Classification of foreign real estate

The real estate market in the West have long been formed and they adopted the classification of objects used for a long time in an unchanged form and differs significantly from the Ukrainian. According to this classification, there are three categories of objects (A, B, C).

The first category, A, combines those properties that are necessary for the owner of the business.
In turn, it is divided into:
  • Property, which is intended for a specific type of business, ie specialized. This property is sold together with the whole business. It can be factory buildings, special storage facilities.  
  • Buildings without reference to the specific type of business. Such as: offices, warehouses.

Property that belongs to category B, is used as an object for investment. Its purchase order that would receive the income from the rental for capital gains.

By property C may include any objects - buildings, land plots. The main feature of this category - it is the redundancy of real estate, ie This facility is not needed for business use in the current peroid of time.

It is the use of different classifications of real estate on a variety of features and criteria increases the effectiveness and objectivity of the research process of real estate market. With such classifications facilitates and simplifies development of methods for assessing property, and their application. In the classification determined by the group of real estate, which are identical in terms of functional characteristics. This approach facilitates an objective assessment of real estate.

To date, overseas real estate market is represented by two major categories: economy-class and elite.
The most popular segment in the first favor items cost from 50 to 500 thousand euros offered in Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro and the Czech Republic. In the second - the objects value from 0.5 to 5 million euro - in Spain, Cyprus, Montenegro, France, Italy, Great Britain (especially London). Compared with European prices for Ukraine are quite acceptable, if we compare comparable objects.
Shelter from the category of "second house" is divided into three types: country houses (located usually within a radius of 50 km from the big cities), houses in the village and property in coastal areas.
The first two types of houses are very similar: either the so-called apartamentos - apartments of 90-120 square meters. m in the modern residential complexes with swimming pool, courtyard, playground and parking lot, or villas - single family homes situated on large plots, and can also accommodate a gym, garage and pool. Accommodation of these two types is evaluated depending on the nearby urban infrastructure, cultural sites and beaches, the number of rooms, floor (for apartments) and the area (for villas). Also taken into consideration "Basic model" housing.
Lodging in the Coastal Zone - it is the same apartment and villas, only with a sea view, or located in close proximity to him.

Condominium - apartment house. Apartment in a house may belong to any person or entity. It can be resold, daritsya, bequeath, inherited. Acquiring an apartment in a house is best at the initial stage of its construction - so it comes out much cheaper. In general, this type of real estate is no different from our "Neighbourhood new buildings" (Khrushchev, a Czech, and other multi-storey houses residential districts).

Apartments located in multi-storey buildings, in the resort areas along the beach. They consist of one or more bedrooms, living room, kitchen, one or more bathrooms. May have a solarium, terrace, parking, swimming pool, gym, garden. Usually, all the windows face towards the sea.
There 1,2,3,4-room flats are usually one or two bathrooms. Homes may be located in different places: in the city limits, near the beach or a golf club. In apartment buildings, located in resort areas, there is usually a public area with swimming pool.

Studio - apartment with one large room, which serves as a bedroom and living room has a bathroom, may have a terrace or balcony.

Penthouse - luxury apartments on the top floor of the building, may give the owner of such advantages as a solarium, a swimming pool on the roof, additional utility room, beautiful view.
Penthaucy first appeared in the U.S. in the 20's the 20 th century. Architects of high-rise buildings come up with use of the space directly under the roof and the roof as a luxury housing. Then, in the U.S. in the wake of the boom construction of skyscrapers apartments on top floors of skyscrapers considered all the rage on the real estate market. Today penthaucy - is already familiar, but still one of the most expensive types of real estate in the cities.
There are a number of penthouses distinctive features. One of them - is a separate entrance or a separate elevator. The most luxurious penthouses can afford a roof top pool, those that are more modest, are content with Jacuzzi. Variant with an outdoor swimming pool can often be found at seaside resorts. Especially popular are penthouses in Miami, where they number several hundred, if not thousands. Penthouses also may have their own service staff, which makes this type of property more like a hotel room. Many penthouses now have very spacious terraces overlooking the border for the building and hanging directly above the street. Typically, in the penthouse are several bedrooms, more bathrooms. In recent years it has become fashionable to place in the penthouse greenhouses. And, of course, in addition to exceptional amenities one of the main advantages of the penthouse can be considered as a view of the city.
The area in the heart of mega-base position, where today you can rent a penthouse. London, Paris, New York, Shanghai, Miami, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo - that's where the choice of penthouses one of the richest in the world.
Most of the world's most expensive penthouse now located in Central London, in Manhattan and Las Vegas. Among them - Penthouse in the newly constructed building of the Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge) in the heart of London. Almost 2000 square meters overlooking Hyde Park according to the magazine Forbse will cost becoming the owner of 165 million dollars.

