Do skіlki Mauger obіytisya repair novobudovі?

22.12.2013 00:30
Articles about the construction | How much can do repairs in new? Renovated apartment in a new building is almost mandatory and, importantly, very costly for the owner. Without a more or less acceptable conditions live in an apartment, only recently left the builders, is not possible. Immediately it should be made ​​clear that the costs of the repairs are considerable , even with minimalist taste preferences and newcomer An opportunity to save on the level of quality construction materials used and the level of quality of the works themselves . The correct approach to the costing can reduce the cost of repairs in the building, but most of the cost to avoid not work.

Thus, a partial view of the cost of future repairs can be obtained even in the time of the contract with the builder . It is about the design documentation , which states using what technology built building.

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If this panel house , then in such buildings apartments are , as a rule, for finishing. This means that all the preparations , draft work at the time of transfer of the apartments will have already been made - the walls and floor are aligned , and for settlement , in principle, sufficient to perform only "cosmetic " repairs. The cost of such repair (without specific claims ) will be from 150 UAH . per square meter , together with the materials .

If the purchased apartment in the house , erected on cast-frame technology , the owner of a new home in time for an apartment should be ready to see the next . New apartment will be a bare wall - is bearing exterior walls ( without which the house simply could not exist ) . Will summarize the necessary utilities - water, sanitation , electricity ( gas ) heating and wiring without these communications. It will also put windows and standard door . Everything else , from interior partitions and finishing wiring electrical wires have to hold their own . The average cost of repairs, which can make such an apartment suitable for living, starts from 200 UAH . per square meter ( with materials) .

Harmonization of redevelopment for repair

Himself repair begins with a discussion of planning in project documentation prepared and agreed by the developer before the start of construction work. If the new landlord is satisfied with everything recorded there - the location of interior walls, wiring electrical points and stuff, then just follow the project and finish the rough repair.

About redevelopment apartments

However, most often the case that the owner wants to build the interior space according to your taste , and this must be agreed and make redevelopment project , which also is not cheap. If you do not issue such documents from the outset , the consequences can be very unpleasant - as a minimum penalty , and possibly the need for its own account in the plan to return the " original state ."

Cost items for repair apartments in new buildings

Repairs - the concept is quite extensive, and its embodiments , there are many - for every taste and purse. Nevertheless , there are basic , common items of expenditure :

Development of design documentation ( design project, work projects, budget) ;
Obtaining permits ;
The cost of materials for the " rough " finish (brick, plaster mixes , consumables) ;
The cost of materials for " finishing " finishes ( putty mixtures , plasterboard systems, suspended ceilings , tile, wallpaper , lamps, consumables) ;
Cost of the roughing and finishing works;
The cost of electrical work ;
The cost of installing additional equipment ( built- in appliances , air conditioning systems , fireplaces, etc.) .

With maximum accuracy to calculate the total price of the repair , you must carefully analyze each of these items of expenditure. It is time to determine - where there should be a tile , what kind of ceilings are most preferred , what wallpaper apartment owner wants to see . In fact, created a design project , which is then broken down into components already - need permits, the cost of certain types of work and the cost of materials for their implementation.

Repair Cost in today's market

In the price lists of companies operating in the market of repair and construction services is usually quite accurately reflects the cost of the work for each item. However, more often called the client indicative price per square meter of housing repair , for the end user , this approach is simpler and more readable .

The price per square meter includes all the basic work , such additional tags can be divided into several categories - has a separate price for the repair of "from scratch" that is just perfect for apartments in new buildings , there is a reference price for " cosmetic " repairs (in this case assumed that the " rough " types of work already completed) .

This , as has been said , the estimated cost , which should be a guide for the consumer , speaking about the qualifications of masters , who will work with your apartment . So, on the Kiev market value " budget " repair is from 100 to 150 USD. per square meter. Such amount assumes a qualitative " cosmetic " repairs , excluding the cost of materials .

Considering the prices below the specified range, it is worth considering that the economy is usually achieved by frame : invited masters may have low skills in work or do not have such at all. Sufficiently high level of quality of repair can provide companies claiming price of 200 UAH . per square meter.

On the other hand, it is really "make" up to 20-30 % savings on payment of repairs, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge to work control and enough free time. In this case, the landlord is not necessary to use the services of companies providing comprehensive services - enough to attract craftsmen working individually.

Tags such masters much lower. However, in this case it is recommended to be present in the apartment at the time of work and be able to negotiate with the workers on a phased payment. The fact that the master work by themselves , is not indicative of low-skilled , on the contrary , if the master is able to secure permanent employment , it says demand for his skills (especially given the large role of " word of mouth " in this field ), and this price its services below , since there are no intermediaries .

That does not include the announced price

As practice shows repairs , price " per square meter " include the cost of all work required for the full repair. However, they do not include the following charges ;

Drawing up a design project , work projects ;
Obtaining permits ;
Delivery of building materials ;
The cost of building materials ;
Garbage disposal .

Of course, respecting the construction and repair company is able to provide customers with everything necessary , including to provide these services . However, it is discussed individually , depending on the need of such services , and the parameters of their provision (difficulty redevelopment, conceived by the customer , at a considerable distance delivery of materials ) .

The cost of building materials

One of the main items of expenditure - is the cost of acquisition of building materials. Companies that provide repair services , have the ability to provide its customers with certain discounts , but can provide a similar service and master lone employee .

In order to calculate the estimated cost of the item , it is enough to base the cost of the work . There is a pattern - the cost of the work is approximately equal to the average market value of the materials used . However , this is true only for the "average " positions - if you do not use expensive or exclusive wallpaper tiles, original decorative plaster and paint delivered from abroad , etc.


So, the least troublesome , but the most expensive way to repair is to attract companies that provide complex works together with all additional or related services . Somewhat more economical way to represent the organization on their own repair - find skilled craftsmen , timely procurement and delivery of material.

This approach will save between 30 % of the funds needed to pay, and can be confident in the quality of performance of intermediate ( hidden ) work - it depends on how long the exterior finish will remain spotless.

Alternatively, you can consider the proposals from developers - some of them offer to take the apartment is finished with trim. This will provide some savings , but this approach repairs will be carried out accordingly taste ( and interests ) the builder and not the landlord .
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