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29.04.2013 00:45
Articles about the construction | Gadgets for the kitchen Gadgets for those who not only likes to eat, but not умееет cook. Modern "toys"that know a lot about cooking...
Agree, we all love to eat. But love to cook unit because for many fuss in the kitchen is associated with boredom. For our grandmothers in their time the coolest gadgets in the kitchen were grinder, coffee grinders and pressure cookers. However, we live in a technological age, so many manufacturers have developed and created a large number of gadgets that make the process of cooking interesting and easy.

1. Often, fixing of the grill at the dacha continue long after midnight, but not always on the plot there is a good lighting. And what do you do cook? Hold in his mouth flashlight is not very convenient, but to determine whether finish meat, I would still like. For this coined a special light-clothespin for the grill. He perfectly covers the area of cooking and while consuming little power.

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2. Cookbooks with recipes - last century. Now the recipes are pumping on the tablet, but the thing - how not to stain it during cooking and placed so that he was on hand and out of the way? Such a task cope holder for the tablet, which is mounted on a kitchen Cabinet. So in the process of cooking, you can not only see recipe, listen to good music.

3. Those who are watching your diet, knows how important it is to balance the intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as to know how many calories in food. But not all the products listed calorie or, say, how much vitamin A, they contain. Here come to the aid of scales with a built in database of 1000 different products.

4. How often in the recipe liquid ingredients are listed on volume, dry weight. How would be easier if they can be measured the same glass. This measuring Cup embedded scale and indicator in the handle that would accurately determine the volume and weight.

5. For lovers of rice: special device that detects the type of rice. Depending on the rice cooker itself corrects the time and temperature for cooking.

6. Fans of tea know that each type of this drink, whether green, black, white, Rooibos or Puer, requires a certain temperature water. In addition, each class must be a different time for insisting to get a drink optimum flavor. With such tasks automatic kettle for tea. It is enough to choose what kind of tea you want to make this moment, and the machine will do the rest.

7. Another modern device for the lovers of hot drinks. He looks just like an ordinary electric kettle, however, there are important feature is that it can operate on the principle of a thermos and keep the temperature of water at a given level. So you won't have to warm up the kettle every time you want to drink a Cup of tea or coffee.

8. How to determine whether finish the meat in the pan? A piece of beef or pork can be easy to overdo or, on the contrary, недожарить. Constantly have to stand at the stove and stick a fork in the chop, so that it will flow out all the juice. Solution - iGrill. This probe is a meat thermometer, which connects with the dial-timer thin wire. Once the meat is ready, the control unit sends an SMS to your phone.

9. Of course, coffee prepared manually, tastier machine. However, with cooking in the Turk forever so much trouble. In this machine installed copper bulb, in addition, has a mode of selection of water temperature and timer for boiling time.

10. Microwave - quite usual device for the modern kitchen. But the unit, in which base built in a special unit for baking pizza - this is something new. This block in their principle of operation is similar to the oven in the plate, so that it can be safely prepare a small portion of the cookie.

11. A very intelligent and caring toaster created lovers of hot sandwiches, who more than once had to burn your fingers too hot pieces of bread. The new gadget itself lowers the toast in the oven and then gives them to cool slightly over three minutes. The loaf is not dry and remains exactly the temperature is necessary.

12. Another interesting device for kitchen - mini-oven for cooking seafood. A distinctive feature of the seafood is low in fat, but in a skillet to them still have to add oil. This gadget they are prepared without additional fat, but they still got a поджаристыми.

13. An alternative to gas and electric stove - tech induction hob. Unlike conventional cookers, induction pane, create a field that acts only on the bottom of the pot. Thus, the food will be ready faster.

14. High-tech refrigerator with a panel and sensors that will ensure that the food in the refrigerator, not spoiled and not ended. As soon as the tomato try to go bad, and turn sour milk, smart refrigerator immediately send a signal.

15. Incitement of coal at the dacha forever so much trouble. They should be or prepared in advance on костровище, or burn ready by specific means. In toga appeared впециальная lighter for coal, which delivers a stream of very hot air, so that coals discs in minutes.

16. For dinner you bought a bottle of wine, which must serve chilled. But due to congestion came later, so that the cooling wine once. In this case, the handy portable wine cooler, which instantly cools down drink to the required temperature. This gadget is made of stainless steel so that will last for many years.

17. Another instrument to determine the temperature of preparing meals, but this time on infrared sensors. He, depending on the type of dishes, makes recommendations according to the time which will be required for cooking.

18. Who doesn't love smoked meat? The problem is that prepare this dish requires a lot of time, special equipment and, of course, open space. Using this instrument, the meat can be smoked right in the oven.

19. Three in one meter number of pasta, a plug for serving cheese grater. This multi-fork paste stainless steel is a real must-хэвом. It is that you really need, and it doesn't take much space.

20. Стеатитовые stones for drinks far superior to a conventional ice cubes as they allow not only to save the contents of your glass of cool, but not melting, mixing a drink of water. Regardless of whether you prefer to drink, after a four-hour of being in the freezer stones will stay cool content on your glasses for more than 30 minutes.

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