How to choose a floor covering

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Articles about the construction | How to choose a floor covering The market today is replete with floor coverings of all types, classes and vendors. Finding your way in this variety is rather difficult, as aesthetic "appearance" in this case - is not the first criterion by which is determined with the purchase. There are several rules for choosing coverage for a particular space, as well as a fairly universal classification, having become acquainted with that, you'll know exactly what to look for, getting the floors in an apartment or house.

All nicely, but what is appropriate?

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The most common floor covering in apartments Ukrainians linoleum, parquet and laminate - differ in appearance, but they all can be assessed in a 'coordinate system, first and foremost - to the degree of mechanical load. This is quite an official term, armed with which you can better understand what coverage you want for your room / kitchen / nursery, and building materials store employee explain what you need at the moment. The mechanical load may be weak (low), moderate (middle), large (high) and very significant. The second key characteristic of the flooring is the impact of liquid on the floor: small, medium and large.

In accordance with the foregoing, the first thing to do, picking up the floor - to define a class room on the type and intensity of the load on its floors, and if there is knowledge and the ability to:

? Type and Density
· Specific acoustic requirements
· Requirements for electrical resistance
· Requirements for stability in sliding
· Interaction with chemical agents and agents that form spots
• Physical properties (eg resistance to piercing the cargo).

At the same time need to understand: the more wear-resistant coating will be more expensive, so the choice needs to be done, taking into account both economic and operational necessity.

About Security

Guarantee safety and quality of coverage is a certificate. In Russia, the requirements for safety and quality of coverage rather stringent, this also applies to fire, and sanitation characteristics. Each product is presented in the domestic market, produced in Russia or imported from abroad, should have four identities: sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (BMS), fire safety certificates, certificates of compliance and environmental certificate. If you want to be sure of the purchased material - ask sellers to provide these certificates.

Read labels

In Ukraine, the widely used classification of pan-European (EN65) floor coverings, according to which each class of building materials meets the icon-an icon displayed on the labels of building materials. Knowing what these icons, you correctly identify which room is recommended to lay labeled one way or another badge cover.

According to the classification EN65, types of premises are divided into residential, office and industrial. Each of them has its own icon and figure: coverage, which can be used in a residential area is indicated by "house" and the numeral 2, for office buildings suitable cover under the number 3, in the factories and mills are used to cover the figure 4 (indicated by the "factory "). The next division in this classification - the intensity of the impact on the floor, within each type of premises it is low, medium, high and very high. Intensity of exposure is also denoted by numbers and "creatures": one, two, three and four - more than the little people, the more intense stress resistant coating.

As a result, a combination of numbers and icons indicating the type of premises and intensity of exposure to the floor, gives a total class of surfaces: if the label contains the numbers 21, 22 and 23. means the coating is designed for residential, 31 32.33 and 34 - for office, 41.42 and 43 - for production.

Examples of areas with different classes of coating

21 - bedroom in the apartment, room, closet
22 - living in the apartment, where they live 1-2 people, children with a child under 1 year or quiet older children
23 - hall, kitchen in the apartment where he lives 1-2 people, children with active children
31 - a kitchen, a hallway in the apartment, where they live 3 or more people, a room in a hotel, offices without a constant stream of visitors
32 - banquet halls, meeting rooms, reception
33 - the corridors and classrooms of educational institutions, halls of public buildings
34 - corridors in hotels and business centers, airport halls, trade halls supermarkets
41 - Build and repair shops, aircraft cabin
42 - warehouses, used technique
43 - large warehouses, manufacturing plants

In other words, if you are looking for a floor covering in a child that you have chosen - laminate flooring, carpet and so on - are looking for coverage of icons 21, "House" and a little man on the label.

Turn on the particular. Parquet board

Parquet - one of the most fastidious of floor coverings. With such a choice is important to provide high-quality and ground under the flooring when installing, and mastery of the stacker, and indoor climate - both during installation and during ongoing operations.

In residential areas, tend to use SSB and the three-band floorboard. Its value in the Russian market today is from 1.2 to 3.5 rubles per square meter, and installation - from 300 rubles per square meter.

The ground under the floorboard must be smooth, firm, dry and clean. In this case, to deliver himself flooring in the room should be, after having completed all previous stages of repair associated with the release of excess moisture (Fill the base, plaster and painting walls, tiling, etc.). Before laying the flooring should be packed to withstand the room for 2-3 days. You can open the package just before laying, as unpacked flooring is rapidly losing the consumer properties and comes into disrepair.

When installing wood flooring on concrete base must use plastic wrap to protect from moisture, located at the bottom. As the noise reduction need to use different substrates, including the cork or foamed polyethylene.

To really parquet decorated your home and looked respectable on the premises is necessary to maintain a special microclimate: the relative humidity should be 30-60%, temperature - 18-22 degrees. Is especially important to maintain moisture levels in winter when the air in homes is becoming too dry. In this room flooring quickly split and lose form. Equal and opposite: if for any reason in your home humidity, stop your choice on any other surfaces, but not on the floor.

When operating the parquet must be mandatory, depending on the load, use special tools - pastes and varnishes. Their regular use protects, restores and significantly prolongs the life of flooring in general.


