Types of new buildings

Many buyers, based on the financial capacity to prefer housing in new buildings. It has a great advantage: in the future apartment in the new house will cost considerably more expensive than housing in the old. But new buildings are different, and consequently the price, too. To buyers it easier to navigate, analyze the differences between the types of buildings.

New Monolithic
Method of construction of monolithic buildings: first set formwork, which are then filled with concrete. The advantage of such walls is the strength, uniformity. They, unlike the walls of the prefabricated homes, do not crack. Other obvious advantages of monolithic new buildings: open plan apartments and a large living area, smooth ceiling and floor, good enough heat and sound insulation. Since the new building is constructed on a monolithic one project only once, it will ensure the uniqueness of your home. The disadvantage of such a high cost of housing, as well as the dependence of the quality of professional builder.

Frame and block new building
A special frame in a house performs the function of the carrier. It embedded blocks or bricks. The advantages of such new buildings: high ceilings, custom layout, "breathing" walls, the possibility of self-reconfiguration, depending on your imagination and finances. Less: this type of new construction is expensive.

New Panel
The basis of the panel homes - manufactured at the factory panel. These standard reinforced concrete slabs are fastened together. This species is newly rampant due to the fact that their construction cost is cheap, but by the time the fastest. Drawbacks panel new buildings are many. First, the "socket" low ceilings. Secondly, poor sound insulation. Thirdly, the impossibility of re-planning, as in panel houses the standard layout with bearing walls. Fourth, due to poor quality of construction, fall off wallpaper, cracked plaster. The advantage of panel construction sites, in comparison with other species, is a low cost.

Thus, the choice of housing in new buildings should rely on their own desires and finances.

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