Ukrainian developers do not have enough creativity and courage

10.04.2013 10:35
Articles about real estate | Ukrainian developers do not have enough creativity and courage Huge competition in the real estate market is forcing developers include fantasy and search for new, creative solutions to the positioning of its objects. However, in spite of the fact that many developers to actively operate a loud the names of innovative marketing tools, a truly successful cases for the integrated promotion of real estate in Ukraine can boast of the unit. As to «submit» object, to increase its investment attractiveness, told General Director of the Agency of real estate GEOS of Real Estate Maria Orlova. What do You mean by the concept of positioning of real estate?

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Maria Orlova, If we were in high school, I would have said that positioning is the ratio of the object to some segment of the market with the subsequent release it in this segment. Unfortunately, the majority of Ukrainian developers and remained sitting behind a school Desk and on this definition does not follow, ending with the positioning of its objects of the designation of their class (economy, business elites) and the name. But positioning is much more profound rethinking consumer audience, its needs and goals. And, as a consequence, an integrated approach to the promotion of the object that includes not only branding and use of standard channels of communication with clients, but also a lot of non-standard solutions - as advertising, and architectural. Any errors most often allow developers positioning?

Maria Orlova, the First and most common mistake: the developers are accepted for branding under construction real estate after it was designed by the architectural project. Roughly speaking, they are trying to give it a name and create a «legend» of the house or of the complex, on the basis of the design of the architect. For example, if the last laid in the draft red roof, with confidence in 90 % of PR-specialists of the company will try to link it with the Czech Republic. This is not a bug, no. But what to do in that case, if the red roof will not? Therefore it is important at the stage of a plot for construction to determine for ourselves what we want to build? To analyze the location, классовость future housing, historical perspective - and only then to develop the project, giving it a highlight of the future house. And if there is no home features?

Maria Orlov: I'll Try to explain with an example. Here you enter the shop, you need a liquid for washing dishes. You can see on the shelf five bottles: all of them is about the same for the price, mode of action, color and smell. Some of the bottles you choose? Right, the one whose name heard most often. The choice is made instantly - you leave yourself more prestigious brand. Name, more precisely, promoted by name, sometimes can do wonders. «Rublevka» is a brand, «Barvikha» is a brand. And if you want to build a brand object, remember: the name of the goods is the main one of the communication channels of the brand, which is on the level of the subconscious associations can send the client the key benefits of the goods. What basic principles should adhere to the naming of objects?

Maria Orlova: Often when you select a name of residential complexes (and any other real estate developers are guided by one of the five principles: geolocation (the name is based on the name of the area), historical binding, associative name, descriptive title (depending on the architectural features of the real estate) and Pro-Western name. The ideal variant is when all these five principles eaten one name, but this almost never happens. Now it is fashionable to become the name of the building, using англицизмы - they are the cause of the users of the Association with the Western well-being and wealth. However, it is important to remember: this name must be appropriate - Paris at troyeschina not build, it's not cool. Similarly, with the construction in the old areas - silly not to use the richest historical and cultural stratum of the area, as a substitute for its fashionable лакшери-names. In addition, the name must be successful with phonetic point of view, easy to pronounce, consist of one, maximum two words and immediately saved. But, most importantly, it should not be tied to some kind of trends at the stage of excavation. Remember: the construction will be delayed for several years, and the title should be relevant in the future. What is missing advertising campaigns of Ukrainian developers?

Maria Orlova: first of all creativity and courage. Today direct advertising loses its efficiency, so you need to think about how to breathe in the object of the soul in non-standard ways. Very few developers use as an advertising platform, the actual construction of the house. In the West have long been accustomed to the schedule of large format, digital technologies in architecture - everything that attracts attention and creates a difference. Such houses are called «talking». For example, in Germany Agency for the sale of real estate at night прикрепило to the Windows potential customers fake pink balconies. They were plastic, absolutely cheap, funny design, with flowers and beach umbrellas - but caused a great resonance among the inhabitants of the city. It was really funny! It was outside the box! Another very positive example I've found at our neighbors, the Russian company Mirax Group. At a certain stage of the construction of the business center Mirax Plaza, the developer placed on the upper floors (32-35) gigantic glowing heart, which began to beat with the onset of darkness. This is the heart of it was visible for many miles, and it showed: construction alive! Why do we have no developer is not yet thought of such a step? Perhaps the developers can't afford such expenses on advertising?

Maria Orlova: But after all, this is absolutely not the cost, you can always do «small blood». The question is about how to not be afraid to experiment a little, as they say advertisers, «vandalize». In Spain portal on selection of the real estate rented a movie, in which people have sex in the car, are taken by surprise. Its main message is to have the accommodation is very convenient, in terms of personal life too. Video refused to broadcast all channels of the country - because of ethical considerations, but on the Internet it has become such a вирусность and the number of hits that never would have given direct advertising! The note: the Agency is not spent on the placement of a penny! What kind of advertising sites You would be advised to use the developers?

Maria Orlova: the Best advice is to use all effective channels of communication, constantly carrying out monitoring of consumer traffic. Of course, it all depends on the class under construction of real estate: for the elite cottage town on ten sites advertising on radio is simply inappropriate. We cannot be guided by personal preference in the end, you sell an apartment, not for himself. I know absolutely дичайший example with one construction company, which is not to advertise in the Internet, because the founder, a rather old man, don't use computers. A year ago, Facebook in Ukraine were never taken seriously, and now the site of the company in sotsseti is simply necessary. We generally recommend that its customers always pay attention to non-standard methods of accommodation. For example, I really liked the advertising of the construction company Baluarte, placed on the back of a matchbox. On the outside of the pack was posted the question «Tired of living in a matchbox?», and inside this box was branded a layout of apartments. The perfect solution! Such matches are not ashamed to give even customers as a souvenir. Cases in which non-standard positioning can produce the opposite, negative result?

Maria Orlova: of Course, if the concept of positioning is completely detached from the real state of things. When the economy-class housing is called «Empire state building», hoping for a positive Association - this, at least, absurd. Of course, my example утрирован, but in fact the developers of sin excessive пафосностью. A negative result can give too bold advertising campaign. For example, in 2010 in Ekaterinburg there was a scandal because of a residential complex with the name of «homeland». Throughout the city hung billboards with provocative text «we Sell a Home, 60 thousand for a square meter». The result of such advertising is not only the indignation of the public - for the developer has started the Federal Antimonopoly service. Conclusion there is only one: any position, even the most creative, should cause people have positive associations. You constantly bring in the example of foreign developers. Are among the Ukrainian developers have no decent examples in terms of positioning?

Maria Orlova: Minus our developers - they do not have enough complexity. Someone has spent money on a good site, but none of the funds on direct advertising, someone will come up with a bright, effective name and slogan, but not a supported him visually. In addition, the market practically there are no original ideas. For example, I, like many others, was very fond of the advertising company «Kyivmiskbud», in which they promise to eat brick or helmet in the case of long lasting. Liked until then, until I stumbled on advertising already mentioned above Russian developer Mirax Group, which appeared in Russia several years ago, with the slogan «take vengeance for me personally, if my company disappoint you». It turns out that the «good» idea «Kyivmiskbud» partially borrowed. I hope that with the development of the real estate market, which we are now witnessing, will also happen and the ideas of the developers regarding the positioning of objects, and we will see the really bright, non-standard examples of advertising campaigns.
Maria Orlov, General Director, GEOS Real Estate

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