What is the apartment?

18.10.2010 17:41
Articles about real estate | What is the apartment? Apartments - relatively new on the market. They, in contrast to conventional apartments, we can not be registered, but they are worth 15-20% less.

Because buyers are interested in cheap housing and have a lot of unneeded office space, which is planned to convert the apartments in the near future we can expect the boom in this market.

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On the Russian real estate market apartments in the multi-complexes appeared relatively recently - less than five years ago. For the first time this type of real estate offered complex "Moscow City": sales began in 2006, and the minimum cost was $ 8 thousand per square meter. The apartments are located in the center "Capital City" and occupy the upper floors of the towers of St. Petersburg and Moscow, while the business center is located on the first 17 floors. It was assumed that housing will be designed for people who work in downtown. In this case, now an apartment in Capital City sold at 70%.

The apartments are premises in non-residential buildings, usually in multifunctional complexes, furnished or prepared for finishing.

The main difference from conventional apartments is their legal status. "Apartments for sale are flat without the right to residence, as legally they belong to non-residential real estate. Such is the peculiarity of the Russian market. In foreign markets apartments (serviced apartments) are apartments with hotel services.

A number of Russian projects of hotel service in the apartments also provided, but most of the planned projects will represent an analogue of conventional housing without registration ", - says the Managing Partner of Blackwood Kovalev.

The rise in popularity among developers of apartments due to the fact that the format of real estate can be implemented where traditional housing impossible. The apartments are not subject to regulatory restrictions on building density, insolation, social infrastructure required for residential properties. At the same time on the same plot of apartments can be built in several times more than standard flats.

"The main prerequisite for the emergence of this format in the Russian market is the high profitability and return on the complex, which in addition to offices, retail and hotel component provided apartments. While approvals issued only to non-residential fund ", - says Director of Development Department of luxury apartments Paul` s Yard Natalia Dabson.

Typically, apartments are located on the upper floors of the complex, the total area starts from 40 square meters. m and is 300 square meters. m. The advantages can be noted improved consumer characteristics, as well as panoramic windows. "In addition to residential apartments in the mixed-use complexes include, as a rule, a business center, shopping center, a full sports club, first class restaurants, the building has underground parking, engineering equipment at international standards, full service, concierge-level five-star hotel "- the director of the Department of Elite Real Estate Capital Group, Irina Rogachev.

The abundance of services, of course, not free, will inevitably impact on operating costs, according to managing director of real estate agency exclusive "Manor" Natalie Katz. However, the costs of the apartments are compensated by the fact that their purchase will be cheaper than buying an ordinary apartment the same area: as a rule, the price of apartments is less than 15-20%, in some cases the difference can amount to 30-40%. Reduce the price developers are prepared by a special legal status of the apartment that suits not all buyers.

However, the discount can be obtained in most cases the purchase of objects of economy or business class. In the segment of premium discounts may not be, and sometimes even reverse - the cost of such a facility would be higher due to an exclusive location.

"For example, in" Kutuzovskaya Riviera, where available, and apartments, and apartments, the price difference is 15-20%. Nevertheless, there is a unique offer apartments, which cost no less than elite apartments, and in some cases and higher. Such proposals are in the hotel "Moscow" or Radisson Royal (Ukraine), Ritz Carlton », - said Natalia Dabson.

According to the company IntermarkSavills, the most popular apartments within the Third Ring Road and the surrounding areas - they account for 70% of consumer demand. This is usually an apartment in the high price segment, and their prices, according to company Blackwood, range from $ 5800 to $ 25,000 for the quarter. m. The most expensive proposal submitted in the complexes, located in the "Moscow City".

For example, the minimum cost of apartments for sale in Capital City is 215 thousand rubles. per square. m, the complex "The Legend of Color," which has a unique location in the historic center - from 280 thousand rubles. that is in the elite sector is one of the cheapest offerings. "The ability to offer the customer a competitive price appears at the developer's costs by streamlining the construction phase", - says Irina Rogachev.

The cost of economy class apartments, according to company IntermarkSavills, at $ 3,3-5,2 thousand for the quarter. m. The main segment of the proposal are studio or one bedroom apartment is a small area, 45-80 square meters. m. The objects of the lower price range are usually built on the outskirts of Moscow. These include the apartment complex "Yaroslavl" at the Yaroslavl highway from PIK Group and office-residential complex "First business house on the street Bratislava.