Townhouse (maisonette)
Townhouse - malokvartirny house. This house has 2-4 floors and apartments in it have no horizontal layout and vertical. Each apartment is completely autonomous and has its own small plot of land in front of the house, and when all other conditions are often cheaper than the apartment in a condominium. Located on the first floor of the living room you can easily turn into the office of his own company, shop or cafe.
Townhouse - is constructed in a series of two-or three-storey houses. Each owner owns land in front of the house and a solarium on the roof. Usually townhouse has a living room, two or three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, kitchen, pantry. In the complex there is usually a green area and swimming pool.

Townhouse - these homes today can be found among the proposals for purchase and rent in Spain, Britain, Italy, USA, Canada and other countries.

What is a Townhouse?
Townhouse - a dwelling house, which can be either a separate structure, and part of the residential complex. Today, a town house in the suburbs of greater real estate and design suburban architecture. In the townhouse is usually several floors. In cities across the U.S. and UK town house - is often synonymous condominium. Garage, parking, several bedrooms, kitchen, basement - these are the main options, which can expect a buyer or lessee townhouse. The total area of modern townhouse - 200-300 square meters. On the ground floor townhouse usually have technical rooms - kitchen, cloakroom, dining room, on the second - residential: bedroom and living room. The main distinguishing feature of the townhouse, the presence of a small backyard plot.

History townhouse
At the dawn of its history, in the 18-19 centuries, townhouses were classical town house belonging mainly to the aristocracy. Homeland townhouse is considered to be England, although similar types of houses can be found at that time throughout Europe. For Britain townhouses are still considered among the most expensive buildings. The most expensive townhouses in the world today can be found in London. It was in the British capital recently have tended to transfer the old townhouses of office buildings in the family nest millionaires. Such transactions are often estimated at several million pounds.

Townhouses in Ukraine
In Russia, townhouses understood as a set of individual houses modern planning, where each house is located in close proximity (shared wall) with other houses. For each of the houses has a small croft in a couple of hundred square meters, own garage, sometimes swimming. In the Kiev region today you can find entire villages, consisting of townhouses.

Townhouses in Spain.
For Spain townhouse is one of the main types of resort real estate. Spanish town house occupies a mid-market niche: cheaper houses, but more expensive apartments. Spanish townhouse - it is usually detached house with its own plot, which has its own terrace. Large selection of townhouses can be found on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Rental townhouses in Spain is usually claimed by families with children. At many resorts in Spain townhouses are also available in an integrated form. Here, among the additional bonuses - a common pool and an orchard.

Duplex - this type of real estate is popular and resorts, and in the suburbs and in cities. Duplex in Ukraine known as analog townhouse and leynhausa. Common to these types of housing - separation is actually one structure. For the duplex characteristic of living under one roof of several families. Simply put, Duplex - a double house.

Duplex as a separate type of property appeared in Britain in the 19 century. In an era when England still had strong ancestral connection, it was customary to attach to the family home house an additional house, where usually settled by the offspring matured. Subsequently, this type of housing became popular in the U.S. and Canada. Today duplexes can be found all over Europe: from Spain to Ukraine.

