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17.10.2012 10:00
Articles about the construction | Country Construction: Is it possible to save on walls Any person applies a construction company with a dream of a cozy, safe, yet affordable house and also with their prejudices and draw in advertising myths about various materials and technologies, as well as their high cost. Where you can save the construction of houses from glued beams and concrete blocks? Some people believe that the most affordable home will be "karkasnik" Cottage of aerated concrete will cost considerably more expensive, and laminated veneer lumber - material designed primarily for the "elite" of cottage construction. These statements often predispose the customer in favor of a technology.

We chose to design the most compact cottage "running" at present size 8.5 X8, 5 m (with attic have a total of 115 sq. m.) The traditional "box-like" shape with a simple gable roof, and quite comfortable, but not excessive glazing. This is a house that can be or become a compact cottage cottage for permanent residence.

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Walls define being
The subject of comparative analysis was the construction of the house with a warm contour insulated roof and minimal exterior trim to ensure that all communications with the standard site hydrogeological conditions ("bad geology" significantly increases the cost of construction of the foundation.) No allowance was made interior decoration (where each potential customer's wishes and opportunities), and engineering systems - water and heating (also can be offered solutions that do not depend on the material of the exterior walls).

Let us note: the project "locked up" for the construction of glued and shaped timber. Therefore, representatives of the Department of the estimated construction company "Measure" (these are estimates and are the basis of tables) did not calculate how much the construction will cost "karkasnika." According to them, this is the case when the spread of price parameters can be very, very impressive. However, as experts believe, the best offer on this account will be comparable to the price of the house from a bar of natural moisture, and this is when the customer is ready to simplify the project by selecting as the outer lining of the simulator bar, but abandoned architectural "excesses" in the a spectacular cut the corners.

Now a few words about the trim. As the most cost-selected shaped beam section 150 mm, the foundation on screw piles, triple-pane windows in the metal-framed, insulated roof made of metal. Used for finishing tinted antiseptic.

When planning the construction of houses from glued beams 200 mm, we allowed ourselves to "get even" for windows: choose wooden frames (neither we, nor the customers, ruined by laminated board usually does not raise a hand to put into openings cheap metal and plastic). Foundation - tape, solid, melkozaglublenny (repeat: we do not consider the issues of construction on problem soils), as a roofing material selected shingles. Outdoor Furniture is proposed to use as a covering for wood facade.

In the case when it comes to the cottage of the concrete blocks, shall be based on a house with the same space-planning decisions, but as an exterior finish in decorative plaster and base lined with tiles. In "our" complete at such homes should be wooden joists (the most democratic solution), but once we decided to do major stone house, then chose a heavy cement-sand tiles, which in quality and decorative properties close to natural - ceramic . It is true, as long as it is not a cottage for fans of wooden house, the windows (a powerful component of the budget) decided to save: the preference is given to the frames of metal-plastic lamination. "As a rule, customers democratic houses of aerated just such and choose" - says our decision CTO SC "Measure" Michael Leble.

Economics Sq Feet
Suggested retail prices for the construction, we have brought to the table, show that the most affordable of the cottage will be profiled beam. Get total price of the warm circuit under roof, we started to think, what more you can save, but nothing came up. Perhaps the only way to reduce the price - to build a house a smaller area. But first, it is a small economy, and second, the "go" and the not too spacious layout. So, if your budget does not allow "roam" will save on the interior design and furnishing. Besides home from a bar of natural moisture shrinkage, therefore, with the finish and so will have to wait at least a year.

However, choosing the most cost-effective equipment, we already knew what they were, and here for all of us there were no surprises. However, the fact that the solid house of the "elite" laminated board, even though some "excesses" in the configuration, at a price equal to the most democratic option of aerated concrete, has become for us a revelation. Moreover, according to the UK sales director "Measure" Alexei Sokolov, with expansion of the final price increases slightly, but the unit price per square meter - is collapsing. In relation to the houses from glued beams, it usually works best.

Now the prices of construction of aerated concrete. The walls are actually receive less than of laminated veneer lumber. However, the benefit will be eaten foundation and decoration of facades, in our case - the most unassuming.

The transition of the price as
Leave out the architectural features, we estimate the resulting projects in terms of speed of construction, suitability for permanent residence and maintenance.

Cottage first package (shaped beam) - it's still giving. To make it suitable for conditional permanent residence, it will have warmed, and most likely due to additional skin from the inside. And this from the point of view of building thermal physics option is not the best. And it should be borne in mind that the home of the natural moisture of the wood exposed to significant shrinkage. So, interior trim in any case have to be postponed for a year. And even better - give this house to settle a temporary roof and nezashitymi window openings. So, to a noticeable gain in the price we paid off with the construction schedule. Another negative - translucent antiseptic impregnated wood, which we proposed to use for the final cover and protect the facades. They are short-lived, and burn evenly. That is, two or three years, the walls of the house will have a covering of hides and painted facade, which we have chosen to lodge the second configuration (of laminated veneer lumber).

However, it is possible that the house in this configuration - a smart solution for those who are ready to stretch out and construction, and home improvement and, therefore, funding the construction. But in our case, and a fatal flaw. Lightweight wooden house needs a good thermal accumulator. Traditional wooden houses, as such, has performed a massive brick oven, modern - insulated base plate (scientifically - to set concrete screed floor of the first floor into a warm building outlines). In light wooden frame houses and a heat accumulator will offload the heating system, aligning daily and seasonal temperature variations. Selecting the foundation on screw piles, we have deprived ourselves of such an element of comfort. And the massive oven at this design - the problem. Will likely have to settle for either a lightweight design with a stainless steel chimney or fireplace cassette.

Investigated the second bundle. Glued laminated timber does not need any expensive external or interior finishing: it is enough just to process the wall decorative antiseptic. Construction cycle is more dynamic: you do the foundation, and in the meantime the plant is domokomplekt. Its assembly on the prepared base to a state of "turn-key" takes a few weeks, and modern manufacturing and assembly - virtually non-shrink. Choosing the materials section of 200 mm, we can save on heating. But if we did not save on the foundation and floor screed with water heating, we would get a house is not just suitable for permanent residence, and very, very comfortable. So, in terms of suitability for permanent residence - hard "Four."

The third option - a stone cottage (in our case of aerated concrete), it is the choice of those who intend to live in his house all the time, but this house is undesirable long interruptions in heating, so it is not suitable for use in the "cottage" mode. In our version of the full cycle of building close to a year. It is advisable to plan the construction so that the "wet" operations associated with pouring the foundation, as well as facades, did not come in winter. The durability of the house depends primarily on how well made the foundation, but the chosen finishing plaster facades every few years will require redecoration. And it is a significant operating cost items.
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