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Articles about real estate | Unit in the individual person I house. Significators Mars and Pluto, Venus in Exile. The potential energy, momentum and moving forward, personal motor skills, sense of self, of his powers. Material level.
On this house we're looking at human life itself, the nature of his ego, money expressions, which can be seen on the surface of what he knows about himself. His looks, how to dress, preferences, colors, clothing, manners, unconscious role, the behavior of the constitution. The fact that Mars may make the inside out.
Management of Mars and the exaltation of the Sun define the level of vitality, the nature of personal energy, will power, the ability to make their own, independent decisions. Unrecognized role, leadership. Second significator - Pluto - shows the human capacity for self-transformation.
Venus has to attract the attention of their own means: poses plastique, posture. It also shows the level of human relationships with others, the nature of choice, personal values.

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As a house we watch the conditions and atmosphere in which it was the birth of man, the people around him, the first years of life, instincts, life began, the profession.

1 house - Vita.

Character - Temperament - Congenital ability associated with the intellect, psyche, the will and power, and morality.
In astrology, this house represents part of the zodiacal circle, which is below the horizon, but is ready to climb. It is the beginning of the ascendant, indicating the point of the ecliptic which rises on the eastern horizon at the moment (any star, rising in the horizon, is located in a house).
If we draw an analogy with human life, this corner house with the process of birth when the newborn suddenly enters the world of physical and mental nudity. 1 house and ascendant indicate first of all our major strengths and weaknesses. These properties are associated with the sign, which begins our one home.
By D. Redyaru, "the first house of the natal chart defines in general terms, the type of experience through which a person is likely to be able to find himself as a unique individual. He can pull it off at three main levels of consciousness: the instinctive, mental, cultural and spiritual space. "

A house. Male, personal, subject to Mars, its own personality, character, mental and intellectual ability, physical constitution, appearance, temperament and disposition.
The first house along with the tenth is the most important in the whole horoscope. He gives us information about the nature of the native's development. Albert Camus once said that every man, since his twentieth year of life, is responsible for his face. He was referring to the fact that the character gradually forms a person's appearance. In the same sense, and we need to understand the astrological principle that will determine the Ascendant person's appearance.
Since by this point, the general attitude of the horoscope is set to the external environment, both through the ascendant, and through the next house to learn how to grow native's character. So, the first house forms a mental and physical personality, and he embodies all the "I", "ego". Here we have given all the structural trends, the sum of all the features that determine how data from the talent can develop and evolve the appropriate people. The sign at the top of the ascendant is the most important to us. If near the top of this planet is, the statements vary according to the value of the planet. If we find in the first house a few planets, our interpretation is complicated, and we can judge the abilities of diverse nature.
If a single sign of the Zodiac fills the entire first house, then its properties play a huge role. But very often in the first house is also found following this sign, so that we should include it in our observations. In this case, we should evaluate the relationship of both signs of the Zodiac, is made from the degree by which they are presented in the first house.

In astrology, I called home: the Ascendant, Horoscope, Vita, Locus Genituras, Anatole.

Value. Corner House, referring to the body's intellectual capacities, which informs about the constitution, character, general health, mind. Refers to the basic features of life, the struggle for existence. represents the head and mind.
The value of an individual's horoscope
For a more detailed description of the division is home to one third. The first third covers the impact, because they represent the leading characteristics of the main buildings and signs of the cardinal, the other third belongs to the fixed signs and houses followed, and the third one-third - to the mutable signs and houses falling. That is one-third belongs to the individual, the second - to things material, the third - to things mental.
1st third. Personality, individual self, build, appearance, character, physical life, the temperament, the basis of the fate of the constitution, vitality, hereditary predisposition, life expectancy. The most important element of the horoscope, which symbolizes the "sunrise" of life. The first third of life.
2nd third. Communication with others, professional affairs, love, husband, and his character, grandmother, wife, companion, death of his subordinates, long-distance road kids, friends, distant road siblings. The second third of life.
Third-third. Economic relations in general and their use, the life-practice, the wife of enemies. The last third of life.
The value in the mundane horoscope. Terms and conditions of land and state relations in the community and national layers, public affairs, public health, in general, the father of the President.
The value in the horary horoscope (situational). Like the individual horoscope. In addition, the idea and thought the questioner, life expectancy, health, accident and non-private cases, the condition of ships at sea.
A few rules
1. Many of the planets in one house means a lot of love relationships, a lot of interests, if these planets are in harmony with each other in their qualities - the splitting of the personality and interests.
2. If the lord of 8th house in a home, it means death by his own fault, Lord of 10th house: success as a result of our own efforts. Ruler of 6th house: the disease through their own fault, etc.
3. In the horoscope of a mundane house is the most important and informs his overall line. Planets in it are stronger. Good - well, a pest - it is bad.
4. In horary horoscope symbolizes a house asking if his condition and the circumstances in which it resides. Horary horoscope more pronounced, the more consistent it a home with a home birth chart questioner.

1 house, Aries, Pluto, the sun in elevation.

The motto "I am". This is the most important and sensitive point of the horoscope says about the attitude of the individual to his life, way of processing experience and its responses to the environment. Any planet in a house, especially in conjunction with the ASC, is very important for a person's character and the type of consciousness. Next in importance is on the cutting edge Sign a home, the owner of the sign each planet is in aspect with the ASC, ASC dispositor owner.
All of these listed factors that determine a house show appearance and personal qualities. (The sign and house, which stands in the sun, too, give a picture of the physical type.) Constitution expresses the vitality and, consequently, health and influence on him.
A house also means early childhood, the first impact of the environment (along with Aries.)
Sun in Aries in elevation represents the will of the mind and life principles. It has a strong relation to the ASC and a house, so all who have a strong aspect of the Sun to ASC will have a strong identity, strong will, positive attitude towards life.
Mars and Pluto are also very relevant to the ASC and a home. Mars - the planet of physical action, depending on the desires, and Pluto - the planet of mental energy management associated with the will and determination, this planet is the external and internal active even stronger when associated with ASN and a house.


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