10 myths about metal tile

17.05.2012 01:30
Articles about the construction | 10 myths about metal tile Spring - the season start of construction and repair work on the suburban areas and cottage settlements. So now is the time to evaluate the front of the upcoming work and stock up on needed materials, including roofing. Practice shows that the metal is the best choice: give preference to it now more than 70% of Ukrainians. Yet questions remain forever. So nice to be first to hear what experts think about the main drawbacks attributed to the metal.

Myth 1: metal - expensive

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Metal - the best material to date in terms of price / quality. Usually the price is compared with Onduline, but it is expensive at first glance, because has several advantages. First, the metal does not fade with time, unlike Ondulin that in 5 years will lose their original appearance. That is, if he is a real and a fake "live" even less. In addition, a few years of operation Ondulin looks shabby. In this case, we have facilities where metal is more than 10 years, during which time its condition and appearance has not changed: for high-quality metal 10 years - the minimum warranty period, but in fact it is several times longer. If we add to the cost of roofing cost of its repair and replacement over a long period, Onduline get much more expensive.

Myth 2: a large number of metal leaves on crop
If you order the roof of a normal vendor, it will be staffed in accordance with your project and sheet metal will be cut and sliced ​​optimally. Waste, of course, will be, but their volume is minimal. A large number of cuttings obtained when buying metal roofing just packs on the market, without the prior calculation of a competent layout sheets.

Myth 3: The metal roof of the 'noise' in the rain

Roofs "noise" only when they are properly installed. For example, if an insufficient number of screws used, or they do not tighten, possibly loose fit of sheet metal to each other and to the crate. Then falling rain or hail causing the noise. In general, the roof above the living quarters are always insulation, which is well protected from external noise, so the scale of the problem in any case greatly exaggerated.

Myth 4: coated with a metal often come off

Any product can be qualitative and not very much. If the production of steel with polymer coating technology was flawed, then it can go - if not, it will serve for decades. The Council can give here only one: Do not chase the penny savings and choose the trusted manufacturer and supplier.

Myth 5: metal attracts lightning, it must be grounded

Any roof, even if she is covered with slate, though Ondulin needs to lightning. For this set molniepriemnaya grid, from her current leads are made on the facade and the circuit is arranged in the ground. In addition, at the highest point you can install lightning rods. If the roof is metal (ie, folded, made of galvanized steel or copper), it can be a very lightning rods. Metal in this respect is no different from Onduline or slate, as it lists in the first place, covered with an insulating polymer coating, and secondly, do not have guaranteed each other contacts.

Myth 6: The metal looks bad on the roofs of wooden houses

If its color is well matched to the color of the wood, they combine perfectly with each other. For example, maroon, brown, dark green Roofing metallocherepichnaya only decorate a wooden house.

Myth 7: The metal is slippery, so it comes down snow avalanches

As a protection against landslides, snow tube snow stop should be used to cut the weight of the snow and make it a gathering of non-hazardous to humans and their property (in the first place - the walls of homes parked cars). Snow stop installed on the perimeter of the roof and dormer windows. As a rule, they can be purchased as an option to the roofing system. We need not only for roofs, covered with metal, because, a lot of typing, the snow will slide to any surface, and the less slippery it is, the later it will happen, and hence the mass of snow will be more.

Myth 8: between the sheets of metal under the roof leaking water

High-quality metal geometry has a clear and proper installation of stacked sheets of overlapping and tightly adhere to each other, which prevents water seepage between them. In addition, to facilitate its flow in the first wave of each sheet has a special capillary groove. Finally, every roof has a layer of waterproofing for roofing. To avoid leakage through the mounting holes, use special screws with colored head and EPDM waterproof seal. Thus, properly mounted the roof of the metal is not afraid of leaks. But on the other materials do not. For example, the coating on the asphalt can not tolerate frost and become brittle, so the leak could be the result of their injuries. As for the cement-sand tile, then it can play a cruel joke hygroscopic materials from which it is made: first, the water soaks into the tile, and then, in cold weather, frozen inside. Several of these cycles - and fragile material may be destroyed. All this is not critical to the warm regions of central and southern Europe.

Myth 9: metal rusts when scratched surface

The polymer coating applied to sheet steel has good resistance to mechanical influences, beginning with the budget and finishing polyester very durable polyurethane. Therefore, surface scratches does not affect the integrity of the coating. But even if that happens, the steel will be protected by a primer layer and the corrosion of zinc coatings.
Typically, the perpetrators of corrosion of metal roofing installers are sloppy. The fact that the coated steel in any case be cut grinder, because protective layer is burned in place of the cut, and the entire surface of the sheet due to flying sparks. For cutting metal to use scissors or expanded, or a special attachment to the drill. Write about it all, without exception, manufacturers installation instructions, but for some reason, "craftsman" is not an order. In addition, after cutting sheets cut edges should tint, the same applies to the scratch made by negligence. It is also the cause of corrosion can be used for fastening metal is not designed for this purpose screws having no protective coating and EPDM gaskets. "

Myth # 10: difficult to install metal roofing
If you are working professionals, the installation does not take much time, because metal - it's not dialup coverage, it contains large intact sheets. In addition, the summer is happening much faster than in the case of materials in asphalt, which can not tolerate the heat and "float", which is why sometimes you can work with them in the morning and evening. "

Thus, myths debunked on the shortcomings of metal, so you can safely proceed to the roofing works.

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