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Articles about the construction | Features national furnaces We often automatically say "Good morning" to someone who woke up, even if outside inclement. Also, do not hesitate to congratulate the "Enjoy Your Bath!" Rights, emerged from the bath. Meanwhile, steam is not always easy. It all depends on the device paired and above all bath furnace.

The choice of the oven for a bath it is responsible. Furnace - the heart of the steam room. It affects the bath temperature, humidity and the possibility of regulating the level of saturated steam. You can not give preference to a particular model because it has very much liked the design or recommend a good friend. We can be your friend look at the "light steam", and you have your own.

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Dancing on the stove
Should determine in advance what is required from the furnace. What kind of steam? What is power? What is the expected source of energy?

There are many national types of baths, but if you close your eyes to all the differences, and to take into account only the approach to hover, the bath can be classified into three types: dry-air, wet, water.

By type of dry-air are familiar to our man Russian bath and sauna. The latter generally widespread throughout the world. The range of temperature in the baths of 60 to +120 ° C with relative humidity above 30%.
In the wet baths at lower temperatures, from +50 to +100 ° C, humidity is high - about 70-100%. The most famous type of crude baths - Turkish and steam baths.

And the last type - water baths. In such a man is steamed in a wooden barrel filled with water. The most famous example - the Japanese ofuro. In Europe, such baths rare. Sometimes they are set not so much for the bath treatment, but as a vibrant part of interior design.

Turkish baths, we can meet more often. Home hammam is quite easy to construct. Now in the same stores that sell furnaces for saunas, you can buy a special steamer, which replaces the traditional pot of water. It enables the device, even a Turkish bath in a small room not more than 5.3 cubic meters. m But, of course, a Turkish bath house, besides a large quantity of steam, a traditional hammam, requiring five separate areas for different procedures, there can be nothing in common.

Finnish-Russian friendship
The vast majority of the owners of country estates prefer Russian and Finnish versions of soaring.

The furnace can build or buy a ready-made. For several reasons, prefer the latter option more often. First, modern metal furnace with sufficient power have small dimensions, which saves space construction. Second, compared to traditional brick kilns, they cost a lot cheaper ("piece" goods with forged hand does not count).

In stores you can buy in St Petersburg as a model of domestic wood burning stoves, heaters, as well as imported, mostly from Scandinavia. Imported ovens are a number of brands: Kastor, Harvia, Helo, Narvi, Aito.

Perhaps the most famous of them Harvia. This company produces many decades and imports heater. Largely due to her sauna crossed the border of Finland and spread throughout the world, which, unfortunately, do not tell about the Russian steam, of which the alien knows only from movies and literature.

All Scandinavian stoves have an open chamber for placing of stones. This fundamental difference between the Finnish oven from the Russian.

In the Russian bath stones are located inside the oven door closed behind. During protaplivaniya flue gases heat the stones quickly and evenly. The door opens only during the tossing water. This allows the heated stones in three to four times greater (+800 ° C - it is at this temperature, soot settles on stones, burns) and yet maintain the steam room is not too hot. In addition, in a closed chamber with such a high temperature of the stones is made of pairs of high dispersion, that is, water droplets, consisting of pairs smaller. Such pairs easily accepted human airways.

Low stones on an open stove is much lower - +300-400 ° C. Below and the performance of a furnace, which, however, is not a problem, because the bath furnace is not designed for continuous heating.

Different design of stone chambers and defines the different temperature and humidity conditions. The principal difference between saunas and Russian banya is that in the Finnish sauna stones to create open dry air temperature is higher than in Russian, and moisture vapor is much lower.

An avid bathers belongs to the bath is not just as a health care procedures, but as the sport of high achievements. People who are accustomed to bathe in the sauna, and sometimes do not stand a few minutes of being in a Russian bath. Because even with centigrade temperature of the air "dry Finnish steam" (humidity in the range 5-10%) tolerated by the body easier. But the Russian is required hardening - 25-30% level of humidity at even lower temperatures, the unprepared person can cause palpitations, fainting, or worse. Apparently, therefore, a sauna, and penetrated so easily to all parts of the world. So congratulations to "Enjoy Your Bath!" Is much more appropriate to address out-of-the sauna than in a Russian steam, where steam is just heavy enough to carry, and its effect can be only due to the aforementioned variance.

