Fahverk-house for кругологодичного residence

05.11.2012 00:15
Articles about the construction | Fahverk-house for кругологодичного residence There are in cottage construction technologies, which allow you to build a house for кругологодичного of residence, but almost without which we are familiar walls. For example, the technology are, suggesting that almost all the walls of the house are made of glass.
What is fahverk?

«Fahverk (from the German Fachwerk) - the type of construction, in which the carrier is based on a spatial section of the beams of wood of coniferous breeds. These beams are visible from the outside of the house and give the building a distinctive view», - says Ekaterina Furman, content-Director of the «Association of wooden house building». Half-timbered houses massively built in Europe for more than 500 years.

These houses are related to wooden house building, because their Foundation is the wooden frame. Most often now as load-bearing beams applies glued laminated timber.

The walls of the same in the modern фахверковом house can be of anything. The space between the beams is filled with глинобитным material, brick, glass, insulation, etc., the expert says. But the leaders of the modern are out glass walls. «This technique involves more than 60% of walls made of glass. This is a very nice, easy to implement and expensive, and for these reasons for the mass segment is not suitable. This house makes sense to build on the open space, the beautiful landscape, the natural difference of heights, near water bodies», - says Vladimir Yakhontov.

And architectural solutions can be radically different from the traditional German houses with dark beams and white walls, although all of the same style remains recognizable thanks to the beams on the facade. However, the expert adds, very often half-timbered houses are called at home with the pattern on the walls in the form of beams on the walls of the house. «But it is only an imitation, which has no relation to the true фахверку as technology,» - says Vladimir Yakhontov.

Choose from standard designs can be also in specialized companies, but it is worth remembering that the binding of the model project, the site should also be made of the specialist, who will take into account all the nuances of the relief and specific features of the site. The architect should immediately Orient house on the parties of light. Also the architect is where to roam and in design. Because technology are allows you to make large rooms of up to 60-70 square meters without pillars inside the premises, which can also be called a characteristic that is needed, or is in the commercial, sports facilities, or in the elite house.


The technical aspects are also very important, but special attention should be paid to the design of the heating system and ventilation.

«If the house was a large area of glazing, then, as a rule, need a very complex system of heating and ventilation, preventing sedimentation of condensation on the Windows. This is not a serial house, and each time the unique project», - told the Vladimir Yakhontov. Therefore, the developers of the villages rarely take fahverk as a core technology, however, «a» people build such houses with

pleasure, the expert adds.
«The view of the complexity of systems of ventilation in фахверке exaggerated, our designers use rather simple system. There are certain subtleties in the selection of equipment, and we need to know what kind of system is suitable for the stone house, and what - for фахверкового home», - says albert Baskaev. Mr. Baskaev refutes the opinion that the glass of the cold and requires more energy consumption for heating. «In фахверке with large glazing area uses energy-saving triplex glass, they retain heat inside the house is not worse than the walls,» he explains.


The quality of the supporting beams is determining in what period of operation will be calculated house. Such houses in Europe stand for 500 years, so that the beams were made of very seasoned wood, experts explained. In such houses for the frame are used more expensive breeds of trees, for example, larch, said albert Baskaev.

The wood should be certified, it is a certain guarantee of quality. «Small cracks on the ends of the beams are possible and allowed by the GOST standard, but on the right sides of the beam in any case should not be расклеев and cracks», - the expert explains. It is desirable that the producer of the construction of the house gave its products guarantee for ten or twenty years.

«With proper organization of Tudor style house is being built very quickly, not longer than the frame-panel. Kit homes are manufactured at the plant as well as a complete set for the house of glued beam. How quickly it will be assembled on the already completed the Foundation depends only on the qualification of builders», - says albert Baskaev. He adds that the laminated Board, in contrast to the regular timber or round logs - not deformed, the house is not the «leads», such a structure is not required year for the shrinkage.
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