What will happen to Ukraine?

04.12.2010 08:00
Articles about real estate | What will happen to Ukraine? Under the new geophysical theory, ancient platforms on which our country is, pose a serious seismic hazard. Typhoons, tsunamis, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, snow in South Africa in the middle of June, the irrepressible showers, sizzling summer heat ...

Little? Then "samoletopady, bloody clashes between trains than ever before illness, tragedy in the mines, accidents on highways. Consequences of events happened because of ignorance, greed or criminal negligence, no less carefully thinned the ranks of men.

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"Tell me what to expect tomorrow, how to protect themselves?" - We demand from government and pundits. But others prefer to go to a clairvoyant, psychics, UFO. In the end, no matter who it will help in time to learn the truth.

Try to become better acquainted with those who are on duty or because of the special gift of trying to keep Ukraine from disasters and technological accidents.

Cassandra does not want slavyOb Emma Ivanovna Nesmeyanovich first written in the newspapers and filmed the movie. After all her prophecies earthly troubles dictated Someone from outer space ...

Literally at the crossroads of epochs, the Soviet and Ukrainian independent, well-known documentary filmmaker Victor Olender made the film "Nobody listened to Cassandra." Its heroine was a woman surrounded by an aura of powerful secrets ...

Long before 19 March 1984 it to the nearest minute predicted the imminent earthquake in Uzbekistan, in the village of Petroleum Gazley. Local authorities, to their credit, did not think, believe or not from Kiev - employee of the Institute of Geophysics. Evacuated 12000th population in camps. Aftershocks of 9 points destroyed Gazley to the ground. Casualties have been avoided.

The fact that the Armenian disaster looms with capacity of 7 points, Nesmeyanovich also reported a few months before the end of 1988 - at a conference in Tomsk. "December 7-13, in the center of the zone where the Spitak and Leninakan" - she repeated on several scientific forums. Alas, now Emma Ivanovna did not hear ... The result - 25,000 killed and half a million homeless.

Nesmeyanovich felt the approach of the Chernobyl tragedy. And then shared in the press: "February 25, 1986, opening day in Moscow, XXVII Congress of the CPSU, I came in Kiev, October Palace, with the report. Colleagues said that the danger zone in April, will pass through the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a powerful geophysical fields can lead to uncontrolled reactions, that is an explosion. "

Number of forecasts - and such smaller scale - multiplied. Newsboys excitedly tried to find a Nesmeyanovich, what is the essence of the method? But the truth about herself Emma Ivanovna has opened a film. Here is an extract therefrom:

"- It all began in 1971 when I had a mental stress. I heard a voice - male, cold, imperious, both from the well. "Gaia!" - He turned to me, though I have a different name. And gave some information from a friendly planet Mercury. Including the terrible news to me ... It was said that her husband would die on the day coverage of the Sun Crab Nebula under certain geophysical situations. And the earthquake in Kiev in March, seventy-seventh, will occur at the same coordinates of Mercury, as the day of his death ... "

The camera, meanwhile, allows the viewer to inspect the apartment of Emma Ivanovna. Modest surroundings in the spirit of the Soviet technical intelligentsia lost against the bright murals and doors. Gaia surrounded by humanoid demigods poluptitsy-how from the ancient Egyptian myths ...

"- Something from the fact that it was to tell you confirm?

- First, I forgot it. But, unfortunately, all matched. And the death of Alexei Timofeyevich June 14, 1976, and an earthquake ... "

In the frame - a monument to the famous astrophysicist at Nesmeyanovichu Baikove cemetery. At the funeral stele inscription: "Mercury! Broadcast fire death of princes and a strong spirit! And at the same location by repeating that on the day of death, you carry the message from the dead to the living world. As the thunder of earthquakes, your voice sounds to me. Gay. "

Later, Emma I. tells how she saw in his own room, glowing ball. He came from nowhere, turning the ceiling into the starry sky.

"- Gaia, you're doing a good job, but admits a big mistake. Must take into account non-linear resonance between the Moon and Mercury, in general non-linear resonance in the inner solar system. Must all be reduced to the analytical model. Then, to simplify the solution ...

In the morning I went into the office, took the computing machine - the equations were written almost automatically. Since that time simply had to adjust the method. But in general the problem of forecasting disasters was solved by now such a wonderful contact.

The tragedy at the airshow in Sknyliv in 2002, explosions in coal mines of the Donbass in 2003 ... These developments, according to Emma Nesmeyanovich, it is anticipated to arise in reality. Simply by tradition no one responded.

Quite a long time her "prophecies" have appeared in several Ukrainian editions. And then disappeared. It was rumored in 2004, Gay has predicted the "orange" government failure. And the editors advised to refuse service "explosive" women.

