10 things that should be in every home

09.01.2015 00:15
Articles about the construction | 10 things that should be in every home To make sure your house has become a truly comfortable and complete, there must be present certain things. No need to wrestle with what - we have compiled for you a list. Let's run through it to see what is it that is missing your abode at the moment.

Live plants. Clearly, they should be present in every home. If you do not like or care for flowers always forget to water them - no problem! There are many viable and undemanding plants, but no less wonderful, that will give a lot of fresh air. Matter will be houseplants large or small, with them even removable apartment is truly a home, not to mention his own.

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A quality mattress. At least one-third of people spend their lives in a dream, lying on a mattress. Therefore, it is almost the most important piece of furniture, which skimp on is not worth it. Carefully and meticulously choose your own mattress, so it was the perfect warm, soothing and comfortable place for your body.

Bookshelves. To some they may seem archaic, but it would be a big mistake. Organized bookcase provides ample opportunities for interior decoration and no less great potential for intellectual development, as it can store a wonderful luggage invaluable knowledge. But in addition to placing books are perfectly placed and family photos, as well as all sorts of decorative items.

Window curtains. Still not got curtains? Then immediately correct the situation! Curtains - not just a stylish accessory that allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the room, they also protect your private life, while preserving the warmth of the hearth.

Something black. As every woman should have a little black dress in your closet, and in any home is obliged to present something black in the interior. Always trendy, classic and elegant color is not intended to completely fill the home space. It will be sufficient few catchy accents in the form of a large black vases, drawing on the wall or on the ceiling section. Other colors on its background will become even more vivid and spectacular.

Candles and beyond. Fascinating live fire flame candles will give board, especially relevant during dinners and romantic moments. If you have a home naughty children, whereas artificial candles on batteries fit much more. And do not forget to complete the composition by adding vases, decorative pottery, silver candlesticks or other relevant strokes that emphasize the candle magic.

Part of the soul. Design your home simply must reflect your world. Personal belongings, collections of photographs the history of your family or an exciting journey - all this must be reflected in the house. In addition to its own history, it can serve as the beginning of a delightful conversation, transporting you into a kaleidoscope of memories of the good old days.

Fitting relaxation. After a difficult day at work or experiencing a stressful time, everyone should have a place in your home where you can turn away from the problems and have a good relax. For some it's a hot bath with aromatic oils, someone immediately runs to the kitchen and cooking, and some just retire on the warm couch and indulge in reading. But in any case, this place just has to be!

Fashionable contraption. Undoubtedly, each dwelling should include trend accessories. It does not necessarily immediately run out and buy a bright orange retro refrigerator. It will be enough to get a couple-three stylish accessories that are easy to replace when they go out of style.

A work of art. Fill the house and the sense that you really like, help a favorite painting, picture, pictures, or other creative work. Do not chase fashion or price - even inexpensive but sweet heart work wonderfully transform your home.
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