Definitions duplexes from country to country are different. In Ukraine, duplexes are known in the original English version - the house with several apartments, united under one roof, separated by a common wall. Duplex in Spain - it is often just a two-storey house. In the United States for the duplexes are dozens of definitions, depending on the city. So, in Philadelphia, called the duplex house, is home to two families. In Chicago and Detroit duplexes called "dvuhkvartirnikami", which are described as two houses on one site. In Canada, duplex - a house with two separate entrances. Also known as the term "forpleks" - a house with four separate apartments.

Duplex apartment
Often the concept duleks used to refer to architectural features. For example, when renting an apartment in Turkey can often find offers duplex apartments. Most often, this means an apartment on two levels.

Duplex in Ukraine
In the CIS duplex has been further developed as a type of luxury housing. The suburbs of Kiev and regional centers - are now actively under construction duplex settlements. House-duplex in this town is a spacious building. The area of each section starts from 200 square meters. Duplex standard layout include a minimum of two bedrooms on the section. In addition, duplexes, in contrast to the town houses, often have a large plot - to 20 hectare. Garage, sauna, mini gym and home cinema - that's what today can be found in duplexes.

Detached house.
This can be a mansion, a cottage, villa, cottage or similar type of property that belongs to one person or family, and located on their own plot of land. It can stand as a separate (villa, villa), and inside the fenced village (cottage). Variations of these homes can vary in wide limits, vary in area, number of floors and its original purpose. For example cottage from the bungalow is often distinguished by the required minimum facilities for seasonal residence and a cottage on the villa - the lack of its own pool.

Classic modern cottage - it is one-storey building for a country holiday, mostly built of wood, brick. In Europe, including England, Ireland, Finland, cottages - a modest houses with the minimum necessary, furnished simply. In the U.S. houses - is one of the smallest types of real estate. Cottage in Canada - it is also home to be placed right on the river or lake.
The English word "cottage" firmly taken root in Ukraine. Nowadays, houses in the vicinity of large cities - more common than actually building.
It is one of the most popular types of country real estate, which is now being offered for lease. However, unlike Western counterparts, cottages in Ukraine - it is built on a grand scale mansions, where it is difficult to guess the traditional English style.
At the same time, initially cottage - a classic farmhouse, which appeared in England during the Middle Ages. And, what is now meant by cottage in Ukraine - the three floors, balconies and bathrooms - the English "father" could only dream of. For England, the cottage - a typical Russian country house: a small house with mandatory yard. Only difference from giving in Ukraine - in England cottages were built (and construction) of stone. Today, the traditional British cottage - it is also a small one-room building, adjoined to the house bigger. In these cottages tend to live proletarians or fishermen.
The regions where the cottages for rent are especially popular - a country in Scandinavia. Finland - a country of lakes. They are more than 180 thousand. Therefore, cottages in Finland - is the main type of suburban real estate, which is now offered to tourists in this country. In total, Finland has more than 420 thousand houses or in Finnish "Mecca". Finns believe cottage the best option for accommodation. In Finland, there is even a special program, which provides for the construction near the towns of special cottage settlements for the population. This cottages in Finland resemble one another. This is explained by the peculiarities of local law, which limits the size of the house and determines the appearance of buildings: a cottage should be similar to neighbor. Depending on location, rent cottages in Finland may be different at times. At the same time, even high-quality holiday rentals in Finland often cheaper than staying at the hotel. Some of the most popular places to rent cottages - shore of Lake Saimaa, towns and Kuopio Kuusamo.
Cottages in Sweden is also extremely popular. Here, there are about 700 thousand. For cottages in Sweden are using your own definition - stugan. Classic Swedish Cottage - a two-story wooden house, painted red. It usually has 2-3 small bedrooms, a kitchen with fireplace and living room. Almost every Swedish family is now a cottage. As for rent, price dispersion is still more than in Finland: rental cottages in Sweden in the Baltic Sea would cost ten times more expensive than in rural areas in the north.

Bungalow - a two-storey residential complexes, in which the ground floor apartment owned by one owner, but on the second floor - another. Each apartment has a separate entrance. Usually, to an apartment on the first floor is the front garden and to the apartment on the second floor - a solarium. In Spain, these apartments are sometimes called mezzanine. In these residential complexes also have a swimming pool.