... Emma Ivanovna, I called to find out that now promise to our country from outer space. (Now their predictions, short and very sleek, 77-year-old ex-celebrity is hosted at MOE for some reason, under the name "Zaichenko-Nesmyanovich", and on the Internet communicate with the audience, thirsting for the revelations, under the name "Emmanuel").

- I do not give interviews. I can not, I have no right to give. I can not speak either in the press or on television, because in Ukraine difficult spiritual situation is bad - I was saddened by the interlocutor. But, apparently, to sigh felt that the journalist "KP" is not ready in the dark abyss of ignorance. And pity:

- Another 10 April, I warned of the crash with the Polish President Kaczynski. It is directly linked to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The present anomalous warm for November also kept because of an Icelandic volcano. His activity in turn provoked the Hadron Collider. Plus, a magnetic storm is raging - also warned in advance. Feel for the state?

I do not know, how about a connection of the volcano and the collider, but my head was really gone all around ...

"Protection against earthquakes, each must himself"

Kendzera Alexander, head of seismic hazards, deputy director of the Institute of Geophysics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - the responsibility for the prediction of emergency, the false alarm from the zone of Vrancea, and that the explosions in the mines of Donbass often are caused by tectonic activity.

POPULAR "Revelation" - Harmful

- Alexander, fortunately for Ukraine earthquake - exotic. But sometimes we start to shake, in a figurative sense, the rumors about them. What about this talk now of geophysics?

- Talking about the upcoming cataclysms is reasonable only in professional circles. Experts warn that can take adequate decisions. A forecast, thrown into the box in the unscripted environment, causes the reaction to be counterproductive.

- In other words, a panic? Feels you - enemy of popular "revelations." You know the examples when they are harmed society?

- The spiral of fear, which give a scientifically based prediction, is often associated with unfair competition. It feels good in the Crimea. On the eve of another holiday season, our friends ... (smiles) tossed about that on the southern coast will happen a strong earthquake. Streams holidaymakers change vector and move to Turkey or Greece, where they promised security and comfort. As a result, they are deceived, and Ukraine.

Yes, there is a disaster, when even the modern man is the only means of salvation - the flight. But to draw conclusions about the approaching disaster is only possible if possess information about the processes that lead to dangerous natural and man-made effects, represents a model of these processes. Everything else - the irresponsible guesswork.

Forecasts must first analyze in specialized academic councils. Find out which data to use a colleague, beating the alarm as it is scientifically proved method. Then - the independent examination of the interdepartmental commission on seismic monitoring.

- Excuse me, is hardly an earthquake will wait patiently until the issue will explore these instances ...

- Partly you are right. But the experienced professionals should be enough a few days. And so it is important to remember: while the concept of seismic protection - and we have, and the world! - Not based on the prediction of the time the earthquake. Unable to create a reliable model to describe the processes that occur inside the Earth. However, realistically predict what maximum shaking expected in a given region. That is, the value of a possible earthquake, we define. For example, a nuclear power plant, dam, or tall buildings. Enough to know the dimensions of crustal blocks to calculate how much power they can accumulate, and then released when the destruction of the environment. If you would take into account the recommendations of seismologists at the stage of planning and design of buildings, destruction, and, hence, victims would be far less. Prevention - the best protection and ours, and in medicine.


- From Earthquake invented vaccination?

- Developed national standards "Construction in seismic regions of Ukraine." There are three official maps of general seismic zoning. They are "responsible" for the earthquake that may occur, but not to be exceeded with a high probability in the next fifty years. Maps indicate the level of seismic hazard - it should be considered when choosing the location and design of industrial facilities and residences.

- Comforting news, Alexander!

- Wait to rejoice. State standards are identical to the law. And the laws we have to do with how a traffic light. Mass of the people knows what it takes to wait for the green light, but runs across the street at a red ... So there is a problem with the embodiment in practice of scientific advice, raised to the level of construction standards. However, for the territories under the dam of the Kiev Sea, under the nuclear plants - all except Zaporozhye! - Seismic hazard is determined on the basis of observations of the near and distant earthquakes, explosions, and MS. Planned establishment of permanent local networks of seismic stations for monitoring of geodynamic situation in the placement of nuclear power plants.

- Why is ignored Zaporizhzhya nuclear?

- Zaporizhzhya, apparently too powerful - for the implementation of the laws ...

Recently a meeting was held in Energoatom - they re-ordered to change attitudes seysmozaschite. Issued an order pursuant to which the station must carry out work to assess the quantitative parameters of the seismic hazard of the site. Management agrees, nodding his head ... and save money. Risks, running a red light.

A similar logic was present in the rulers is not the most advanced and wealthy country of Haiti. There are three hundred years did not know the strong earthquakes and believed that the spirits of voodoo going to protect Haitians and more. Spirits exhausted. Approximately seventy-eight thousand people died overnight ...


