Embodiment of fantasies in the interior

21.04.2014 00:30
Articles about the construction | Embodiment of fantasies in the interior Apartment - this place of ours, privacy and tranquility. It was there that need to be translated our ideas about the cozy home. " The best that can be obtained only at home - it is to wake up in my old room at my old bed ; Lower aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts , sunlight breaks through the cracks of curtains, and a new sunny day waiting for your awakening . "

Sometimes this image was inspired by childhood memories . Someone is my grandmother's bed with pillows and embroidered Chantilly veil, someone my mother a secretary with secret shelves , and someone big table with lots of guests. One has only to close his eyes , and you know exactly how your house should look like , what the wallpaper should be hung on the walls and even what flavors should be heard from the kitchen.

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But the image is his home can be quoted from traveling. For example, you so loved the bright and cheerful in Mexico, and that in his apartment you want to see the clock is a riot of colors and feel the warmth of the sun . Or are you so loved the foggy English island that houses and dream to have darkened library , fireplace and armchair with " ears." Although modern Britain - this is not the era of Queen Victoria, is "The Beatles" , pop art and punk culture , which means that something defiant and fashionable . For example , designer furniture and modern art , and the British spirit can give them with an English textile cage or with prints or Queen of the national flag .

And apartment may resemble so many favorite seaside . So Natalia Legotina , decorator and manager of his own architectural office , says the project " Fantasy Island ", in which the customer would certainly recreate the interior atmosphere of the Mediterranean. This atmosphere had to be created on the top floor apartment complex , located in one of the most picturesque places in Moscow . Agree, Mediterranean style is still more peculiar country houses rather than urban apartments . Usually it is preferred by lovers of the outdoor life . But there is nothing impossible in our lives, so Mediterranean style can be very interesting to beat in a city apartment . In addition, the architects had the second task - to increase the living room area with a five-meter high ceilings.

Natalia Legotina says that it helped increase the area of ​​high ceilings, which, due to lack of floor were even more than five meters. With this nuance managed to build a mezzanine and two-level apartment to do . Thus, the area has almost doubled . On the second floor , it was decided to arrange the bedroom. At first housed the kitchen , dining room , living room , study and cloakroom .

Mediterranean style in the interior , especially connected with the sea , sun and romance . It implies respect for tradition , the creation of comfort, effortless combination of different design ideas. All together, this should give a sense of simplicity , this is not appropriate profusion , pathos and overwrought . Perhaps that is why preference is always given to natural materials and natural colors .

Natalia Legotina says that creating a Mediterranean interior in this project were used Decor Elements inherent in the northern province of Italy and the south of France - Venetian plaster and murals, massive beams , an antique ceramic tiles , etc. As a result, dark ceramic tiles on the floor and dark ceiling beams contrasting with white ceiling and light beige walls . Windows closed antique wooden shutters all around. If you add them up , it offers stunning views of the window , which neglect would be a crime .

The interior used a lot of natural materials - stone, wood and ceramics. Specifically for this project was developed designer furniture and furnishings , including floor and corner dresser mirror in the hallway cupboard under the sink , decorated with hand-painted . However, such a design apartment has its negative - it's a large amount of solid wood products . As is known , wood requires a specific temperature and humidity . Therefore, in order to maintain optimal for their humidity and temperature of the architects had to develop a complex system of ventilation and air humidification . In addition, and in this interior looks great and leather furniture, a library and a large closet, and forged elements of decor , and " aged" lights. In short, the result was worth all the effort : the area has increased , and the atmosphere so beloved customers convey.
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