This durable laminated flooring, consisting of processed products of wood, impregnated paper layers and top wear-resistant coating.

When choosing a laminate to pay attention to the class of operation, resistance to abrasion and moisture, ease of installation, aesthetic properties and, of course, cost. Otherwise, you're not limited by anything except your imagination.

Service class shows how long coverage will last before it starts to creak, and on its surface will appear scratches and bald spots. "

There are two groups of laminate designed for use at home and in areas with high cross-country (in offices, hotels, public places and so on). "Home" cover by the fragility of life (from one year to five years, 21 th, 22 th and 23 th grade) in our country are not accustomed. On sale they are rare and rich palette is different. For use in areas with high cross is a laminate 31, 32 th and 33 th grade. In the intensive exploitation of such floors are "working" normally 2-5 years, at home much longer, which explains their increasing popularity. Optimal choice for a city apartment will meet 32-th class: when a small difference in the value they 1,5-2 times more durable than floor 31, first class and at home can last 20-25 years. Laminate 33rd class at home will withstand 25 - 30-year and longer operation.

Equally important issue - the stability of flooring to moisture. Stories about how to laminate "vspuchilsya" due to accidental spills of water are greatly exaggerated and can be explained by the fact that in the 1990's in Russia is often supplied the laminate 21, the 23rd class, which sometimes do not withstand contact with water. But today they are practically not used. Of course, in the event of an accident sex, will likely have to change, not just laminated, but any other, except that tiled. But a pool is unlikely to cause damage to a modern high-quality finish. Good laminate surface protects a special layer that protects against mechanical damage, exposure to high temperatures (eg, cigarettes), water and organic solvents.

Uniquely vulnerable to water is a place of connection straps. In order to reliably defend it, manufacturers use a special wax-impregnated. The composition is applied to lock in long and short sides of the strips during the manufacturing process. Such a coating can withstand without noticeable impact contact with water for several hours.

Ease of installation - this is another important point to keep in mind when choosing coverage. Practice shows that the main difficulties for inexperienced handlers occur when connecting rods and rows between them. The determining factor here is the construction of the castle. Some interlocking connections require a very small elevation angle bracket, which facilitates the laying of hard to reach areas (under the door, heat sink). In this fixation does not require effort or special tools. Facilitates the connection strips and stamped on lock wax impregnation.

When considering all the nuances that we talked about above, then laminate almost any color and texture can be found in price categories - from 0,4 to 1,2 thousand rubles per square meter. Of course, higher price increases innovativeness of the product, quality and value for consumers.

Vinyl (PVC coverings, linoleum)

Linoleum - the most democratic and diverse shades of floor coverings. According to studies, consumers are choosing linoleum because obshirynh capabilities in design, durability and ease of installation. However, the main criterion for its correct choice - compliance with technical and operational characteristics and intensity of use of premises.

There are two main types of linoleum: homogenous - single layer, and heterogeneous - multilayer. Among the latter are distinguished household coverage (0,1-0,4 mm), semi-commercial (0,4-0,6 mm) and business (more than 0.6 millimeter). Also, the PVC coating are divided according to the world classification, depending on the thickness of the transparency of "working" layer of pure PVC. It is this substance protects the image from wear: what it is thicker, the longer it will last coating. Qualitative transparency should be transparent, colorless and homogeneous.

Previously there were only two classes of linoleum: home (with transparent heterogeneous 0.1 - 0.4 mm) and commercial (heterogeneous with more than 0,6 mm transparent and homogeneous). Commercial vinyl was too expensive and complicated for simple installation in the customer - it can not simply roll and squeeze the skirting. In addition, the office linoleum were too primitive in design. Household as vinyl, rich color decisions, it is not suitable for public spaces, because it was designed for high loads. In response to the need for a light, beautiful wear-resistant coating, a new class of products - semi-commercial linoleum (heterogeneous with transparency 0.4 -0.6 mm). Linoleum in this class offer improved durability, variety of colors and ease of installation. It is semi-commercial vinyl is now the fastest growing segment of flexible floor coverings in Russia.

The average cost of linoleum today is 180 - 450 rubles per square meter. The final price of the product will determine the amount used in its production technology.

Good vinyl contains:

Additional protective layer (glaze applied on the factory) provides protection against penetration of dirt coating inside and easier cleaning. As a consequence - to care enough ordinary soap and water.

Chemical inhibition of - one of the ways to create a surface topography of the coating. If you are printing in the paint to add a special substance, restraining foam (inhibitor), the foaming will occur not on the entire surface. It gives relief coverage, which it looks more natural.

Mechanical embossing - the so-called second generation in the creation of surface relief. Entire surface of the blade is forced vinyl special shaft, inscribed with the engraving of different depths. The main drawback of this technology - the uniformity of the relief, which is "not tied" to the picture surface. However, the advantage - a more natural appearance of the coating.

Antibacterial layer - a special layer that contains silver. Upon contact with moisture in the air, this layer identifies the positively charged silver ions, which prevent the growth of bacteria on the coating surface. Technology combinations in one brilliant design and matte surface gives an attractive appearance.

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