What prevents the lower cost per square meter

24.03.2011 11:07
Articles about real estate | What prevents the lower cost per square meter Rise in prices of construction materials and energy, as well as existing building codes do not allow cheaper construction, and make available square footage. What else is dependent price per square meter and that prevents developers to reduce its cost recognized correspondent BIZ.liga.net.

"The price of square meter primarily affect construction materials and their cost. This issue is acute in recent years - has recently been a sharp increase in prices of basic construction materials (bricks, cement, concrete, metal), without which there is nothing to build. In connection with the that the Antimonopoly Committee should seriously understand this issue, because such appreciation is real signs of cartel. " - Narrated by the director of "Makrocap Development Ukraine (MCDU), first deputy chairman of the Association, Regional Construction Dmitry Kutovoi.

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It is clear that more expensive energy. But to say that the builders should be cheaper and thus raise prices for building materials - is outrageous and unreasonable from the standpoint of the domestic market.

Also, according to an expert on construction costs affect not handle all the order of transmission utilities to balance on the balance sheet. This is especially true "Oblenergos - transfer networks sometimes lasts for years due to lack of sane mechanism. The fact that developers often continue to bear the costs of maintenance, in fact, the payment rate "Oblenergos" already when the actual users of electricity are the residents. Because it lasts a long process of transmission network on the balance sheets Oblenergos, there is no possibility of signing direct contracts between the organization and the tenants.

Since this is a very common situation, and electricity tariffs for households and organizations are different, so this plus the delta time, people, power, money spent on the solution of these problems, it's necessary to lay a price as a risk because of other sources for this is not there. This factor is not globally affect the price, but also worsens the conditions of doing business.

On construction costs reflected the cost of renting land, and failure mechanisms of the same superficies that the crisis would help reduce the cost of the land to developers.

In turn, Managing ODL "Zhilstroy-2", deputy chairman of the Association, Regional Construction Grooms Alexander added that the cost of housing significantly affected by building codes (DBN - Derzhavnі budіvelnі norms) operating in Ukraine.

"One of the saddest examples - the requirement to provide parking space per apartment in new buildings, which is particularly inappropriate in the construction of affordable housing. Regarding this issue, our Association has repeatedly appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries, but to no avail," - said the expert.

Also require revision of existing standards regarding the enforce newly unified garbage since entail unnecessary expense and contrary to global trends organization of separate collection of waste with a view to its further processing and environmental recycling.

Norm, which limits the minimum area of ??apartments and reduces their attractiveness and increases the cost. A rule for light and insolation apartments is not used anywhere in the world, only here. Each of these rules reduces the effectiveness of construction site development and increases the associated costs. Such documents hamper the development of the construction industry.

According to him, to reduce the cost of housing can be achieved through the abolition of deductions on the socio-economic development of the settlements, bringing technical conditions in accordance with the law. As is known, according to the Law of Ukraine "On the Planning and Development," Engineering customer network attached to the backbones in the construction site.

"Of course, we understand that the utilities do not always have a timely opportunity to sum up the homes under construction communication, taking into account the plans of developers. Therefore, we are building in-house engineering services and outside construction sites, especially since the law provides for reduction of share premium builder the development of infrastructure of the city in proportion to costs incurred for the construction of networks outside stroyuchastka. But, unfortunately, these provisions of the Act is almost no work ", - said A. Grooms.

In real life, the builders are still builders are spending money building these utilities, unable to compensate for them. These costs are at best 5% and, at worst, and 20% of the value of the property, and seriously affect the cost of construction.

Experts believe that to some extent on reducing the cost of housing affect removal of VAT and simplification of licensing procedures. But the global development of the Ukrainian real estate market, including residential, depends on increasing people's purchasing power and the emergence of affordable mortgages.


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