Why is dangerous to live in the buildings will?

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Articles about real estate | Why is dangerous to live in the buildings will? High-rise building, especially if built with the latest technology - a prestigious thing. For some citizens, who think only the categories of successful urban residents, high-rise building, especially in the so-called elite of the city - an occasion for thinking in the style of life success.

Those who are richer, of course long been understood that a prestigious life still begins outside Kiev in the Concha Zaspa, Osokorky or, at worst, New Petrovsky. But leave them outside the ring road and pay attention to the desire of the middle class - high-rise buildings. Moreover, the high-rise buildings for the capital - not only at home on Kreschatike and Pechersk. The new Kiev has its achievements in the form of apartment complexes with well-developed infrastructure, and most of these skyscrapers.

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Abroad, there is no clear answer - whether to build skyscrapers, rather than conventional high-rises, or is it just a stupid waste of money. Some cities around the world began to grow in breadth, encompassing the periphery, but some - are still hard to explode in the sky, interrupting world records in meters and height. Of course, the construction of tall buildings - an expensive pleasure. Less floor space by increasing the technical floors and additional stairwells, elevator shafts of emergency in case of fire. It is cheaper to build a normal house in a couple of dozen stories. And cheaper to buy an apartment in an ordinary house, because all of the additional technical facilities will be built into the price of square meters of living space.

A high percentage of suicides
But the high price of value - not the biggest problem plaguing the sky. In addition to versions of the field of psychology, seismology and esoteric, that will be discussed below, there are such mundane things as fire safety or working elevators. Imagine for a moment that high-rise building, height of 25 floors, broke one of the two lifts ... Or think about what it's like fire to bring water to the upper floors, taking into account the fact that the special high-rise fire ladder from there. There can be no stairs, length 120 meters, set. But not all high-rise buildings in the capital have balconies or fire escapes between floors. Doctors do not recommend opening the windows at high altitude: maximum - 10 cm. After all, at a height of an entirely different light behaves in the wind, and could you know ... One of the doctors believed that living at high altitude can affect the well-being of hypertensive patients and young children.

There is another "contra": as repeatedly argued by psychologists, in the areas of mass building high-rise buildings there is a high percentage of suicides. More specifically, 80% of people who commit suicide, live above the 9 th floor. As an example, the Japanese capital Tokyo, where in the late 70's was built dwelling skyscrapers - Takasimadaira. Initially, the project has caused an unprecedented boom, but after a while it appeared that quarter - the leader in the number of suicides. Now Takasimadaira in Japanese - a synonym for the place where committed suicide. Negative for high-rise buildings are in the U.S. - 35% of the country after the Sept. 11 flatly refuse to even set foot on the threshold of high-rise buildings. And this, incidentally, in a country where skyscrapers - a symbol of power of the state.

Sky - Sky God, and the land He gave the sons of men "
An interesting story told a British scientist, who decided to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid at Giza (remember now, its height is 138 meters against former 146.6). They called the Englishman Sir Siemen. And this curious scientist husband decided to attend the summit only come down to us the miracle of light, using the services of guides and the Arabs. One of the Arabs told the Englishman that if you raise your hand with outstretched fingers up, you can feel the gods of antiquity. Englishman raised his finger and felt a decent shock. Since this is a resident of Foggy Albion took a bottle of wine, in order to celebrate at the top of the pyramid climbing to the sky. So, having tried a sip from a bottle of wine, he again felt the impact of current. Sir Siemen, being a geek, a bottle of wine and the newspaper has decided to immediately make a simple capacitor, turning the bottle with paper. Established improvised "Leyden jar", as only an Englishman raised it up, a charge of electricity and was the spark. Then communicate different things to say: one of the Arabs feared that in front of him a sorcerer and a companion grabbed the Englishman. But there is another version of events: an Englishman, hooligans, sent a bottle to the Arabs, and he got such a shock that had fallen, poor, unconscious. When he recovered, he, piteously crying, quickly climbed down from the Pyramid.

Of course, the Great Pyramid can not be put on a par with the Triumph-Palace in Moscow, but who knows what wonders were happening at the height of skyscrapers? But even if you look at things purely from a scientific point of view, any physicist (even a student) knows that the more high-rise building, the more pronounced effects of atmospheric electricity, in fact, they significantly enhanced already at a height of about 9 floors - 30 meters . Atmospheric electricity in tens of times faster the corrosion process. Depressing effect on the occupants of the house, causing depression, neurosis, the deterioration of the illness, bringing to mental deviations up to suicide.

What pushes to jump out of windows?
Strangely enough, but there is quite a prosaic reason for the high number of suicides among residents of high-rise buildings. They push her seismologists.

- There is a science seysmomeditsina, according to which, a year and a half before the earthquake processes for their preparation of the most negative impact on public health: a growing number of mental health, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, the number of premature births, suicides, and so on - tells the Director of the Seismology Research Center Presidium of ANAS, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, Professor Ikram Kerimov.

Studies of experts in this field of science suggests that the seismic activity of Earth, its seismic radiation effect on the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and ionosphere of the planet even at great distance from the epicenter. And if the construction does not include features such impacts, the foundation of the building exposed to vibration, and influencing the health of people. However, a weak vibration people usually do not feel physically. But the discomfort she is quite capable of produce.

The professor believes that the danger only to the residents of high-rise buildings, but not to those who are working, because at the time of the human brain is active and resisting negative radiations. It's quite another thing when a person is resting, sleeping and even more so - then the brain is "open" for any impacts. However, with the view of Professor seismologist may not agree, some foreign experts who claim that high-rise buildings, and even more skyscrapers are not suitable not only for housing but also for offices: a large number of stores not only stimulates the performance or creative activity, but on the contrary, drive the person into depression and apathy.

The negative impact of seismic and electrical least impact on those who live below the seventh floor, said Ikram Kerimov. In other words, the closer to the ground - the better. And perhaps no wonder the wealthy city dwellers prefer to settle in their own cottages, rather than in high-rise. After all means of protection against seismic vibrations, and other negative impacts on the human body does not exist yet.
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