How to choose a water heater?

11.05.2013 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to choose a water heater? If during seasonal or unexpected power-off of hot water you no longer smile at the prospect of messing with pots or asking to visit friends, it is time to think about buying a water heater. `
But for the beginning it is necessary to calculate their "power" - ranging from the size of the apartment and finishing future bills for electricity.

Gas or electricity?

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First of all, water heaters are divided into gas and electric. According to the functionality they do not differ, however, require different conditions for installation and have small differences in operation.

Another important characteristic: the principle of operation: the device can be cumulative and flowing. The design of accumulative water heater or boiler, tank that is filled with cold water and heated with electric heating elements or gas burner. Instantaneous water heaters allow you to get hot water instantly, simply open the faucet.

Model of a flow-type are compact and do not require regular maintenance, however, consume much more energy than cumulative. However, the water heater volume of several hundred liters not fit for each apartment. Besides, wait until the water warms, you have a long time.

However, they differ in the economy and, as a rule, have a useful additional functions: from antibacterial water treatment to programming time and temperature settings.

Also boilers are pressure and non-pressure. Most devices are available on the market, refers to the pressure category. Such models do not require special accessories and are intended for hot water supply of the whole apartment.

Free-flow water heaters can only work with special fixtures, and, accordingly, are intended for reception of the soul.

Hope its capabilities

When choosing a water heater it is necessary to focus on the individual features of the apartment: depending on the age and layout of the house, they can be different.

The first is to estimate the power outlet. Modern homes, typically connected to three-phase wiring - this is evidenced, in particular, the installation of an electric plate. In this case, you can choose almost any electric heater, and to the gas devices look not worth it.

Accumulative or flow model depends on the needs of the family and the number of people living in the apartment. If in the house more than three or hot water are often long, you definitely need an accumulative device.

Gas stove in the kitchen says that the house is, first of all, connected to the gas supply, and, secondly, to single-phase mains, has little power. In this case, we should find out in a local gas service, whether in the planning of the house individual flues or common collector-chimney. If Yes, it definitely should buy gas instantaneous water heater (column).

Owners of gas columns must annually washed and cleaned burner and filters, remove scum and grime from heat exchangers, and check the tightness of the water sites.

Also, when choosing the instrument should focus on the size of the bathroom. Storage water heaters require some free space, flow same models are compact.

However, and among accumulative water heaters are "narrow" model, as well as the device, providing for installation in unusual places - for example, in a horizontal position under the ceiling.

Выворачиваем pockets

Currently on the market a wide range of water heaters in different price categories. Cheapest device - pressure free flow model with shower nozzles, which are only suitable for holiday use.

The price of the devices suitable for hot water supply of the apartment, depends on its capacity, volume, degree of protection, the material of the tank and the availability of additional functions - digital control, programming, purification from bacteria and so on.

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