Bungalow as a real estate recreation while many perceived as something not very common. At the same time as the property bungalow is well known in the world and are in demand no less than a villa or cottage. It should be noted that the origin of the bungalow is still some amount of exotics. The word came from India - it means "house in the Bengal style". Inventors bungalow can be regarded as British colonists, who in the 19 century invented to use light and spacious house with a thatched roof as a residence for dropping in India, officials of high rank.
Bungalow - a single-storey house, the main feature of which is the arrangement of rooms and offices, which are placed around a central living room. Another feature of the bungalow - this type of real estate for recreation extremely broad. In the classic bungalows for pensioners will not have to groan up to the second floor - all rooms are located on the ground. The main material for construction of bungalows - a tree.
As a real estate holiday bungalow is used in the U.S., Canada, India, South Africa, Australia and South-East Asia. Rent bungalow in Thailand or in Sydney - for these countries is also traditionally, for us to go to the country. At the same time for fifteen hundred years since the first bungalow, their appearance has changed dramatically. Today bungalow can be a three-story mansion, home to several families (Canada), or a house with a flat roof, designed exclusively for tourist rentals (South Africa). For Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand bungalows - is one of the options for accommodation directly on the beach, also very cheap. Thus, for rent bungalow in Thailand in Phuket is between 180-200 dollars a month.
In Europe, the bungalows are mostly in the UK and Ireland. The Irish loved bungalow recently. In the 1990's boom in Ireland in the village recreation. Among the Irish it has become fashionable to buy parts of town. Often the size of these areas is large, so spacious single-storey bungalow architecture had to be in Ireland to the court. In England, bungalows were built much earlier - in the 30-ies. The British habit of building houses out of stone spread to the bungalow. In Britain, they are entirely of stone or brick. Many bungalows can be found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain - here they combine the features of the traditional "seem" to the American style. Bungalows in Spain - is middle class property for recreation. Swimming in the bungalows of Spain is not necessary, but often there is a jacuzzi, private garden and some bedrooms.

Loft - one of the fashion trends in real estate in recent years. Loft - the apartments, which are created on the site of former industrial premises: in the hangars, workshops, storage areas. Loft - is primarily open space: high ceilings, big windows (and sometimes their complete absence), and the minimum living area of 100 square meters. Usually there is no partition in the loft and walls - here a kitchen, living room and bedroom are in one room and shared between them there are only design - whether it's an easy screen or bar rack. It happens that lofts are located on several, often two levels. First floor - living room and kitchen, second - the work area and bedroom.
Loft - is primarily a housing large cities. His popularity of lofts must play on contrasts: packed and smothered the city, in the heart of which is an oasis of space, "embassy" of personality.
Loft initially - is a creative workshop, which painters and sculptors have equipped on abandoned industrial plants. Subsequently Studios settles in and began to turn in these apartments. Cities, which was the fashion at the Lofts, became New York. It is considered that it was in New York City first started to convert derelict shop at home. It happened in the late 19 th century. Subsequently, a loft area became known worldwide as a forge creative personnel. Of course, this is about Soho. Natural colonization of lofts was legalized in the U.S. only in 1982, when he was adopted by the "Law on the loft, establish a procedure for transfer of non-residential premises in the living plant.
Today, apartments for rent in New York in the form of lofts, and lofts for rent in London, Paris, Moscow and Chicago are popular not only among the bohemians, but also among the yuppies. In European capitals, there are whole areas, where the rent offered exclusively lofts. For example, in London, for example, is an area of the Royal Docks, where many seek to remove the loft movie stars and public personalities.
In lofts have a range of distinctive properties. For the loft almost mandatory location - the center of the city. Loft are often located in buildings that were subsequently recognized the historical value. At the same time, today there is a practice by which modern office building specifically changed for the luxury lofts. This pattern was particularly prevalent in the same London, where dozens of companies involved in design lofts most famous among them - Manhattan Loft Corporation.


