From which are building town houses

01.12.2013 00:30
Articles about the construction | From which are building town houses Began to build townhouses in Ukraine not so long ago, so "filling" blocked two-and three-storey houses known and understood is not for everyone. The consumer has not yet learned to evaluate the quality of such buildings. At the same time in 2013, developers have accumulated sufficient experience in order to supply the market with the most that neither is "hot cakes" - townhouses for every taste, color and budget. In general, it's time to get inside and dig in the "stuffing" of modern townhouses. In Ukraine, townhouses or build of brick, or of the blocks . There are cast-frame construction - this is one of the best technology , the most durable in use of property . Such houses are able to serve at least 120 - 150 years. Of course, this technology is costly than brick construction - 30 percent . However, the bricks are different. Use of brick in the construction of townhouses can negatively affect not only the properties of the thermal conductivity , but also cause additional difficulties for repair . If the landlord wants something to nail to the wall or whatever to change the situation inside their townhouse , the wall could collapse just need to act carefully .

Block is widely regarded as the most easy , warm and reliable material . Because the building blocks made ​​of foam concrete, these small bubbles very good at keeping the heat inside the building. Foamed concrete is best suited for the construction of country houses and cottages . It is durable , reliable and tested building material. Blocks are easily cut , and they can make the product any form without any special additional material. That is why the construction of aerated concrete townhouses opens wide possibilities for the realization of any design ideas. In addition, they are quite smooth, thus saving money for finishing . Wall of concrete blocks do not need to align and drill them almost as easy as wood.

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Weather conditions have quite severe , so you need to build homes that are resistant to extreme weather events , for thermal insulation of the facade is often used mineral board - non-combustible material with a high degree of protection against thermal conductivity to insulate the roof using polystyrene . It is suitable for our conditions , because not afraid of water , has a very low thermal conductivity.
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