What is the classification of apartments in new buildings?

26.02.2018 00:30
Articles about real estate | What is the classification of apartments in new buildings? In advertising materials, the word combinations "business class housing", "elite real estate" and "economy class" are often used. These are not just enticing names, but valuable information that speaks about the degree of comfort, the comfort of housing and the development of local infrastructure. A class defines not only the layout and style of design, but also the building materials used, engineering solutions.  Economy class

As the name implies, this is the most affordable housing. Usually these are panel houses that are built quickly enough thanks to a simple construction technology from prefabricated prefabricated panels.

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Such new buildings can often be seen in the capital and the surrounding area, for example, in the Vyshneve, Vyshhorod, Buche, Boryspil. A low price is not necessarily a sign of the same quality.

Sockets are constantly being improved and every year they become more comfortable for life, but they are not deprived of their shortcomings:

it is impossible to arbitrarily reschedule an apartment, shrinking the building during the first 2 years of operation.

Before buying an apartment in a new panel house, it is necessary to clarify with the developer how things stand with sound and heat insulation, as this is a common weakness of buildings of this type.

Business Class

New buildings from monolithic concrete blocks with individual planning. They are well-implemented heat and sound insulation, and among the advantages are also:

durability, strength and rigidity of the frame, uniqueness and individuality, the ability to create the most incredible interiors.

House-monoliths are erected by seamless technology, a single whole. First installed metal and wooden structures, shields of columns and interfloor overlappings, which are then poured with a special solution with concrete.

Outside, the house can be lined with panels or bricks. Inside the walls are placed only when the layout of the apartment requires this.

Elite class

The most expensive and comfortable for living housing is offered in brick houses. This ecological building material ensures high-quality air exchange, which protects the construction from such common problems of massive new buildings, as fungi between walls and ceilings.

Elite new buildings meet the highest demands of buyers, but have their shortcomings. In addition to the high price per meter, many investors are deterred by protracted construction lines. In our country, this involves a number of risks, including the changing economic situation, changes in the regulatory framework.

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