Most domestic manufacturers strive to emulate their western counterparts both in design and construction of furnaces. Therefore, most Russian models - the same open stove. While the brochures, generously handed out to the thematic exhibitions, they often mislead consumers panegyrics Russian steam bath. Get a colorful booklet featuring frank Finnish stove, a brilliant cover girl on the shelf and the inscription, "What could be better than the Russian bath!" In specialty stores and at trade shows is quite common.

But there are interesting solutions. With a strong desire champion of Russian traditions can find a stove that provides extreme. These include the range of models, "Volcano" and "Buleryan." The journey from the Vikings to the Greeks by turning the lever that turns the heater in a closed open.

It is also remarkable for these furnaces that are much less import.

Whatever the mode of evaporation has been more to his liking, choosing a stove, you need to know the volume of the pair of the room. Theoretically, one cubic meter of steam requires 1 kW of heat energy. Thus, for a small home with a steam bath volume of 12 cubic meters. m (4-4.5 sq. m. depending on the height of the ceiling) is sufficient furnace capacity of 12 kW. A more powerful wave, of course, will heat up the stones with equal success, but it takes more floor space and will require more fuel. By the way, good wood (chipped, no dust, and mold) in the Leningrad region are now about 1,500 rubles. per cubic meter. In one small regular protopku arranged bath at ambient temperatures slightly below freezing requires about 0.15-0.2 "cube." Of course, this is a very average size, because different types of wood produce different amounts of heat.

Alternative Energy
We have to recognize that wood-fired oven has certain disadvantages. First, a lot of trouble with it - the purchase and storage of firewood, cleaning of ash, soot and grime. Second, the fire danger. First the lack of completely devoid of an electric furnace. In order to bring it to heat, just enough to connect it, and the products of combustion, it does not produce and arrange for her chimney is not needed. Therefore, an electric furnace can be installed even in the apartments, provided that the steam room apartment has an opportunity to create proper ventilation and insulation from adjacent spaces.

Flammability is the case, but it is much lower, since the electrical heating elements (heater pipe) transfer heat to the stones of its outer surface, rather than an open flame.

This is for safety reasons, when choosing an electric furnace, it is already under construction to provide reliable electrical wiring, proper furnace capacity. Must also be installed a separate electrical box.

When choosing an electric furnace for a bath, experts advise to pay attention to the declared manufacturer of heating temperature of the stones. Anyway, if any, specified in the data sheet of the product. The temperature should be at least +650 ° C. Experience shows that not all manufacturers offer these ovens. This is especially important if the tank to heat the water to be deployed over the stones.

Elektrokamenki all possible facilities available at the same stores where wood-burning stove. Western manufacturers are the same: Kastor, Harvia, Helo, Narvi, Aito. Russian: "Ermak", "Inzhkomtsentr WSC." Imported oven a little more expensive than Russian, but as a rule, they are crammed with more sophisticated electronics, which would make the process of heating and maintaining the desired temperature is fully automated.

And we have gas in the steam room
The only nuisance posed by the electric furnace - the high cost of operation. Electricity tariffs are rising and often wants a bath. Therefore, the owner of suburban area it makes sense to think about purchasing a gas furnace because gas is now the cheapest fuel.

Gas stove for a bath there is little spread among the owners of country estates, because the manufacturers are just beginning to work on "consumer goods", developing models of domestic gas bath heaters. While you can find on the market for steam ovens only area of ​​10-12 square meters. m, however, such a furnace can be installed and less spacious surroundings, giving up part of the living space.

Perhaps, over time, gas stove will become as familiar as the wood and electric. Indeed, in addition to cheap exploitation, they have other advantages. For example, to install a gas stove requires only a standard extractor fan and gas supply. Because of this, a sauna with a gas stove can be arranged even in a city apartment, after agreeing on her project.

From what stove to dance - to select the owner of the estate. Many connoisseurs of bath recognize only a brick wood-burning stove stands were water tank. So following the tradition is now much more expensive new technologies. But the stove, although it gives some trouble, indescribably creates a romantic atmosphere that is worth the money.
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