What are real estate agents?

20.11.2013 12:53
Articles about real estate | What are real estate agents? The Guardian newspaper has published the most outrageous cases of incompetence on the part of the British Realtors. As many as three different real estate agent managed to inspect expensive villas for the thief, who in August 2013 had stolen luxury jewelry. The impostor , who identified himself as Oleg , agents convinced that he is the representative of a wealthy Russians and he needs time to be alone in the house to call his client on the mobile phone.

One agent forgot to warn owners that will be viewing their properties . All went well until the agent with the potential buyers are not logged into the bedroom and opened a walk-in wardrobe , where the owner was hiding completely naked .

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Another seller of real estate came to the examination together with a potential tenant and saw that the front door of the building hangs on some loops. While inside prevailed with a complete mess , and the house was turned upside down , he continued inspection and just shut the door when leaving . The fact that the house had been robbed , it was discovered only when the owner came back after work.

One day, the couple visited the property inspection with the agent , who spent showing ownership of the auto-pilot : " He first told us about the standard housing characteristics , and then suddenly mentioned that there is scope for expansion, for extensions or conservatories loft conversion " - says the potential buyer . The problem was that they were on the fourth floor of a five-story building.

A real estate agent showing prospective buyers luxury house in London's Notting Hill, while the dead man was lying on the couch 55 -year-old owner of the property. Later, the agent admitted that he thought the owner only peacefully dozing. 

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