"This is a typical example of the discounters. When a builder is a restriction on the construction of a residential facility, he builds a business complex with apartments. And on the same site apartments can often be to construct more than flat. The apartments are sold at a lower price, but at the expense of more total income of the project will be substantially higher.

Many developers are actively promoting the idea that, after all the apartments in the complex will be sold, the house can be translated into the category of housing. However, in practice it is virtually impossible to implement - rather it is the course to attract buyers. Although many such idea bribes, but in practice, such examples of translation, I do not know ", - says head of strategic consulting and assessments, partner IntermarkSavills Dmitry Hulin.

At the same time as the whole real estate market, apartments have lost in value during the crisis. According to the company Knight Frank, the average bid price per square meter in June of this year to 33% lower than September 2008, back when the market was at its peak.

Despite the obvious advantages of apartments - attractive price and the proximity of a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues - yet they cause suspicion among Russian buyers. The main reason, as are inclined to believe the experts, is the legal status of the apartment. "Abroad, there is no institution residence - a man not tied to his address, rather he uses it as a billing address, where people come all the bills. In Russia, a long time had no concept of ownership, so registration in the community could give some confidence in what you have. Therefore, many react to this new format of housing in disbelief. True, the issue of registration is significant for economy and business-segment buyers gentrification are taking it calmly, - says Natalya Katz.

The fact that the apartments are bad take root in the Russian market, partly blame themselves developers, who can not yet reach the Western standards of quality. "Our developers are not yet able to build a quality facility with apartments. Often, in the Moscow apartment-part project is little different from ordinary non-residential offices. Issues with the service, the provision of additional services, interior decoration of public areas and suites themselves, ease of infrastructure in a complex in most cases are not worked out. Therefore unlikely in these complexes will be convenient to live ", - says Dmitry Hulin.

Plays an important role and limited demand for such facilities. Potential buyers of the apartments are rather specific: it is employees of foreign companies and businessmen who spend most of their time on mission, top managers of large companies for which special importance is the location of the complex and hotel service, and the problem of registration, by contrast, is irrelevant. Interest in the apartments, usually showing buyers, who already have housing, often not even one.

Apartments can be kind of a status and an executive housing, but no permanent place of habitation. "Apartments can not be a substitute for a full-fledged housing. This product fits the lonely people - for example, young professionals who have no family or family with no children ", - says Dmitry Hulin.

Targeting developers in the business segment is also seen in the fact that most of today's Moscow apartment has an excess area, whereas among the potential target audience of the most popular targets of such a format would be studios and one bedroom apartments. According to the company Intermark Saviills, in the "Moscow City" Most of the apartments have an area of 180-270 square meters. meters, 100-150 square meters. m - 15%. Compact apartment less than 100 square meters. m is less than 5% of the total. Due to the large areas will be difficult to find a tenant for such a facility.

However, in addition to the objects of business and premium-class market gradually emerging objects designed for mass market. "At the moment the market begins a gradual selection of apartments of two fundamentally different types of apartments for sale - apartments in the major business centers (the so-called business suites) and apartments as an analogue of" traditional "housing. A striking example of the first type - apartments in the Moscow-City ".

Their main target audience - business people. Examples of the second type of apartments for sale - IFC's "flotilla", apartments in residential complex at the Yaroslavl highway. This type of apartment is oriented to a greater extent than on business customers, and the "traditional" buyers, for which however is not so important to have a residence permit (for example, young families who have a residence permit from their parents), "- says Konstantin Kovalev.

While the project with suggestions of apartments on the market is extremely small. However, experts believe that the prospects for the format of housing is, and in the near future the share of apartments in the housing market may increase. Primarily, this may be due to rekontsepta unclaimed office projects in housing, as housing markets recovered much faster than an office.

According to the calculations of IntermarkSavills, now on paper is about 2 million square feet. m of office space, which as one of the alternatives considered reconception survival in the apartment. Moreover, these objects are not the most top-end places.

However, according to company forecasts, only 10-15% of these projects will actually come to market. "In fact, to alter the housing offices are not so simple: Change the design documentation, re-transmission of all approval procedures, etc.

A possible solution to this problem is the submission option instead of offices is not classic apartments and suites - non-residential premises made in the form of apartments, but without the right of residence. Formally, the apartments are non-residential real estate, and, accordingly, comply with all rules on housing from the developer is not necessary.

At the same time be aware that apartments can be implemented as an area for living, respectively, will be of interest to potential home buyers, and thus to provide a competitive product market regulations on insolation, landscaping, etc. (ie all that that affect the demand for home buyers) must abide by, "- says Konstantin Kovalev.

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