A soft spot for healthy sleep

12.09.2011 01:00
Articles about the construction | A soft spot for healthy sleep Comfortable and beautiful sofa - an essential attribute of living in many countries around the world. But in Russia he crucial role to play. In the cramped apartment home sofas are forced to serve and place of rest day and night bed. This imposes a serious limitation: the sofa should be not only beautiful and suitable for the size of your apartment, but also reliable.

A soft spot for healthy sleep

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First you need to decide what sofa designs you wish to purchase. In the event that he will decorate a small area of ​​the room, which at night turns into a bedroom, you'll probably have to look for a convertible model. Only the sofa, able to shape to the compact size, can really solve the problem of crowding. All you will define in this case - is a kind of direction should future unpack the sofa.

Of course, it all depends on the configuration and situation rooms. Every schoolchild once say that the sofas come in two forms - "books" and "accordions", and although these models have long been a modern market is not limited to, the main difference between the ways in folding bed is indicated correctly.

Sofas, sofa along the wall - a "book". The principle of such a mechanism is extremely simple: just lift the seat into place, and then drop - and laid out a sofa or, conversely, collected. Most modern sofas and "know how" to fix his back in the position of reclining is very convenient for those who are used to remove the inner box sofa bed linen.

The main drawback of "book" refers to ergonomics: a sofa in front of a transformation to move away from the wall at 10-20 cm and if you're too lazy to move it every day, no small piece of furniture or you, say, fear for their gender preference is better to give the so-called " evroknizhke ", which unfolds through the nomination of sitting on themselves (for a seat back down). Osoparticularly indispensable to "evroknizhka" for those seeking a wide bed (150 cm and above): "books", even the most modern, as a rule, are limited by regulatory 135 cm

Sofas, folding forward, that is perpendicular to the wall, equipped with roll-out mechanisms. I think so many familiar from childhood sofa: in order to prepare her for bed, you need to push it out of the lower part of legs, and then put on her pillows, which form the back. A little more complicated and more modern system of "flash": when the sofa is built, it consists of two stapled together the plane, and when laid out one of them put on a special plane going forward (back when it leans back.)

The undoubted advantage of pull-out system is the large width of the bed - from 140 to 180 or even 190 cm, which corresponds to a full double bed. The disadvantages include the fact that unfolded sofa is quite low. And if you sleep practically on the mat you are not comfortable, you should pay attention to the pull-out system, such as "dolphin". From its predecessors, it is distinguished by the fact that due to the construction of the three components will eventually form the most convenient height sleeper.

Of course, in addition to the type design of the sofa is very important to the quality of all its elements. Remember that choosing a sofa, you need to pay attention to what materials it is made frame. Perhaps the most reliable way to determine the quality of the frame for the eyes - is to check how accurately processed all of the surface. However, in many cases this is impossible, since the load-bearing parts are hidden padding, and then it's worth to ask the seller to check all the technical documentation on the couch and you are interested in feedback from other buyers learn about the products of the manufacturer's instructions.

In most cases the furniture "worth" on a frame of wood materials. In a relatively expensive models, for example, used timber from the wood tverdolistvennyh (eg beech) and softwood (pine, spruce). Often you can find in our market and sofas with a base of plywood, glued with thin sheets of veneer. "Thick plywood" - sounds a bit unassuming, but this material is excellent "holds" fittings and can not deform the years even in very active operation. But laminated chipboard - the material is not only cheap, but short-lived: the only thing in the couch can be made of it without compromising the quality of the whole design, so it's lingerie drawer.

Sofa, designed as a sleeping place, must provide their owners with maximum comfort during sleep. And it is clear that no matter how reliable nor was his design, she is one with this problem can not cope. There is much more important how and what made flooring, that is the soft part of the sofa. And the first question that usually arises here is: "A need is a spring?" This is largely a matter of taste, but the best for a healthy (or almost healthy) of the spine is the combination of the spring unit with a thick multi-layered content.

Unquestionable leaders of modern divanostroeniya are synthetic flooring materials - polyurethane flexible block foam and (cold forming foam). Their term of office (as well as total cost sofas) are directly dependent on their density.

On the market today can quickly find the sofa and $ 300, even $ 200, but most likely, this furniture will last you the strength of the year and a half, since it used the material of low density, very located to shrinkage and the formation of various "pressure sores". Normal life expectancy is high quality sofa is 8-10 years, and if you want all these years, wake up fresh and healthy, the quality of furniture is better not to save.


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