We are buying a plot in cottage village or village, «for» and «against»

29.01.2018 00:30
Articles about real estate | We are buying a plot in cottage village or village, «for» and «against» Before you decide to move out of town, you need to decide on the purpose of moving - to change the place of residence or completely change your life. After all, life outside the city is very different from life in the city. To constantly live outside the city, in a village or in a cottage (dacha) village, you need to have good health, do not be afraid of difficulties and be optimistic, as fitness and proper nutrition from farm products are provided to you. You'll have to clean the snow on the plot yourself in winter, mow the grass in summer and make sure that the roof does not flow and the fence does not fall.

The decision to leave the city apartment and radically change the usual way of life in favor of the stillness and fresh air is accepted, it remains to be decided on the place for the construction of a new quieter and more ecological life. Ads in newspapers and the Internet are full of reports about the sale of sites in villages and villages, as well as in cottage settlements. What to choose - a traditional rural life or urban comfort in your home?

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Let's try in this article to weigh the difference between buying a house in the village from buying a house in a cottage village.

Pros and cons of buying a plot in the village

Buying a plot for construction in the village you need to know some important points.

Let's start with the "minuses":

You are moving to a special "team" - people live side by side for many years, sometimes even generations, they know everything about each other. To make friends with all (and in the village otherwise you will not live), you need time. Choosing a house in the village - choose another and a neighbor.

Absence or wear of the main communications. In Soviet times, the village flourished and in many more or less large settlements there were built a water supply system, sewerage systems, and even boiler houses in some places. Therefore, when building a new house in the village, you will either have to provide additional expenses for installing a heating boiler, constructing a sewage system, drilling a well for water, or carrying water from a common source, storing or buying firewood and heating a stove and using a cold village toilet, yourself.

Absence or partially deteriorated car cover. Repairing pits on the road at your own expense, or skipping with neighbors, if they have money, in the winter time, the municipality does not clean all roads, so you may not be lucky and you will have to hire a tractor again at your own expense.

Lack of work in the village. For a decent life, money is needed even with the management of a large farm - from clothing and maintenance to basic products - you still have to pay, so you should immediately think about the source of income if the city is too far to travel and is problematic. Organize a business on your site is not difficult, you can grow broilers, rabbits, goats, etc.

The proximity of the forest / rivers. This is fishing, mushrooms and berries, hunting, swimming. All this is fine, but do not forget about the dangers - pincers and diseases that they suffer, snakes, poisonous mushrooms and plants. In addition, you need to be able to know how to do it yourself and, most importantly, to teach children to swim and orient themselves in the forest, which in modern life is not unimportant.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a plot in a cottage settlement

Roads. To the cottage settlements are usually laid new good roads. Some of the newly formed settlements can be driven by temporary dirt roads, but they are also regularly cleaned from the snow in winter and periodically leveled in the summer.

With communications the situation is the same - most likely they are newly built and in good condition. Where they are not yet, the owners conduct the necessary work themselves - because together this will come out cheaper and faster. This also applies to geodetic work and geological research. For the competent drafting of a house, these works are necessary, and their holding together with neighbors is more profitable. For comparison, in the village it is unlikely to find like-minded people - under ready-made houses to do soil research to anything, all the more, the procedure is not cheap.

The cost of the site in the cottage village is slightly higher than in the village just because of the proximity to the city. Also depends on the availability of electricity, water, sewage, gas. Naturally, the more amenities there are in the village, the more expensive the plots are there.

Neighbors. Of course, everywhere there are good and interesting people. But it will be logical to assume that in the cottage community of friends it will be easier to find both children and their parents - after all, new homes are usually built by young families or middle-aged people, often with children, and in the villages now mostly pensioners live.

Payment for accommodation. Creating a coherent management company will pay for real cases, such as cleaning and repair of roads, security and so on.

When the choice of a settlement is made

For the construction of a house only suitable for residential construction, and most of the non-occupied plots are classified as agricultural land. Build a house on them of course you can, but it will be considered a summer residence and it will be difficult to register there.

However, the adjoining land to the settlement, with the permitted use of the "country house" or "garden-type apartment houses", with an agreed project in the administration, will allow the transfer of these lands in the near future for residential construction. So, do not be afraid of "country land", you need to choose the right developer who organizes the construction of a holiday village.

And of course you should not be afraid to change your life! Clean air, silence, the opportunity to have your own garden and the lack of neighbors behind the wall - is not it wonderful! The main thing is responsible and with the awareness of all the pros and cons of approaching the site selection - after all, successful construction starts from this.

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