7 garden decoration ideas

01.10.2018 00:15
Articles about the construction | 7 garden decoration ideas Eco-friendly lifestyle is gradually becoming more and more fashionable - plastic bags are being replaced by reusable bags and shopping bags, and separate garbage collection is being introduced at the state level. And of course many townspeople prefer the green expanses of the countryside to the stuffy urban jungle.  How to give new life to old things and at the same time decorate a garden or a vegetable garden - we tell on the portal Zagorodna.com.

Meadow with wildflowers and saving the planet

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One of the most important elements of the ecosystem of our planet - the bees. They pollinate plants that give us food - vegetables and fruits. And if not every person is ready to decide on an apiary, then everybody can draw several humming nature friends to the site. So that the bees do not interfere, for example, rest on a bench or in the gazebo, you can create a special place for them in the area with wildflowers.

Among the plants that attract these insects are the following: petunias, snapdragons, begonias, azaleas, gerberas, chrysanthemums, sage, lavender, verbena, queen of the night, lemon balm, oregano. The main parameters of the choice of colors - their brightness and smell, this is what attracts bees.

In addition to the benefits for the environment, the flower meadow will delight the eye and fill the air with a pleasant aroma.

Old inventory in the service of design

Accumulated garden tools, which can no longer work? Old hoes, rakes, shovels can be used as decorative elements - for example, you can make a small “garden installation” on the plot or decorate a gate with them.

New life of the broken trough

Ceramic pots with cracks, broken plates and mugs can all be used to create a mosaic on almost any surface. One of the options is to decorate garden paths with colorful patterns.

To make the mosaic easier to transfer to the desired surface, a scotch tape can be stuck on top of the finished pattern, which will fix the pieces. With the help of adhesive tape, it is easy to turn the resulting decoration over and apply a special glue to the back side.

Portable garden

An old car will help make a mobile garden, which has long been gathering dust in a corner of the plot. To prepare it, it is necessary to make drainage at the bottom, and pour fertile earth from above. You can plant any plants, except, perhaps, root crops.

Flower staircase

To help climbing plants to climb up can and ordinary wooden stairs. It can be placed anywhere on the plot - at the house, at the tree, near the fence (of course, not from the street). You should not limit the vertical - if you place the stairs between the two pillars, the bindweed will help to create a small covered "alley".

Revive the stump

From the apple tree there was only a stump, which is either too lazy to uproot or sorry? It can be turned into a natural flower garden - it is enough to cut a recess in the stump, which must be filled with fertile soil and planted there favorite flowers. Particularly stylish in the stump will look succulents.

Flowering sink

As it became clear from the article, anything, even an old sink, can become a new flowerbed. This flower garden will be especially interesting if you add a couple of old plates to the company to the plants, which seem to be swimming in greenery.

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