How to choose a good layout?

09.09.2013 00:30
Articles about the construction | How to choose a good layout? Typical apartment initially offers you a certain way of life. Apartment with open plan give a small room for creativity. But what should you consider when buying a property, to lay-out not complicating life?
The choice of apartments with a plan - not an idle question. It depends on comfort of your life in a new apartment. Now for many buyers of apartments are not only important square meters and the location of the house, but also other characteristics of housing. Vadim Lamin, managing partner of the Agency of the real estate SPENCER ESTATE, notes that the demand for those or other apartments depends on the segment of real estate. So in business class today the most popular are apartments with two bedrooms, kitchen-living room, two bathrooms and a dressing room. The area of this apartment is 120-150 sq. M. In a class «comfort» buyers have less financial capabilities, and, therefore, are ready and settle for less. There are more pragmatic solutions and smaller sizes - up to 80-85 sq.m. In economy class the most marketable commodity are one-room apartments (about 40 sq.m

However, the number of rooms and size not all of the settings that should guide the choice of future housing. Quite often, buyers are guided by personal experience. According to the company «MIEL-Novostroiki», the majority of home buyers in accessible segment have already encountered defects planning in their flats and houses. Maria Litinetskaya, managing Director of the company «Метриум Groups», notes that «most often unsuccessful plan are found in the projects of the economy class, where the main part of consumers is not covered by: the people most of his life lived in apartment houses of the Soviet period the building, where many of the supporting walls and the concept of «change layout» in principle does not exist. It is believed that people become accustomed to such inconveniences, therefore, and so everyone will buy». However, now the market offers a wide range of projects under construction, so the chance to find «the house of your dream» is big enough. But we should choose carefully and wisely. On what is necessary to pay attention?

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Efficiency plan

Specialists say that the greatest value for the buyer is the ratio of the living and common areas. Customer is not ready to overpay for нефункционально used space: too large hallways, dark rooms or closets, in which there is no urgent need, the rooms are of irregular shape». According to the company «GRAS» 90 % of buyers prefer rooms traditional rectangular shape.
Room irregular shape very often make the room uncomfortable. There are a lot of examples, when the rooms are made with a complex configuration, for example, with the emergence of sharp corners inside the room. In these angles almost anything place. The most that can make the owner, is to organize a locker or put ficus. Also the room itself in an apartment can be in the form of the polyhedron with one deep-set window which covers the whole area, and only a small part. Of course, this is not the greatest misfortune. Just such an apartment, requires a special approach, in particular, attracting designer who can skillfully and competently to beat this «feature». However, it entails additional costs.

Proper zoning
In a successful design must be correct zoning. Apartment where this rule is not observed to cause a number of difficulties from the owner. Errors include the linear layout of the apartment with lots of room. In this case there are long, dark corridors, and other poorly инсолируемые space, which it is not clear how to use it.

There are on the market and other examples inconvenient zoning. For example, in «odnushke» bathroom is located virtually in the middle of the flats and shares a kitchen and a living room. Due to the specific placement of sanitary riser, in the future buyer will not be able to optionally combine the room. In addition to this apartment again and increased the area of the corridor.

Height of ceilings

For the modern buyer pays attention to everything, including the height of the ceilings. In addition, experts notice, that people are well aware of how much space «eat» communication, air ducts, air, suspended ceilings, levelling of floors and easily calculate the final height of the ceilings of the apartments. Minimum acceptable height in the fine finishing now - 2.8 m, the smaller is very difficult to find a buyer.


The question of natural lighting is also important. First, it is important number of Windows. Secondly, priority is given to large. In addition, it is preferable that the Windows were on different sides of the world and allowed to ventilate the room.

Vadim Lamin pays attention to that problem insolation relevant to the apartments of elite segment, particularly old projects. At the area of 200 sq. m have the apartment has three window - sized bullying. It is the first monolithic projects presented us with «deep», similar to the car, apartment with a minimum illumination.


Gradually the buyer learns to pay attention to the number and size of the bathrooms. According to «GRACE», 68 % of customers want to have two bathrooms in the apartment, the area of one of them, ideally should be no less than 6 square meters of Many consider it necessary to have toilets near bedrooms. As a rule, these requirements have buyers sufficiently large apartments. Image: How to choose a good layout of the Owners of one - and two-bedroom apartments are quite satisfied with one bathroom and toilet, so, for them, a great role plays living space: the opportunity to highlight another room more important for them to arrange an additional bathrooms.

The presence of a balcony

According to experts, balcony important for a country house and in city apartments, located in ecologically safe areas. The room with balcony should depend in the yard, square or Park. And the survey company «GRAS» has shown, many customers believe loggia disadvantage of the layout of the apartment. The fact is that big loggia «steal» part of the light in the room. Accept only agree with loggias overlooking the kitchen.

Building density

It would seem building density and layout of the apartment to be different things. However, the construction of houses on the principle of «window» can be attributed to the planning sins. Live in the palm of the neighbor is hardly someone will like it, but this is the trouble is the main for construction of residential projects in the centre of the capital.

So, the basic parameters, which are necessary to a successful design. Undoubtedly, many people dream and a spacious kitchen, and a private dressing room and panoramic Windows, but it depends on your financial opportunities. Large living space gives opportunity to realize all your plans, much more important initially to consider the layout of the small apartments of economy-class.

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