Chalet typically represent two-storey houses with one or two common walls. Chalets can have a traditional layout, separating from a neighbor of one common wall, or have two common walls, then the building is divided into four houses, each of which forms an angle and is endowed with an angular piece of land. In addition, sometimes the connection between the chalet and the adjoining buildings is only a garage, so that the house is, in essence, is an individual. In the chalet there is usually a room, two or three bedrooms, and one or two bathrooms, kitchen, pantry and a solarium.

Chalet - this is usually two or three-story wooden building in the mountains with a sloping roof. For the majority of chalets at least one component remains unchanged over the centuries - a fireplace in the central hall. The traditions of rural life are also reflected in the key elements of the interior, such as the overlap of massive wooden beams and natural stone. On the top floor of the chalet is usually near the attic.
Chalet - This type of real estate came into the world tourism terminology from Switzerland. Rent a chalet in Switzerland enjoyed (and continues to use) the increased demand from the Americans. Perhaps it was the Americans are responsible for the massive use of the name "chalet" to determine the category of real estate in the Alps.
It is considered that the chalet is a traditional rental options for recreation at ski resorts in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. However few know that the chalets were originally rural Alps quite utilitarian - they hosted world-famous alpine cheese factory, they also saved themselves from the weather shepherds. And in winter chalets were closed - they were used only in summer.
Today chalet is strongly associated with recreation in the mountains. But it is hard to imagine that half a century ago was a lot of rental chalets far more affluent Europeans. Hot water, which was fed once a day, shared bathroom and no restaurant - now a similar service can afford unless hostel.
Construction of a chalet in a holiday property began in Europe since the end of 1960. From that moment began when the history of the chalet as luxury housing. Current chalets and bear skins on the floor, wifi, plasma panels and satellite TV - a measure of progress, which is most clearly traced in the resorts of France and Austria. Rent a chalet - what used to deter the most desperate of students today attracts the most affluent part of the tourist-skiers.
Modern chalets are usually designed for a room. This is a mini-hotel.
Many chalets still use your age to attract the attention of tourists. The old chalet, which once served as farms, redeemed and restored, only to then in the prospectus indicate centenary age. Often, in these chalets of the original buildings have only a couple of walls.

This is a separate house on the land. Usually villa, in addition to the hall, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, has a spacious terrace or solarium on the second floor and basement. Basement optionally can be used not only as a storage room, but also to equip it with bar, billiard room or home theater. Some prefer to build up it as a separate dwelling house floor. At the villa often located swimming pool and garage.

This property type was invented in Italy, and even long before he appeared tourism. Holiday villas was one of the favorite ways to restore among the nobility patricians of ancient Rome and of the Roman Emperor. Italy remains the world's center, where the rental villas is one of the most popular options for accommodation during the summer vacation. This villa in Italy - it's not only luxury and privacy. Many of them are unique historical monuments. These houses, like the Roman villa at Casale in Sicily, or the Medici villa near Florence are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Nowadays villa - it is primarily a luxury property, which is available mainly on the coast. Villa Riviera and Capri, villas in Tuscany and Miami - these regions, which for a long time are the trendsetters in the field of recreation in the villas.
Rent a villa - for many it is primarily rental style. Portico and Baroque, pools and gardens, private servants and food - all these are often included in the cost of renting the villa. Many houses are in demand more and because they have a private beach. In recent years, due to rising prices in coastal areas, especially in the Mediterranean region, its own beach is real luxury. The presence of the beach could increase the cost of renting a villa and a half times.
Villa as a type of accommodation has already moved beyond the country real estate. Many hotels will open today in the form of villas. Hotels, villas can be found in Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Spain, and in world capitals such as Paris or Berlin.
Prices for rental villas in Europe vary by region. The most expensive houses - in Italy and France. Thus in Italy there are regions of the budget, for example, Sicily and the Adriatic coast, where the rental houses will cost a half times cheaper than in Sardinia, at the Flower Riviera in Liguria and in Tuscany. Villas in Nice in France generally considered the most expensive in the world that not so long ago confirmed the Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, bought in the capital of the Côte d'Azur villa, Leopold for 500 million euros.
Villas of Spain features a wide range. Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and the Costa Dorada - in these regions, the average rental value of 1000 euros per week could mean a three-story house with a garden (one kilometer from the coast) and a modest house with one bedroom directly from the sea.

