How to make an apartment safer using smart gadgets

11.01.2018 01:00
Articles about the construction | How to make an apartment safer using smart gadgets At home, you want to feel safe and comfortable, but nobody is immune from troubles and extraordinary incidents. In this case, come to the aid of modern gadgets for the house. Experts told about the most popular devices for the house, which will protect both the property and the life of the household.  Protection against robbers

The security of the house begins with the entrance door. But even a reliable door frame, linens, hinges and locks do not guarantee safety. In this case, photo-confirmation technology can help. The basic set includes equipment that protects against penetration and attacks: control panel, door opening sensor and motion sensors.

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What does photo confirmation mean? First of all, the system reduces the number of false alarms.

Often the cause of false positives is the non-observance of the rules for using the security system: a window left unclosed, an incorrectly entered home security code or other errors.

During an alarm, the monitoring station operator will receive frames from motion sensors with photo confirmation, with which he can see the intruder or alarm source and react correctly to the signal.

Arriving on alarm, the rapid response team may not see that there are outsiders in the protected room. Thanks to the images from the motion sensor, the operator of the monitoring station can orient the rapid reaction group, for example, if he sees people with flashlights and masks in the photo. The crew will not leave the facility until the owners of the house and police arrive, even if it looks outside that nothing suspicious is happening inside.

In urban apartments, traffic sensors are most often used to save electricity and, of course, for comfort - do not need to do unnecessary movements and press the switch. They are placed in those rooms where we most often forget to turn off the lights - in the hallways, corridors and bathrooms. According to experts, thanks to the sensors it is possible to reduce electricity consumption by 50-80%.

However, they can send a signal to the owner of the house in his absence that some activity has begun in the house. In particular, motion sensors can be connected to popular instant messengers like WhatsApp, where the alert will come.

In addition, smart homes are equipped with IP video cameras that in online mode broadcast video or make video recording of events: motion or sound in the surveillance zone. At the same time, you do not need to spend time viewing the many hours of recording from the camera. After watching a short video report about the events, you can find out what and at what time was happening indoors.

Fire protection

In case of fire, the main thing is to notify all household members in time, so that they manage to get out on time, as well as call special services for prompt elimination of fire. This will help the thermal fire sensor, which responds to a sudden increase in air temperature.

It can also be integrated into the security system. In this situation, an alarm signal and a series of photographs will be sent to the monitoring station and to the mobile application of the owner of the house. And the photo of smoke can be done even in the dark, determining the first signs of a fire. Noticing the smoke from the smoke detectors, the operator of the monitoring station will immediately send the firemen to the place of emergency.

The system is managed via a mobile application. That is, check the status, put the house on guard or ask for a photo, while away from home.

The sensors protect the owners of the house or apartment from smoke, and the security system, in accordance with the programmed scenarios, disconnects the electrical appliances, includes a fire alarm, wakes up all those who are in the house, alerts the fire emergency services.

Smart Sockets

Everyone knows about the need to turn off electrical appliances before leaving the house, but from time to time we forget about it. However, now there are gadgets that help to do this remotely. So, with the help of smart outlets you turn off the light or the forgotten iron right from the workplace or from the dacha.

In addition, smart sockets allow creating a presence effect in the house: they turn on and off the light and even music. This allows you to create additional protection against theft.

Flood Protection

To protect their home and apartment neighbors from the flood, it is possible to install a water leak detector on the pipes.

In general, the leak detector is a very convenient thing - you do not have to worry about flooding your neighbors when you go on holiday or on a summer residence. If a leak is detected, the valves will simply block the pipes.

There is also a useful device, which when you accumulate water on the floor will begin to sound an alarm. It is placed under the bathroom or sink. The notification of water leakage comes to the owners on the smartphone, after which they can call the service house operation with a request to block the riser.

Climate control

The maintenance of the comfort temperature in the house is handled by the battery management modules and air conditioner control units. You can manage these devices manually, for example, set a comfortable temperature, which will save on the communal.

Also you can customize the various scenarios of climate regulation in the house, for example, by geolocation: the smart house will automatically turn on the heating itself when you drive up to the house.

In addition to heating, you can automate all the lighting in the house.
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