What to do if you, or you flooded?

11.10.2012 00:00
Articles about real estate | What to do if you, or you flooded? Water - the source of life on our planet, it is known to everyone. However, there are cases where it is and destruction. "Housing" Flood, of course, global disaster, but cares and brings a lot of hassle. Bay apartments - one of the most frequent causes of conflict between neighbors. The causes of water leakage can be different: forgot to close the valve, faulty plumbing, pipe burst, torn towel or a battery of central heating, etc. In any case, the conflict should be resolved correctly.

If you have flooded neighbors

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If your ceiling with flowing water, it is not in a hurry grab buckets and rags, first turn off the electricity. This will help to avoid a short circuit.

Then we need to address the causes of the Gulf: appeal to the neighbors or the operating organization.

And even now, it is prudent to eliminate the consequences of the flood. They need to remove the camera or camcorder. This material will be useful if the peace with the neighbors for damages will not be able to agree.

Then should draw up a statement, which will be recorded flooding of its time, place, and also indicate the degree of damage to property and "possible concealed damage" that may occur 5-6 days after the incident. The act states the reason of flooding, the perpetrators and requirements. This document should clearly reflect that the damage in the apartment caused by flooding, have precisely because of leak detection. This official paper drawn up by the plant operator building, it is desirable that it was the chairman of the organization and the technical expert, and by the apartment owner or his representative.

Writing act - your guarantee for a refund. It should make even if neighbors verbally pleaded guilty and promised to pay the expenses. Always remember that people can give up their words, and no act of sinking to defend their rights in court would be virtually impossible.

Further it is necessary to agree with the guilty about the amount and method of compensation. Determine the culprit is not always easy, as there are cases where a leak neighbors not to blame. For example, over the risers hot and cold water up to the first isolation devices (including these devices and valves) responsible entity that manages the house. But for all that is located after these devices to be stopped, the apartment owners are responsible, that is, the neighbors. Also, these organizations are also responsible for the heating system, including risers, radiators and other equipment located in these networks. That way, your neighbors are not responsible for the leak in the battery located in their apartment. But there are exceptions - cases where the landlord yourself repaired or replaced elements heating system.

So, if found guilty, and with him managed to find common ground, we can begin to repair their own living space. If no agreement is reached, it is necessary to begin assessing the damage to the apartment. You must contact the company that is engaged in the preparation of the necessary documentation for real estate appraisal. For this report will have to pay, but it is required to further justice. Then should go to court. You can certainly try again to hold peace talks with its neighbors, as it is often a large number of official papers depressing effect on the guilty, and they agree to your terms.

If you have flooded neighbors

Sometimes it happens that you are guilty of a flood. Clearly, not on purpose, it was an accident, but to solve the situation is still necessary.

First you need to find the cause and eliminate it leaks.

Then you try to negotiate with neighbors for damages. Always you personally inspect the flooded apartment, and do not believe the stories. Even better photograph or remove the camera effects. If the neighbors are not allowed in the apartment, referring to many different good reasons, insist on the expertise in your presence. A letter with the request must be sent to the operating organization, previously necessary to make a copy and for themselves.

If the culprit was faulty equipment, then it must also prove through examination. If "marriage" is set, then all claims in accordance with the opinion of experts should be sent to the manufacturer, or the organization setting the equipment. Naturally, for those claims, you must have all the necessary checks and receipts. If you find the culprit and prove it, he will have to pay compensation to you and your neighbors.

Advice. If you live in an older home, often refer to the service company with the requirements of repair. It is best to send these requirements in writing and a copy for themselves.

In any case, the "home" flood associated with hassle and material costs. If you want to protect yourself from it, then contact the insurance companies in advance. Most major insurance companies insure:
The apartments themselves (main walls and ceilings) and furnish apartments;
Apartment equipment and engineering equipment;
Your responsibility to the neighbors.

Insurance - a kind of umbrella of the flood.
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