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01.07.2019 00:45
Villas billionaires can now be booked through Airbnb. Platform for renting private housing launched a new service - Luxe. Users are offered to stay in a celebrity villa or even rent an entire island. True, the name of the owner of the property is kept secret. How much is a star's life for rent? What star property can you rentTo spend your vacation as a star you have to pay at least $ 14 thousand a week. For this money, the client will receive a transfer from the airport, the staff of the domestic staff - from a personal chef to a massage therapist - and a personal manager. If necessary, he will reserve a table in a Michelin-starred restaurant and fulfill the tenant's other whims.

The most luxurious option that the Airbnb Luxe service now offers is an archipelago not far from Tahiti. A week there will cost $ 1 million. The names of the owners, as a rule, are not disclosed.

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But there is a category of businessmen who, on the contrary, want to let the fans into their lives. For example, the founder of the Virgin Group Corporation Richard Branson made a whole film in which he invites guests to his island of Necker. $ 60,000 per night, and you can scratch the lemur behind the ear, invites Branson: “Many people often ask me how I spend my time on my island. I prefer to work in a hammock, on the couch or even in the bathroom. I have never had an office table. I also like to play tennis, go kitesurfing, and here you can play with lemurs. Join us to get a taste of island life. ”

Wealthy Russians are more restrained. As a rule, if they decide to rent their property, they do it anonymously — everything will be as impersonal as possible at the facility. The owner will always be worried about the safety of his belongings, businessman Vasily Klyukin confessed: “The Russian mentality in this regard is different from the Western one. For Americans, there is no problem at all: they live in their house, they leave - they have passed. I have repeatedly come across the fact that they have primary economics in this regard, that is, they calmly relate to this. In Russia, it seems to me, this is a less likely story. As for me, it is unlikely. I have an apartment that would theoretically fit this scheme, but the problem is that I rarely go to it. I cannot follow whether it is in order or not, how it was returned - they broke something, broke it, flooded it or everything is fine. ”

In Europe in recent years, rental housing from politicians is popular. For example, Germany invites you to live as a chancellor. A modest dvushku with gas heating on Schonhauser-Alley, 104, which Angela Merkel rented in the 90s, can now be rented for € 55 per day.

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