Fabulous life in a typical «kopeck piece»

17.02.2013 00:15
Articles about the construction | Fabulous life in a typical «kopeck piece» Beautiful live not forbid, and if there is a taste and a clear view of the house is a dream, a small living space this is not a hindrance. Sometimes a one-bedroom apartment can produce a greater effect than five rooms with uncomfortable and confusing layout design. Beautiful apartment requires a carefully thought-out design. Of course, you could just make the repairs, not adhering to a certain style, but the apartment is rare to be called spectacular. It can be neat, comfortable, nice, but space united by a common idea, always a bit different from this. If you want to create a unique home, but his own views, is always helpful to look at the projects of other apartments. After all, good examples will help more clearly understand their own needs and sometimes a prompt and correct decisions.

Natalia Legotina, Director General of the Bureau and his own architectural designer, talks about his project "Bitter shokolod." The task was not easy enough - to transform a typical two-bedroom apartment of 52 square meters. m individual and elegant living space. The area is a modest, but it can be a creative work. Client had proposed the idea of ​​creating a studio in an Art Deco style, which he immediately accepted.

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Natalia Legotina notes that "art deco style with its elements of theatricality and the characteristic of the era ornaments, as well as color combination of dark brown, golden and cranberry - leaving behind the limited source material and create a space full of air and light. Play of volumes, spectacular openings, portals, ceilings and friezes, thoughtful, as in the theater, the light - all contributed to the fact that from the very entrance to the apartment the feeling of participation in advance to prescribe interior init script that magical space of transformation. "

Generally, intrigue and illusion, the effects and special effects - this is something that fills the interior of the apartment. For example, French windows, as if from floor to ceiling, are due to the use of aged mirrors, which expands the size of a regular window opening. At first glance, the dimensionless bathroom looks like through the use of finishing materials of dark color, and alignment of the mirrors. "

Another feature of the interior of the apartments can be regarded as a special soft atmosphere, created by the exquisite colors and unique furniture made by the author's sketches Natalia Legotina. The absence of sharp colors, along with a wide range of Soft-touch materials - all this creates a feeling of comfort, both at the visual and tactile to level.

Pleasant in all respects apartment can give pleasure to everyone. And what at first glance seems a matter of course, is not always easy to find solutions. "Bitter Chocolate" - not a simple project because of the small area of ​​the apartment. After all, it was necessary to create the interior is not for show, but for life. Therefore, the apartment had to be functional and comfortable. "We had to think about the storage that would fit perfectly in the chosen style of the interior, it was necessary to observe and functional zoning and permit work and play. Therefore, at the stage of project design was thought out rational use of every square meter of the area: the apartment are many hidden cupboards, built-in furniture, designed specifically for this project, as well as other author's interior. "

The efforts of architects and decorators were appreciated not only by the owners of the apartment. The project was nominated for an architectural award in 2009 and won a lot of positive reviews of professional critics.

Natalia Legotina notes that each project is not only memorable, but also learned something. So that this apartment is made to love her aged mirrors, and the love spread even to other projects. Besides, "Bitter Chocolate" taught to use dark finishes so that the space seem larger and instilled very prudent attitude to every meter of mined area, regardless of the total area of ​​the project.
If you have a "kopeck piece"

If you want to create a beautiful interior in his own one-bedroom apartment, then follow the advice of a professional:

- Do not be afraid to open space.

- Use light to highlight the different functional areas.

- Pre-analyze storage - what is personal items and housewares.

- Seek professional help if unable to find functional solutions on their own.

Beautiful interior can always inspire to create their own masterpiece. We hope that the idea of ​​Natalia Legotina help you to find your own perfect place in this world.
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