Chateau (Castle)
Château (château) - one of the most luxurious types of accommodation and rental properties in Europe. Chateau - the so-called French castles and palaces that once belonged to big landowners. Furthermore, the chateau - it is also a country seat of the French nobility, which makes this type of property similar to its historical nature in the Italian villa.

What is a chateau?
Chateau in France - a palace, home of aristocrats. Chateau formerly known as Versailles and the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. However, as the city came to their boundaries, both changed their status. In France, the chateau - a country residence, the palace - the city.
Apart from a French word "Chateau" is used in a number of French-speaking regions of Europe, in particular in Belgium and Switzerland. The names of many settlements of France in one way or another connected with the Chateau: Châteauneuf, Betsie-le-Chateau, Châteauneuf-Villevieille, Châteaudouble.

Rent a Chateau in France
Chateau is greater than it is younger. Classic medieval chateau, which are still abundantly represented in the French villages, seem to be tiny compared to the grandiose palaces of 18-19 centuries, that are in the vicinity of Lyon, Orleans and other large French cities.
Rent a chateau - this test alone can afford not everyone is a millionaire. Keep multiroom Palace is a lot of money. Therefore, the most popular type of rental chateau - a delivery in installments, when the tourists are invited to take one (or more) rooms of the palace. Rent a Chateau is also suitable for large companies or a few families. Despite the fact that most of them are luxurious chateau alternative holiday in France, depending on the size of the company can often find a rental options for a very modest "palace" standards of 60 euros per week per person. On average stay in Chateau will cost about 280 euros per week per person. Remove the entire chateau - in this case, the average rent in France begin in the summer of 1700 euros per week.

Chateau in the regions
Most chateaux today can be found on the shores of the Loire. In the Loire Valley there are over 300. The age of some of the chateau is more than 1000 years. Some of them were built by the French kings. Many are national architectural heritage of France.
Another area in which Chateau represented in abundance - this is Bordeaux. This ancient manor houses and hundreds. This, in particular, evidenced by the numerous references to the word "chateau" in the names of local wines.

Cottage - this is not just a country house. This is - a symbol whose meaning varies depending on the historical period: in the 18 century cottage - a sign of good will power, 19 - evidence of involvement of the middle class. After the October Revolution - a bourgeois relic, in the Stalin era - a symbol of belonging to the elite, in the 60's the 20 th century cottage - an image of a minimum of freedom and the mirage of private property.
It is in the early 60-ies in the Soviet Union adopted a resolution that allowed ordinary citizens to acquire their own land. True land area regulated 6 weaving. Due to this limitation cottage got its second name - "6 hectare.
Resolution provoked holiday boom. Around the towns and cities began to rapidly grow chalet villages.
Now cottage - it is an opportunity itself to grow vegetables and fruits, as well as relax in nature without unnecessary spending. In the cottages create cosiness and comfort, broken small gardens. Holiday breeders have succeeded in breeding all sorts of cultures.
For the West, giving a phenomenon of East Slavic culture. From their point of view, to farm in such a way disadvantageous. But it is a time to sit at the holiday table, like all economic theory instantly forgotten.

A plot of land in suburban areas, can have a house, an orchard, usually summed up electricity and water.
Practically, the whole earth is in Spain is in private ownership. Restrictions for the purchase and sale of land by foreigners does not exist.

Law Regulating the Land Law distinguishes between two basic types of land:

1. Urbanized land (terreno urbano), designed for construction;

2. Neurbanizirovannaya land (terreno ru'stico) - not intended for building and representing the land for crops, pastures, forests, etc.

The construction of any structure is accompanied by a license to specific projects of buildings with restrictions for each area (number of floors, minimum land area for construction, etc.).

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