What documents are required upon transfer of the house?

06.04.2011 00:10
Articles about real estate | What documents are required upon transfer of the house? 1. Legal documents (certificate of the right
home ownership, a certificate of inheritance to
Law / bequest, sale agreement, deed of gift,
barter agreement, the court decision, etc.)

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2. Extract of registration in the State Register of transactions
(As if the title documents - contract)
- This extract acts since 2005

3. Extract from the register of ownership of real property (issued by the relevant Bureau of Technical Inventory) - valid for H months

4. Statement on the State Registration of Rights (issued
the relevant Bureau of Technical Inventory)

5. Reference form number 3 (issued by the relevant ZhEKom or
village council) - served a notary public only in the case
if the house is inhabited - valid for one week after

6. The solution of the board of trustees (in case
owner / co-owner of a minor / juvenile, or if the given address registered with minor or a minor, and only if the residential house)

7. Help the assignment of cadastral numbers land
the site that hosts this house showing
size of land (if land is not

8. Passports, identification numbers of all participants
transaction, a marriage certificate (if required).

All documents submitted to the notary in the original.


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