Halloween: how to quickly and correctly to decorate the house?

31.10.2015 00:30
Articles about the construction | Halloween: how to quickly and correctly to decorate the house? Popular in the western world holiday masquerade Halloween (October 31), of course, Ukraine is celebrated not so big. But we have a lot of his fans, who advance to prepare for it. In America, Europe, Australia, Canada, Halloween is accepted not only by dressing up, but so decorating the house. And we'll tell you what you need to create the right festive interior.

The main symbol of the holiday - a pumpkin carved with her grimace, it - jack-o'-lantern. According to legend, Jack - the former village blacksmith, Satan deceived, but the death is not got no hell, no heaven, and sent to wander with a lamp in his hand. It is believed that on the eve of All Saints' Day lighted lamp drives away evil from the house. In general, the production of pumpkins-lamps came from Celtic to create custom lights to help the souls find their way into purgatory.

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You can try to carve a face on the pumpkin yourself or buy ceramic and glass fixtures in the form of a "pumpkin head".

Another theme for Halloween - a very grim: horror, ghosts, funeral, living dead, and everything else in the same spirit. And there room for creativity - is immense (if you, of course, is not afraid of themselves). It would be appropriate mourning frame signs with gloomy jokes, black dishes, candles, tinsel and bows.
Skeletons, zombies and ghosts figures are arranged around the house and garden.

Some fans decorate the house extremely Halloween: in the garden and the house are arranged very naturalistic figure zombies, skeletons, coffins and plastic tombstones. In America, for example, you could buy in any shop for the holidays. We have, perhaps, they are not everywhere, but can be ordered from online stores. Finally, a ghost, and you can build yourself out of bed sheets, a white scarf or a piece of light fabric.

It is suitable for home decoration and various representatives of the animal world: black cats, crows, rats, bats and spiders with cobwebs.

If you decide to house a party in honor of Halloween, horror guests can catch up with special stickers, izobraschayuschih bloody handprint. They are glued to the walls, doors, windows and furniture. If there is no sticker, you can try to portray prints using ink - only need to select one that dries quickly, does not stain, does not smell and can be easily removed after the feast of water.
The house can be decorated and very cheerful with the help of flowers and fruit.

But we should not forget that Halloween - it's still a happy holiday masquerade. If you do not like all these horrors, they may be waived. Design does not have to be bleak. You can decorate the house in the spirit of "harvest festival" - yellow leaves, flowers, pumpkins, autumn fruit. And, of course, you need to cook sweets or biscuits. Halloween - it pradnik including children - in the western countries, children in the evening knock on the house and beg for sweets: «Trick-or-treat, give us something good to eat» that Russian can be translated as "gave us something tasty or we play a trick on you. "
Black and orange - the best for the festive Halloween interior.
In principle, to create a festive atmosphere of Halloween is sufficient to adhere to the correct color scheme: the combination of orange and black - the best. Add to the interior of a pair of pumpkins - and ready.

Finally, it is possible to collect more or less suitable for category clothes and hang them on the tree. Yes, on the tree, which is usually dressed up in the New Year and Christmas. At the same time potreniruetes - because these holidays just around the corner, too.
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