How to build a small apartment

22.04.2014 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to build a small apartment To stay in a small area pleasure, required competent planning and design decisions.
Very often a small area gives the owners a lot of inconvenience , especially if existing square meters has a large number of people with different interests and habits. " RBC Real Estate " has found out what design techniques help to visually expand the space and make it cozy.

1. Proper zoning

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The main problem in creating the interior of a small apartment - is the abundance of walls, corridors and other tight spaces . Head of the studio " Cozy apartment " Natalia Transfiguration proposes to create a small , but the total space for the kitchen and dining area and a sleeping area selected using the podium or partitions .

" Try conventionally delimit the space into different functional areas , using furniture and decor elements " - advises designer architectural bureau "Victory design " Ekaterina Zakharova .

2 . Small details

Interior must also be proportionate to the floor area . The smaller it is , the more compact is to be furnished . Even a large closet or a sofa in a small room will create a sense of closeness . Therefore, for a small area is best suited small , but stylish interior. Glass , chrome , polished , mirror-like surfaces have good reflective ability , and thus will improve the spatial perception of small spaces. Studios is best to decorate with fresh flowers in pots , small paintings and soft tissue.

3 . Blinds

If the view from the windows is very attractive , it is to abandon long heavy curtains in favor of Roman or roll , says Natalia Transfiguration . Room will look much brighter and filled with air , and the space outside the window, opening the view , is the perfect extension of your interior.

4 . Uniform style

" When making a small apartment can not be mixed styles , because in a small space, all errors and omissions are visible immediately . Do not zone bathrooms in the Art Deco style , and country-style rooms ," - said Natalia Legotina decorator . It suggests a single style interior.

5 . Small lamps

Instead of imposing a graceful chandeliers better to choose light sconces with shades or spotlights. This technique will help scatter light , making it more local , soft, and therefore make the interior a small space more cozy.

6. Bright shades

Natalia Transfiguration believes that small apartment is better to use monochromatic light pastel shades . This is especially true clearance floor. Light colors help to achieve the effect of the expansion of space . However, neglect bright and vivid colors is not worth it , as well as dark shades - they will add dynamics and depth of the room .

7. Get rid of bulky items

Perhaps the most important " eaters " space can be called bulky cabinets and lockers . Therefore, the storage system better disguise in the hallway behind sliding panels or under the stairs and in the bedroom use pretty containers and boxes.

8. No variegation

Cost and refuse from a lot of different decorative elements in favor of more stylish bright objects. So look to relax and not get tired of diversity and the diversity. Well here is a law : "Better one big thing than the three small " .

9. High ceiling

Read also Depositphotos / racorn Interior Design : 14 latest trends 2014. Depositphotos / olgasweet Popular colors for interior decoration apartment If the ceiling seem higher, and the room becomes more spacious and filled with air . " To visually raise the ceiling , make it at least lighter tone walls, - says Natalia Transfiguration . - If you want to decorate a room curtains , hang curtains to the ceiling - it's also visually make it a little higher."

To increase the height of the ceiling is better to use vertical elements of decoration and furniture to pull up the composition (eg , a system of shelves ) , adds Ekaterina Zakharova . Better not trace the ceiling cornice in a contrasting color .

Help visually enlarge the ceiling lights with light upward . At night, they illuminate the ceiling, and it will look up .

10 . Precise geometry

To make better use of the small space transformable furniture or various mobile multifunctional storage system. For example, in the Scandinavian style interior will look great art objects made ​​of wood ( both light and painted black ) . It can be graceful forms or strict geometry , industrial style or architectural details. Remember that accessories and give individuality to the interior.
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