How to choose a heater?

02.10.2013 00:45
Articles about the construction | How to choose a heater? The current autumn, напугавшая us severe cold weather in September, dispelled all hope of "Indian summer" and forced utilities to hurry with the beginning of the heating season. For those who still do not have enough heat in the house, and the long winter scares possible dead heating, we'll talk about heaters, which will help to warm your home.
Heater: mobility and low price

One of the most popular and efficient heaters to the apartment is a fan heater. The device is simple and inexpensive. In the body of the fan heater is placed in a metal or ceramic heating element which have a fan. Together they create a flow of hot air, which spread throughout the room.

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One of the undoubted advantages of fan heater is that it works on the principle of "two-in-one": with the heater unit can be used as a normal fan.

Usually the fan heaters have compact dimensions and do not occupy much space. Also they are very mobile and can move from apartment to apartment after master. However, their main function heater copes well: he very quickly heats the air in the room, which is important for those who are absent at home the whole day and in the evening comes in выхоложенное room.

Especially effective heaters with ceramic heating element. Heat dissipation is higher, but the efficiency in energy consumption below.

However, the disadvantages of this type of heaters, too, there are quite significant. First, fan publishes fairly loud noise. Secondly, the heating element burn oxygen. For the same reason heaters may be combustible at non-observance of the safety precautions. It is not recommended for families with children, because children may inadvertently put the fan a thing.

Oil coolers: the effect of the fireplace

Much more for apartments, where children live, suitable oil heater. He is a sealed metal case filled with mineral oil. The oil is heated, followed by housing, and already from the body heats the surrounding air. In the rest of the radiator acts like a regular battery: warm air rises, replaced by cold air, so there is a heat exchange.

Oil coolers no noise, do not burn oxygen, are fireproof and have rather low price for all its advantages. They can be safely left on overnight.

When heavyweight oil cooler remains fairly mobile, as is usually equipped with castors: it can be put from one room to another.

Of the disadvantages of this device is only one significant: the oil radiator requires much more time than, for example, терпловентилятору to warm the air in the room. However, among the modern models there are those that have a fan or special термоотверстиями, to accelerate the process of heating the air.

When buying oil radiator, remember that the more the radiator sections, the better will be its heat output. Therefore, a heat sink with five sections is better to choose the radiator with nine sections: it's warm on the inside is much faster.

Convector heater

In конвекторном heater as a heating element serves a metal pipe. The air passes through a tube, heated and according to the laws of convection rushes up, and in its place comes the cold air.

In the body of the heater special holes through which to the heater gets cold air passes through it, hot and out at the top of the casing of the heater.

Convector heater is usually fastened on a wall or placed in the room on the floor. As oil coolers, he no noise, not burn oxygen and fire safe. However, he allows you to set certain temperature and supports it with high precision.

Infra-red sauna"

A completely different type of heating to use infrared heaters. As becomes clear from their names, they are not using the heating element, and the lamp radiating infrared rays. As a result of such heaters not heat the air and things around them, and those, in turn, transmit heat to the rest.

Using тепловолновых heaters can be heated as large room and separate zone. In addition, they are suitable for outdoor use, which makes them a bargain for summer residents and owners of suburban housing. Infrared heater can be put in the gazebo and make a cozy tea-drinking in the fresh air without the risk of freeze.

Air conditioning against heat and cold

Sometimes residents suffer cool in the house, forgetting the fact that their house is air conditioned. But the saving in summer from the heat climatic technology often is not only capable of cooling the air in the house, but the heat it. Many modern split-systems are equipped with this function.

Therefore, with a shortage of heat again get air conditioning to work. Most importantly, follow two basic rules. First, each of split-system is a threshold, the outside air temperature at which it can operate without a problem. Traditionally, the difference in temperature of the house and on the street should not exceed 8 degrees. Secondly, when using split-system in the mode of heating, hot air flow should be sent down. Warm air on the laws of physics will rise up, and heating will occur uniformly.

The benefits of using the air conditioner are obvious. If the split-systems do not need to buy additional expensive appliances. Air during the operation of split-system warms up quickly, also have the opportunity to maintain constant temperature in automatic mode.

The main disadvantage is inability to use the air conditioning at low temperatures on the street, especially at sub-zero.

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