How to choose a stove for a bath or sauna?

28.01.2012 15:30
Articles about the construction | How to choose a stove for a bath or sauna? If you are going to build or have built a bath or a sauna, we wonder, as a rule, common to all the questions: how to choose the most important element of it - the stove? Prefer an electric or wood? How to determine the optimal model, because each has its advantages? In the winter, according to experts, it is becoming urgent electric furnace heater.

Why electric is better

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Electric and wood stoves, indeed, the most common small-sized versions of the heating bath or sauna. Woodburning suited to fans of traditional Russian bath, in addition, they are suitable where there is no electricity. But in winter, when the installation and construction work is not carried out, it is relevant electric furnaces, as they at least do not need to hold the chimney. In addition, electric release us from the cares in the process of heating - modern electric heater include, and then control the temperature by remote control. Space heating is by means of heating elements and heat stones. In order to "prepare" the pair, complete with electric heater, do not have much time. The last important fact - about purely electric furnaces.

Among other advantages of modern electric furnaces can be called easy installation, security, when properly installed, and good performance characteristics. In some cases, the electrical heater is more practical than traditional wood, and have several advantages because:

- Simple and easy to use, requiring only the connection and clicking;

- You can select single or three-phase voltage, ie 220V or 380V;

- Have a built-in or remote control panels, shorts are excluded;

- There is provided an automatic mode, cycle work, safety shutdown of heating elements;

- Some models are able to maintain the temperature in the steam room without extra energy consumption, accumulating heat;

- Electric furnace can be installed anywhere in the steam room - at the corner of the wall, centered;

- Suitable for electric steam of any size - from 3 to 50 cubic meters or more;

- A gentle heat, low temperature heating elements, a uniform and rapid heating of the premises;

- Electric can be used for private and commercial baths and saunas;

- This is a neat modern design aesthetic.

In comparison,

Wood-burning stove can oppose power following arguments: the traditional oven is not dependent on electricity, heat transfer ability from her earlier, more thermal energy, heating, and, although it has a longer, but the heat storage capacity in the rocks above - without the heat stored in the podtopki room for a long time . At the same wood-burning stoves are more massive and the mass of stones they have more (up to 130 kilograms). With wood-burning stove, you can also heat water for baths and the needs of other uses. The smell and crackle of the wood for many is important.

The main parameters of electric

To determine what kind of stove you need, you need to know:

- The volume of the pair space,

- Nominal voltage,

- Power consumption furnaces,

- Your financial capabilities.

For a start rate the floor area and height of the oven and choose based on the volume: what it is, the more powerful must be your eletrokamenka. Greatly simplified formula is: 1 kilowatt of electricity for 1 cubic meter of room volume doubles. Next, consider energovozmozhnost premises (so as not knocked out traffic jams, no closures), and the available voltage - 220V or 380V.

In addition, the choice of the furnace is necessary to determine their own wishes:

- In appearance,

- The functionality of the remote control (remote or built-in)

- By the presence of exterior cladding (stainless steel oven simply or stainless steel and natural stone)

- Temperature heating furnace stones,

- Warm-up time on the premises.

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Modern electric furnaces for saunas are very diverse in design and compact size. In addition to traditional models, there are furnace corner, attached to the wall bracket, and electric heater, installed in the center of the room.

Comfort and Convenience electric furnace largely determines the control system. One press of a button - and in 40-60 minutes you are enjoying the warmth of your sauna. Modern furnaces are usually equipped with all the control panels that are independently controlled heating of the steam, the achievement of the desired temperature, maintaining it within the prescribed limits for the desired time and then shutdown the system. Agree, no need to constantly run around in a steam room, watching, whether it gets warm enough, but after a bath to control the oven goes off and there would be no fire, significantly improves the quality of rest in the sauna. In addition, the furnace control system protects against unwanted short circuits and the maximum allowable temperature in the steam room.

Coated or not

Facing with natural stone - a very important parameter for elektropechki baths or saunas. Simpler models - usually made of stainless steel - no lining. And her presence not only provides aesthetic appearance. Facing stone (for example, talkohlorit, talkomagnezit, serpentine) takes a direct infrared radiation, heat accumulates, reducing the convective temperature fluctuations in the steam room and create a single thermal background in the room. In addition, natural stone has beneficial effects on the body, soothes, relieves congestion and emotsialnye stress. However, it is important to remember that the price difference between coated and uncoated furnace - about double.

But if the lining may not be the stones that are grist is inside any of the classical oven. In principle, because the stove for baths and saunas and heaters are called - because the focus was initially to heat the steam consisted of boulders and the steam on the hot stones splashed hot water. In modern electric furnaces for saunas continue to use the stones for the same purpose, so the concept of "electric stove" is still relevant.

Faster or hotter

Last, the most important parameter of the furnace - the type of heaters. They are TENovye, tape, or combined.

TENovyh (tubular) heating can heat up to a temperature of 800 ° C. But often the simple TENovye heaters are short-lived: from the high temperatures and become brittle quickly fail. If you choose TENovyh heater, prefer just to expensive stainless alloys that will withstand repeated thermal loads, making the furnace more reliable.

Heater tape will ensure a more rapid attainment of desired temeratury in the steam room, up to 120 ° C. It is economical and environmentally friendly. The temperature at the surface is much lower than that of PETN, so heatertape not "burn through" the air, and his life is higher than that of tubular counterparts.

And there are stoves, heaters and combined TENovye tape. They are expensive, but warm up quickly and bath temperature can catch up very high.

And the last couple of tips that can be given about the electric furnace. Firstly, when buying elektrokamenki requires certificates of conformity for all products, as well as fire safety certificates. Secondly, do not have a separate installation of electric. According to Russian SNiPs for proper operation of the furnace of fire safety and electrical installations must produce electrician who has a tolerance to work with a voltage exceeding 1 kV.
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