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Articles about the construction | How to choose a good frame How to choose a good pre-market times srubV wooden house hand-cutting was considered virtually permanent. Obviously, because the other options "private trader" is not offered. And now the lot of wealthy aesthetes who can afford expensive toys - chopped "tower", authentic wooden mansion. Is a hut-classical pyatistenku play the role of a second home near her house.
Remarkable features of this building material like wood in detail in booklets of construction companies: a tree - and a natural air conditioner, which provides exceptionally comfortable living environment, and one mediator between man and nature ... A special category of myths - stories of the winter forest, with which we dealt with in a previous publication , and various carpentry secrets passed down from generation to generation. Some truth in all this, of course, there is, but still more advertising. And if a potential landlord unconditionally believed legend, he may be doomed to disappointment: the problems in a wooden house not less than beautiful myths. Indeed, in the same basis as the monuments of wooden architecture in northern Russia - not only people's secrets, but also long-term improvement of technologies, study the properties of materials and precise engineering calculations (after all, seen in the monasteries of highly educated people). In the current generation of designers, builders and woodworkers also have secrets. But not the ones that are passed down from father to son, and those that are five years of study in high schools, and then grasp in practice, including our own mistakes.
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Log house - it is almost a living creature. It must not only build, and carefully nurtured and cared for him like a whimsical dog rare breed.

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Wooden cottage that is available
Carcass from the roughly hewn logs, fresh-smelling pine, still can be purchased at any suburban Stroybaza. He was brought and they will gather at the site of the customer for a similar fee. Pyatistenok six by six meters from the rafters and the removal of a porch now cost little more than a hundred thousand rubles. Even a decent quality "karkasnik" will markedly more expensive. Then start the nuances.

First, the apparent benefit of the procedure podedyat exterior and interior construction and finishing work. After all, those who have already started construction, it is known that the wall - just a small part of the construction budget. It consists of all windows, doors, materials for walls and cladding, engineered systems, wiring accessories and other small things in large numbers. Log walls require better hardware: because you certainly do not want to "decorate" the white facades of these metal-frame, and interiors - democratic laminate "wood".

Second, the standard "transport" the length of the domestic sawlogs - six meters. But the holiday classic version of the "six for six" plus a three-meter removal - by today's standards it is a small house. When it comes to project a little more complex, providing for the dimensions that are not multiples of three, complex configurations of the roof, bay windows and indirect angles, the benefit at all dissipated like smoke. Log house will require high skills from both the designers and workers from the construction site. And for this it is necessary to pay the higher rate.

Third, while your log cabin with a crackling and settles nezashitymi window openings, neighbors have long finished trim frame cottages and live there happily ever after. Active contraction of the carcass of "live" wood lasts for about two years and an average of 5%. That's a lot: at a standard height of two and a half meters you can lose twelve inches. But the problem still is that this shrinkage is not uniform, are not amenable to prediction and mathematical calculations. It depends on the minor factors, but they are a great many: a place of growth of the tree felling and time (even at different times of day moisture content can vary greatly), quality of materials processing, the profile of the sample timber (that is, in fact, "writing," Carpenter) , the location of houses on either side of the world, the prevailing wind direction ... No, Feng Shui is absolutely not the case when: just south facade can be fried by the sun, and the north - is always in the shade, in wet conditions.

During the first three years of log walls should be several times the caulk. Consequently, during this period is not desirable to sheathe them, neither outside nor inside. But two years later, the process of shrinkage may be far from complete: that one corner of the "podraskrylsya", the other led. In case of incorrect or hasty installation of windows, doors and walls, the beams can "hang" or crush them. In addition, if the walls "walk", then the roof goes on here, too, may differ seams and joints. It turns out that the neighbor's house has long been sparkling with all the colors and textures of the roofing materials directory, and your cabin has upheld a temporary roof of the roofing material.

Finally, whatever may be said about the remarkable thermal properties of the log houses, because of the above features, the mobility of the walls, they hold the heat much worse than the same karkasnikov. In any case, technology energopassivnogo housing and home hand-cutting - the things that are hardly compatible. Moreover, from the standpoint of modern European requirements for energy and resource conservation, log hut, and even with the oven heating - on the verge of criminal negligence! And if you bring in Finland with our Stroybaza frame, then no additional warming of such a house would not take into service.

In St. Petersburg there are some definitely respected construction companies, specializing in both the industrial production of wooden houses, and the hand-cutting. They have a long history, and even sent for export, but do not most democratic private houses, as well as of commercial operation: restaurants and facilities for tourism. In a large segment of this market-by-night companies and "migratory crews," are not ready to answer for their performance exceeds all reasonable limits. Meanwhile, a wooden house hand-cutting demands that builders are not just handed it to the client, but at least two or three years, watched him carefully: wood sometimes behave unpredictably.

Indispensable second home
So, log house - this is the day before yesterday? Not at all. However, the construction of democratic kottezhda for permanent residence, really makes sense to consider less dependent on human factors technology. House hand-cutting - is primarily a bath, a guest house or cottage in the protected corner, in a dull old village, where just not made to build differently. It is an indispensable second home, where rest body and soul. To do this, it usually build. And a cottage - an exclusive and expensive work. It would cost more than the structure of the calibrated timber, but still a bit cheaper than the same houses from glued beams.

However, modern home hand-cutting must be the real work of art - even a little, but always spectacular. The architectural style may be different from alpine chalets with a massive stone base and wide eaves of the roof to the north of modern air and brutal buildings with rows of tiny windows - as in the Russian North.
The word "handmade" does not mean the sound of axes, two-handed saws screech and chatter Vologda carpenters at the site (without electricity and gasoline-powered tools in the modern construction can not do), and a thorough manual processing and adjustment of all wooden components log in accordance with design specifications and plans .

Most often in such a construction is used spruce and pine, which, however, is different. The most democratic way, and material for the construction of log homes or cottages in our area - pine, which grows in the Pskov, Novgorod and Leningrad regions. In the north, the latitude of Archangel and Lapland, pine grows slowly, has a dense wood with lots of resin, and it is smaller than ours, is affected by fungi and insects. Standing dead pine, exclusive material that is used exclusively for hand-cutting, comes to our shores primarily from the Kola Peninsula. Listed in the Red Book of the Siberian cedar, or rather cedar pine - also a material that belongs to the category of "elite": it is permitted to harvest piece, while sanitary logging. The best material for the construction of a bath - aspen. A small frame of the massive aspen logs will cost no more than usual, pine.

On the taste of a decent society is not made to argue, one would prefer a functional and practical wardrobe, the other - an old chest of drawers with carving. Representatives of the narrow circle of admirers of wooden architecture are not deterred by either shrinkage of dislocation or fracture which is sometimes easy to hand (they are inevitable in this case). "Most potential customer turns the idea to build a cottage manual felling, after sitting in the spectacular interior of the restaurant or on a wooden soul rested in a stylized hunting lodge in the wilderness, - the head of a construction company specializing in handmade cabin homes - but this is not always our client. We are trying to convince him in favor of other solutions, such as laminated veneer lumber. If the customer does not know all the details and intricacies of construction, and consumer properties of minced house, his frustration, and hence the claim to the builders, will be inevitable. Today there is only one argument in favor of hand-cutting: it is very like it. "

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