- Alexander, that the detective story has turned out with the expectation of a terrible earthquake, closing in on Ukraine from Romania, the so-called zone of Vrancea? In March, read your interview with one authoritative news agency: do not, alas, do not blow over. In October, you have refuted the March abstracts: Ukrainian scientists had time predictions of earthquakes do not ...

- Presentation of a few incorrectly. I was asked to comment on the original data, allegedly received from the Romanian Institute of Physics of the Earth - what a given situation, in principle, threatens to Ukraine. But the source turned out to be a lie! We phoned colleagues in Bucharest. They vowed that are in sound mind and not be allowed to gamble - to specify when exactly in the zone of Vrancea happen cataclysm. And I would currently not allowed. Although attributed to the European Seismological Commission had all the same.

- Then let me know how you think of the visionary work of the former colleagues at the Institute of Emma Nesmeyanovich? Emma Ivanovna is proud that many times the place and time of disasters without errors.

(Pause). - No comments. The clinic, which has no relation to seismology. Although I am watching with interest the minds that are connected to "PC World" - the world is still full of mysteries. I emphasize again: today, science is not predicted by the days, hours and minutes of natural disasters. While there is no reason to redirect funds for such research, tempered by seismic - a country would be too expensive and unlikely to be effective. And I note that the protection against earthquakes civilized taxpayers must deal with individually, for their money.

- Well, turn! How?

- Decided to get a mansion on the shores of the Black Sea? You must build it in a seismic option.

- And if my destiny - the usual municipal living block?

- Apartment privatized? Look for the owner of the house, looking for planners, requires confirmation that the well-known building code in this part are met, formalizes insurance. Get the receipt of accelerograms - will look like this accelerating seismic waves from earthquakes on the basis of which is determined seysmouyazvimost building. If the findings are not encouraging, sell, trade housing. Or be aware that lose in case of emergency.

In the Donbas NOT ALL GOOD

- In Ukraine, thirty-seven seismological stations. Enough to determine the situation below ground?

- Must be at least seventy. In the little Switzerland of over two hundred.

- So in Switzerland and the banks more! (Smeemsya.)

- The stations on the territory of Ukraine placed unevenly, mostly in the south and west. Near Kiev have only recently become erect. Nakata insight: capital, metropolis would be nice to acquire the observation post. Never know ...

Eastern and central regions of the same, apart from Poltava, in the sense of the stations are still empty. And in fact there is concentrated industrial potential of the country, mines, factories ...

In the days of the Union believed to be accurate theory that the ancient platforms (just in Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk Region is located on a) a strong earthquake is possible. Now preconceived notions refuted. Recent tremors in Krivoy Rog, Mikulintsah Ternopil region and in the Kupyansk in Kharkiv set point in the discussion. Risk of accidents in Donbass is present, it depends on the seismic hazard and the vulnerability of objects. We are just holding talks with the institute in Donetsk, which previously led Azarov. Come together to develop a program of the geodynamic control of the region. Indeed, from a misunderstanding of the processes of mass killing miners ...

- Would you say that sudden releases of methane from coal mines, fire or roof collapse are related to tectonic activity recovery?

- The miners not without reason fear the notorious weak crackle, consider them harbingers of trouble. It is under the influence of time-varying stress field of the geological environment "come alive" old faults in the crust. In the crack is allocated gas previously absorbed in the rock, and the pressure of hundreds of thousands of atmospheres. Cracks merge into a single trunk. If it is directed to the mines, then sooner or later happen PE. Gas powerfully break through in the face, the blow sparked metal. Explosion, fire, accident victim ... then investigating and will put the "human factor" - the master who followed the observance of safety regulations. Followed, but the appearance of methane missed - in fact to discharge the gas in the mine was not ...

In Poland, Canada, USA, South Africa, Australia and other countries, seismologists have long been helping miners to reduce the risk of their profession. Abstain only Ukraine, Russia and China.

- Information for the president, government institution submits a "classified"?

- According to the law on state secrets relating to the state of the environment can not be classified. All for free access. Our materials used by MOE, MEP, Minregionstroy, Ministry of Energy. After all, to protect themselves from earthquakes, I repeat, must each in his place.

In the subject

Unconventional outlook chief of natural and man-made disasters of the International Institute of Socionics Zaichenko-Nesmyanovich EI (Published on the website of Emergencies of Ukraine):

"In November 2010, the most dangerous (extreme) days of the month are expected 5, 12, 17-22, on November 25. In the extreme days of the month is expected to increase the probability of man-made and natural emergencies, accidents in coal mines (fires and explosions), dangerous events at nuclear power plants are also expected to increase in accidents in transport (especially air and pipeline), various natural calamities and anomalies (including rainstorms, flooding, shifts, collapses, etc.).

Also, in these days are expected to increase seismic activity (especially 17-22 November) for the Carpatho-Balkan region ".

Author: Olga Musafirova, KP Ukraine
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