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15.10.2014 09:45
Articles about the construction | Choose wisely pool In today's world everyone is a problem. But the suburban area of the pool can boast of a few. However, with the onset of hot summer days everyone wants to swim. And if the financial and structural barriers can still get adults to give up the idea that taking care of children staying still oblige many to seek opportunities for personal device pool. Ahead of the long winter to think about, financial training and the study of the range. But at the end of the spring is already possible to buy a swimming pool on the site, for example, to slowly prepare him for the bathing season. The above resource is good because it offers a convenient filter by popularity. In his choice is better to rely on its rating, rightly expecting that the model is already in the top well in our climate, and were the best in quality-price ratio-pleasure.

Types of pools that can be bought in Ukrainian shops:
• inflatable;

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• frame: collapsible, stationary;
• composite.

The latter have many advantages, but one major drawback - the high cost, restraining the growth of their popularity in Ukraine. The domestic market is now given to pneumatic and wireframe models, and every class has its own leader.

Inflatable pools

The easiest and cheapest, but it's easy bringing joy to kids, is an inflatable pool. It will be the best solution for the cottages, if:
• requires regular assembly / disassembly;
• there is a shortage of space;
• There are restrictions on the supply of water.

If we exclude the possibility of accidental puncture and comply with the operating conditions, the inflatable models are able to serve 2 or more seasons. People's sympathy in this category given Intex56930, calculated on nearly 7 thousand. Liters. An adult in this volume will not be able to swim, but pleasantly cool and soak up the heat - easy. Board height 91 cm, but the recommended filling - 80%, which automatically reduces the level of the water and makes it suitable for children of secondary school age.

Frame pools

Wireframe models - it is more expensive but also more durable and long-lasting class. The basis for a PVC bag filled with water here is the frame of the metal pipes, often equipped with additional side stand to improve stability. In the basins of large size can be used metal plates to increase the strength of the bottom and sides.

The advantages of these models are:
• Large, compared with inflatable, size;
• Availability of models of complex forms;
• No need for daily water drainage and removal for safe storage;
• the possibility of year-round installation in the open air;
• sufficient resistance to mechanical damage.

The most significant disadvantage of users called the contamination of water and the inner surfaces of the bowl, but the problem is solved by the installation of filtration equipment and / or the use of chemicals for swimming pools. In this category, the leader BESTWAY 56088. model costs almost 4 times more expensive than its counterpart inflatable, while remaining very affordable option for many Ukrainians.


Selecting the pool - troublesome and responsible, but the long winter days, just a thought-provoking. Analyzing about the market, weigh the "pros" and "cons", then in the spring the best that suits you is one sure to be found.
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