More useful in the kitchen dresser to replace the boxes to store utensils and cutting table, stools and a table for a meal, shelf for storing dishes and a couple of hanging shelves for equipment such as a microwave oven. In the living room, depending on the number of tenants, you can buy a sofa, cot or air mattress, which will be useful later for the guests. Modern TVs easily attach to the wall itself. In the absence of a large spacious wardrobe clothing can be stored on a floor rack, like those used in shops.

Not to drill the wall and hang the curtains for cheap curtains, best used in rooms curtain rods, which are made for bathroom curtains. As you know, they are set apart and thrust in between walls. In the same way they are easily fit into the window opening and hang them cheap textile curtains.

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